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The weirdest reasons the two faces of squid Word is the best squid word episode in this episode.
Squid word ends up in the hospital after a freak accident caused by SpongeBob and Patrick.
I'm gonna I don't know what todo batting.
I broke my fights While squid word is healing, SpongeBob is right by his side.
Being a little overdramatic should know.
Just just don't We won't know for two weeks.
You'll just have to wait two weeks.
I'll never make it And it causes him to stress Eat a box of Krusty Krab hat.
Once the doctors gets a chance to remove the bandages, it is revealed that squid word has now handsome some handsome But she spelled it wrong.
Quick me that mirror That nurse was right.
His features went from drab and dull.
Teoh smooth and chiseled.
Just look at that jaw line Squid Words Beauty causes pandemonium among the bikini bottom residents.
Hello, handsome.
He is so gorgeous that he could even heal the sick blind consist and give people the ability to fly.
Oh, my shoe was untied.
However, his handsomeness proves to be too powerful as they start tearing each other apart for a chance to be near squid word.
There's nothing a little foaming herbal bath can cure.
My grandmother gave me that south.
Well, no one ever said it.
Be easy being so handsome.
You'll just have to start getting used while squid Words Horde of admirers air multiplying.
SpongeBob is relaxing at home with a little self care and clipping his toenails.
Okay, fast forward to the two running for their lives toward the Krusty Krab, only to be met by Mr Crabs trying to make a quick buck off of squid words.
You know what the Christie crab means to me, don't you?
You took it upon yourself to bring all of these these customers to me on.
Don't worry, folks.
There's plenty of Scripture to go around to everybody just line up and get your pocketbooks out for stone fee.
In 14 98 per person, everyone will get the opportunity to touch squid word.
Wait, What did he say?
Wear open toe to toe squid war in a very painful attempt to cure squid.
Word of his hands in this you're starting to look like your old self again.
Now still do handsome.
It's still not working.
Maybe I'm not doing it hard enough.
He becomes even more handsome.
Squid Word now has perfect glowing skin, full lips and truly amazing bone structure.
His legs go for days on, and he is totally ripped.
But how did he end up in a deep V one Z?
This beautiful saga comes to a head when a shoe breaks through the ceiling and SpongeBob slowly races to save squid words.
Weirdest, most iconic moment of the episode happens when gracefully tumbles out of the way this scene even became a viral name.
In the end, Squid word returns to his natural self after bashing its face one last time, and everything returns to normal in bikini bottoms.
Where you going?
Don't leave me, please.
I'm taking you.
I could make him handsome again.
I see he's getting handsome.
It just takes a minute effort.
Just a little out of Greece.
Even though he's no longer handsome, The two faces of Squid word is weirdly the best squid word.
Episode Squid Word.
I love you.
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Why "Handsome Squidward" is the Best (and Weirdest) Episode ? SpongeBob SquarePants

33 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 1, 2020
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