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Uh, yeah.
Good morning.
So today I am on a different camera, so it's a little heavier day I decided to go out and try something new.
I'm making oatmeal right now.
And then I'm gonna head out the door km bracing myself for the cold because it's so frickin windy outside no one will.
Yesterday was a bit of a flop.
I had it to an abandoned train station that was open only for a short time, and tickets ended up being sold out so into it.
So we're in Ueno Park right now, and we're headed Teoh, a abandoned train station that was opened in 1920.
I think they closed in 19 seventies, and then they reopened it for some odd reason so people could go and see it.
I think there's art inside, and that's what they open it for because I guess a famous artist drew on the walls.
I think Sorry way came all the way here to see if we can get into this old train station and we're too late.
So this sucks.
So we headed to cop a bushy dodi, which is a street full of shops that sell kitchenware.
But most of the shops were closed.
So today I wanted to refresh myself and connect with Japan on a different level to make the week a little bit more worthwhile.
Walking down Shinjuku streets, I was reminded of what I had seen yesterday, and it's the crazy amount of plastic foods on display.
Boschee Street had a small museum of these plastic foods, and I could only say one thing.
What you see is what you get.
Look, there's like corn dogs, but it's not a real corn dog.
You guys, it's crazy.
Can is known for like they're fake food.
And you see this in shops like everywhere, and it is insane how real they look like real right.
USB drives Teoh.
You guys look at KFC.
So what does Japan do that keeps me wanting more?
It's a presentation of the food served that makes you drool before setting foot into a new restaurant or shop out of all the fancy food in Japan, it's seafood is what Japan specializes in when it comes to presentation and taste.
Japan is an island surrounded by water.
Therefore, the access to fresh fish is easy, and so when you come to an authentic Japanese restaurant.
Trying the fish is a must.
I was invited to a venue to try out some fish from several different prefectures of Japan.
Each fish is from a different region of Japan.
So get ready to be hungry while watching this.
Okay, so we got the first dish, so I got chi hoses gay from Iwate Prefecture.
So inside there's like fish eggs.
They said that all of the fish here are from different prefectures, and that's why they gave me this map is a lot of perfections that I visited before.
So this is very like, nostalgic for me.
I'm gonna take a bite, see what it tastes like.
Oh, it's sticky.
Here I go.
It's a little sticky when it comes out of the bull, but when you eat it like it doesn't it doesn't taste sticky.
A little bit slimy.
No, it's not bad.
I've never had a dish like this, but more so, But this dish has all the fish from like almost all of these prefecture Er's Oh my God!
Gun like legitimately like the freshest fish.
A member.
I'm not even kidding.
I'm like, so happy right now.
but it's very smooth.
It's not fishy at all.
Japan has the most beautiful display of food, like ever.
I've been told that fish in Japan taste so different compared to the U.
It's much more affordable as well, and it's much better and so refreshing.
Okay, so the next dish that they gave us was Chema Goodie.
It's from Ibaraki Prefecture.
So this dish is actually eaten on Kina Mock City witches Girls Day in Japan.
So in Japan, you'll see all these dolls like everywhere.
And so you would eat this delicious soup on that specific day.
Doesn't have too much of a taste.
Very subtle taste.
Okay, so Sava is my favorite fish.
I'm so excited and it looks like it has some kind of me so soft on it.
And this is from let's check our maps from you want the prefecture and supplies my favorite fish.
So I'm so excited to meet this, and it looks like it has some kind of me so soft on it.
Look how tender this fish is.
Like I ordered this kind of fish whenever a sushi restaurant That is so good.
Guys, I'm so full right.
That's The next thing that I got is from its markup group, which is from Al Qaeda.
So this is look it.
And then this is so we have two different ones on the plate.
This is daikon radish.
So we have ginger here and die cone, and so you just take a little bit of this.
I love daikon that has a very butter, but early but early but early work.
That's a very buttery texture.
