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in this video.
I'm going to go undercover and take you guys inside.
Japan's getting jumps.
Have you guys ever seen shops like this walking around Tokyo look kind of like a mystery and a little bit shady?
But I wanted to take time out in this video to explain what they're all about.
So I found out something recently how the ticketing systems work.
I didn't know before.
Reason I found out is when I did my top 10 Shinkansen train hacks.
I came across these Kinchen shops.
Essentially, they sell discounted train tickets, apartment store vouchers, Disneyland tickets and movie passes.
Even McDonald's coupons pretty much any show or anything that needs a ticket.
In Japan, they sell and they sell it at a discount.
You might wonder how they had a discounted price.
And in this video, I wanted to show you guys how they do it.
And in order from you to do that, I'm gonna have to go undercover and the way I'm going to go undercover today, I've got my back back.
Can you go see there?
Got my goper right there.
All right, let's go.
So at this point, I'm a bit nervous whole business practice of buying recently taken seems a bit shaded me as I've heard that criminals use thes shops to resell stolen or counterfeit tickets.
And some companies use these shops to evade taxes by cashing out business expense tickets.
But the truth is, the shops are quite legal and operate under the law and in plain sight.
There have been required to register the shops with the police, and actually, he's a lot nicer than I thought he would be.
He's even kind enough to write down the exact ticket I need to buy at the train station.
Right customer service, anyway.
Still kind of worried.
I won't get my money back.
So I opted for the cheapest available ticket.
So the key point here is to use my credit card to buy the train tickets.
Then afterwards, I resell the same ticket to the shop for instant cash back, kind of like a two step a time machine.
All right, so just got this ticket at 17 700 yen for these six tickets.
I initially thought I had a bunch machine consent ticket, but not Getty's high suit can, which I think translates to commuter Pass from one station to one station.
They said it people will give me 96% whatever value is.
And what they do is they sell these individually to their customers and they sell them for a little bit of a problem you can use.
It is from November 2nd 2 March 2nd.
So that's about three months.
You can use these tickets.
Let's go cash these in.
So in my anxiousness to get the ticket, I wondered why these tickets shops don't buy the tickets themselves by quickly realized that they make a small percentage of buying the tickets from people like me.
This case 4% good little business now that I have the tickets and had I'm getting more worried that I'm not going to get my money back one because I might have bought the wrong tickets and 2 may notice that I'm filming and they may refuse to buy the ticket for the video sync.
Let's hope this all works out.
At this point.
I'm just thinking, Please, please accept the tickets.
Did he tell you?
Uh, put it.
We do.
So uh huh.
It worked.
I got the cash 4% less, but I was still able to use my credit card to get hard, cold cash.
Now, it probably won't be doing this again one because I lose money on the deal and to because it still feels kind of shady.
So this is basically the receipt that I bought and here's a cash that I got that.
So a total of a total of 16,980 n.
You need cash right away.
That's pretty good.
You'd only lose 4%.
What I noticed on the wall itself is that they have a missive tickets that you can buy and they had, like, a chart.
So you have great tickets ranging from 70,000 yen to plus 100,000 yen, which is like more than $1000.
And then on those tickets, they had a chart saying, get 97% all the way down to 93%.
And depending on what you buy, you can choose the payback rate you would get.
If you're strapped for cash, I can see why Japanese people do this.
You got dissenting as you got from someone you got some department store vouchers, Even baseball tickets are like show tickets whatever I like gets you get, and you can use them to wait.
Teoh get cash for those.
So, in addition, on Website, Vigilant had a noticing that they don't accept, reuse or resold tickets.
The fact is, when you buy them from a kink in jobs, there's no way to tell that has been resold.
There's that, basically, just says they won't accept it if they find out that it was a result ticket.
But the likelihood of them finding out it's limited none.
And that's pretty much with the rest of tickets to because they don't really mark them because they got them from customers.
And they don't like to show that it's been bought from a discounted ticket shop.
It's kind of surprising to me that I've been here for 15 years, and I'm just finding out about this now.
So it's something that's not a lot of people know about.
And I thought I wanted to show me with you guys one of the things my friend told me the reason why he did it if he needed cash.
But a lot of Japanese people they'll get set off like Osaka, Fukuoka, on business on a train, and some of them won't actually go on those trips.
And the one we'll do is we'll take those train tickets and they'll just sell them to the skin jobs.
I don't know how legal this is.
So again, you know, don't do you Don't do this again.
I'm not recommending you guys do this by any means.
I'm just trying to explain how this system works.
All right.
Let me know what you guys think about these tickets.
Would you guys use them?
Are you guys gonna stay away?
Let me know.
In the comment section, if you guys want to catch more of what I'm doing on a daily basis, check out my instagram feed.
If you guys like this video, help me out and hit that like button.
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INSIDE Japan SECRET Discount Ticket Shops | Kinken Shops

40 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 1, 2020
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