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look at that background way.
Tokyo Tuesday If you're a regular viewer, welcome back.
Today we are talking about 12 things to do in Japan were breaking them down month by month.
What to do in Japan in January, all the way through to December?
This is by far one of the most requested videos on the channel, and I figured the end of the years of perfect, perfect time to do it, whether it be in the comments section in the D.
M's, you guys are always asking, I'm coming to Japan in this month.
Is there anything interesting and cultural to check out?
And there is something to do in every single month.
Hopefully, this will give you a taste of your doing your research for coming to Japan and give you a bit of a starting point.
Maybe we'll just give you some new stuff to check out online, and I'll link a couple of videos for you guys in case there's any events that you're really really interested in.
So without further ado, let's jump right in with January really is difficult month by month to choose which one of these events is my favorite, but January is a great way to start off the year in Japan because it has a wonderful celebration called Nijinsky, which is the Japanese coming of age day.
People who have turned 20 within the year put on a kimono.
It is an amazing festival.
It's definitely one of those events that's just visually spectacular and filled with culture.
I have done a video on it right here, So if you want to know more about it, check that out and let's move on to February.
Now for February.
Everyone who's really into cultural events, there's an event in February, right in the beginning of February, called sets a boot and said, Someone quite literally just means like the separation of seasons.
And it's meant to celebrate the changing between winter and spring.
I know beginning of February is start of spring feels kind of weird to most of us.
Do something called Mom a monkey, and they try and get rid of evil spirits by throwing beans at only or traditional Japanese ogre monster sets.
A boon, if you don't know about it, is an interesting one toe look up That's February.
Let's move on to March March could be a little bit of a tricky month.
There are events like Enemy Japan, a huge enemy convention.
But if you're looking for something a little less like enemy esque, if you're coming to Japan in March and you're like, I've come a little too early and I'm gonna miss the cherry blossoms and all that because I'm not gonna be here.
March is a great month for plum blossoms and the plum blossoms are almost just as beautiful as the cherry blossoms and very often overlooked by travelers.
But you can go out to the area.
Oh, make a bow in like west Tokyo.
I didn't entire video in west Tokyo here doesn't have anything about the plum blossoms over there.
Entire areas out there failed with groves of plum blossoms, and it can be just as if not more beautiful than the cherry blossoms if you get it.
And they last a little bit longer than the cherry blossoms as well, which makes them a lot easier to catch.
So if you're coming early and you're not gonna be able to be here for the Sakura season, the little colder.
But I would recommend going and checking out some plum blossoms because it is worth it.
It's definitely worth it on.
I guess that brings us into April, which is the very, very obvious season of how I mean economy is going out and enjoying the cherry of Lawson's.
More often than not, people will go to a giant park the layout of Blues Harp, and I'll just sit down with their friends and have drinks and enjoy the cherry blossoms, whether it be day or night, There's no shortage of locations or ways to enjoy the cherry blossoms.
Me being me.
I love to do it with a camera.
I feel like April's way too obvious.
So let's move on to May.
If I would have to rank everything inside of this and pick one single favorite.
It might be May because May is home to my single favorite festival in all of Japan.
And that is Sanja Mutt, City son Jamaat.
Sorry for those of you who don't know what it is, is one of Tokyo's biggest festivals, where they carry three big portable shrines throughout the area of A sucks up for three days straight, and there's upwards of 100 smaller shrines spread all throughout the area.
I have done a video on that one right here.
I really recommend checking it out.
It is an amazing festival.
Just I just I don't have words for how good this one particular festivals.
It's just that good.
Try and reset my energy and let's move on to Ju June is great because if you have missed the cherry blossoms and you miss son, Jamaat City, but you still want to get that like festival feel in Japan, June is the perfect month for that because, especially in Tokyo, there are so many little festivals everywhere.
June is like the kickoff off mini festival months.
The system, achy or back street areas of Tokyo all have their own little local festivals with ease.
Miko she that they carry.
And it's just you get the really local traditional festival feel all throughout the month of June.
Almost anywhere you go, just going out and exploring the streets of Tokyo for a day in June, you're more than likely to find a little festival somewhere.
June is peak of this Miko she festival season, and it's just great.
It's just that brings us into July, when there's a really, really cool festival here in Tokyo in July, and that's called Tana Butta Festival.
Now, the ton about the festivals based on this old town about a legend where this, like prince and Princess were like, separated across the galaxy and they could only cross the Milky Way like once every year on this date.
This festival is held on July 7th in Tokyo and the decorations go up.
About a week in advance is held in a lot of different places, so I would check it out now in other areas of Japan, 10 about that is actually held during different periods.