I've never tasted a fish quite like that.
What's coming so far, Really, really enjoying this.
And I ate the whole plate of sushi, so I'm getting kind of bored, But I have a second stomach for, like, Japanese food, like I can eat a lot sake.
We tried.
It's from Yamaguchi, Japan, and with smoothest we've ever tasted.
Sake is not like any other alcoholic drink you've ever had, so be sure to give it a tribal.
You're here.
You guys have never tried suck a you have to.
That's like a must when you come to Tokyo.
If you drink, there's so many different types of suck it.
There's like almost lucky, which is like a sweetheart gay come by.
It's really good.
It has a very smooth taste.
So excited inside.
Very good.
Just can't love sake.
Next on the course menu was crab and since I suck it trying to open the crab shell, I needed to ask the restaurant staff for help.
Oh my God.
This crab comes all the way from Kilgo Prefecture.
I've never been killed three picture, but I think I have to go now.
I was so full of amazing seafood goodness at this point.
But our next dish comes all the way from all Mori and Hokkaido.
So it's a mix on this plate, and the theme is temporal.
Yes, yes, but you guys have ever had calamari like it's kind of similar to that just fried squid.
That's really fresh squid.
How many of you like trying new foods?
This plate also came with this fish cake I never tried before.
It's kind of like a garlic bread roll.
Views with like fish is really good.
I didn't obviously all of this as much as I wanted Teoh, But since it's the New Year, they gave us a home Maki sushi, which is for wishing for the years good fortune.
You eat this role in a specific direction, silently wishing for the thing you want to happen the most this year until you finish it.
Tamati sushi.
So it's like made with hands, and they make it into a little round bowls.
So this one is whole monkey.
Look how big this is like the biggest rolled up sushi that I've ever seen.
Little do you know you can eat sushi with your hands?
Look it.
This is really heavy.
It was really good.
Click on the other side way.
Also have a suit that came with it.
There is salmon in it.
I think a lot of Japanese taste during natural like this.
Fish just came from the ocean straight from the ocean.
The vegetables escape came straight from the earth like that's what it tastes like to me.
And I love that about Japan.
I swear I'm not drawn.
Kanzaki were finishing off this meal with some ice cream.
So this is Katsuo normal bashing the dodgy that you put into like soup base in Japan.
It's very, very Japanese street.
I'm really excited to try this.
I'm not a big fan of possible, and this is from she's old smells like fish.
This is an experience to be had that you've ever had.
Okonomiyaki you've ever seen it.
They have these fish flakes that go on top of it, kind of like what this tastes like is fish flakes that you would put on Yaki Soba where a tako yaki or something like that I haven't had a proper Japanese meal in a very long time.
I'm usually going to a lot of American type restaurants and things like that as I missed that kind of stuff.
But I've started to crave a lot of Japanese style meals, and today we're having a lot of fish and a lot of very beautifully presented food.
It's I feel like a lot of people don't understand how much work this goes into.
Japan is surrounded by water, so there's a lot of fresh, delicious fish to try.
So if you haven't tried any of it and you're coming to Japan, this is a must try.
Just try it, give it a chance.
Yeah, I'm gonna finish the ice cream and I'll see you guys in a way spent like, two hours in that place.
Eating so much food was absolutely delicious.
I loved everything.
And they asked me what my favorite dish was.
And I was like, I cannot decide and I love the sashimi played.
I eat that whole thing and the soup was so good.
So we're gonna walk down, avoid a your job because it's a really cool place to walk down.
I can barely breathe.
Right So full.
Which one would you try?
And which one did you do?
Think that you would like the most if you were to taste test it.
If you would like me to try more foods or you're curious about a certain type of food, let me know in the comments below on, like this video for more food videos.
Don't forget to subscribe, and I'll see you in the next video.
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One Thing Japan Does Best// Trying Seafood from 10 Different Parts of Japan

14 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 1, 2020
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