One of the best places in Tokyo to enjoy the ton about the festival is actually in the area of a sex of the same area that houses son Jamaat City.
In addition to town about that, July is also home to countless other festivals very similar to June, but we start getting that summer feel in the festivals.
So, speaking of the summer feel of festivals, let's move right into August.
Now, if you are looking for those summer festivals, August is your month.
You will get hunted tai chi, which are the big fireworks festivals and fireworks competitions, as well as all the nuts and month City, the real summer festivals, the dance in the late night in Yukata and everything.
If you're looking for really Japanese festivals from June all the way through toe August, it just gets better and better and better.
June is really like the Miko she style festivals and all the way up to August.
You get that rial summer festival feel, whether it be in Tokyo or even in the countryside towns like If you've ever watched the Kimi No Nala that my name movie, That summer festival that you see in that movie is really like a July August kind of feeling for September.
I'm gonna step sideways from the traditional side of things, and I'm gonna get into a Tokyo game show.
Tokyo game shows in September, and it's a really big event.
I know a lot of people do like the game, an animate sign of Japan's.
In addition to the Tokyo Game show, I believe in September there's also the Kyoto enemy and Mangga Fair.
I've been to the game show I've never been to the Kyoto, an enemy Mangga fair.
If you have let me know below.
If it's any good, I would like to know and let's move on to October now for October and throw slightly Controversial went out there, and it hasn't really become that controversial until about last year and this year.
But it's Halloween.
Halloween in Japan is an experience all in and of itself.
This year, you'll probably notice that countless Halloween Japan videos went up in its because every single year since it started, it has gotten crazier and crazier and crazier.
It's either gonna blow up and become a massive event, or the police are going to shut it down.
So if you're coming in October, Halloween is good or if you're not into the Halloween vibe of things, October is also usually when they hold the Tokyo Motor Show, which is it's just come on to Tokyo Motor Show like Come on, that's let's move on to November.
November is gonna be a festival that the little less commonly known and that's one called Protein Oichi.
These festivals are really held all over the place.
They're usually held it a shrine where you can go and get like New Year's Kazadi or like these things that you put up during new years.
Now I have yet to do a video on this one.
But my buddy John from only in Japan did a live stream on its.
I'm gonna link to his livestream right there.
Check it out.
You can actually see what the Tonino E.
G looks like.
He talks a lot in the video about how he didn't really see any other tourists or foreign visitors there and come to think about it.
I don't think I've seen that money when I've went, either.
It's a lesser known to the International Community Festival, and it's still one that is really traditional and visually speaking, tacular.
So definitely.
If you're coming in November, check that out.
There's a short window for it, so don't miss it.
I missed it.
This year was a little bit disappointed.
And finally, let's move on to December.
While there are plenty of things to see and do in Japan during December, the one thing that I really really want to recommend, especially if you're gonna be in Tokyo, is the Christmas illuminations.
Ever since I moved to Japan back in 2000 and seven, seeing those Christmas eliminations has by far been one of my favorite things.
Each area of Tokyo does it a little bit differently.
Some go colorful, something go really classy.
But no matter what, there's always plenty to see.
You can go to areas like Tokyo, Midtown or modern OCI and see some of the most extravagant and beautiful Christmas illuminations.
You will ever see that in combination with doing something like Christmas or New Year's in Japan, which a cultural events very different from back home all of their own.
I've actually done a podcast which will be linked below talking about Christmas in New Year's in Japan because it is an experience unlike any other.
And there are a lot of surprises.
My very first Christmas in Japan, I was hit with a huge surprise and shock.
Better was it you know it thoughts in the podcast.
So check that help with the Christmas illuminations in Tokyo, especially just really something worth checking out just because of the scale and volume of it.
It is really amazing.
It really is again.
Let me reiterate that there are so many other events and things to do in Tokyo and around Japan month by month.
But I just kind of wanted to give you guys a breakdown and show you that there is something every single month.
The really is no perfect time of the year to come to Japan because every single month of the year has something amazing.
Out of all of these, I would even be really hard pressed to find a favorite.
I think the entire area from a vote son Jamaat City in May, all the way through to summer festivals that holds zone right.
There is what I live for personally.
But how about you?
What interests you the most?
Are you most intellect, the culture on the festival side?
Are you more into the event side of things?
Do you want to check out Japanese Halloween or Christmas and New Year's?
Let me know down in the comments below, You know, we'll be hanging out with you guys down there also, it would mean the world to me if you guys enjoy this video.
If you would give it a like Thank you so much for joining today.
I had a great time with you guys.
And you know, I will see you again.
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12 Amazing Things to Do in Japan by Month! | Tokyo Lens

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林宜悉 published on August 1, 2020
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