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everyone welcome to take your creative play.
I'm your host, Obama and I'm in a cable station and it's windy and it's very, very cold.
Just so you know, I started Mike Peaks, but I don't wait to call ago it, but festival.
I want to teach you how to get to college boy in the first place.
The best way to get to Congo is actually from a piccolo station and catch the Tobu Tojo line they haven't expressed and it's really fascinating them under an hour.
I think you could use a noble ticket to get to Qala going, but it's a little under 900 yen for a return, so it's kind of expensive, actually.
You could get a discount cost to get to come ago, so I'll show you now how to buy.
So now we're down near the central gate with total toto line.
We're gonna look at the special tickets that foreign tourists get 700 yen.
Pretend to get to public away from cable will come ago.
I should station either one.
Now the ticket also that you discount prices at some of the stores and category as well.
It's a really good deal.
If you're foreign tourists, if you guys want to know more information about the tickets will leave a link in the description down below.
Okay, I'm going to go pick up my tickets now, and I'll see you and cover going, E.
I have made it to cargo at that is how you get from Shinjuku to Qala going here.
We, uh it is very cold and windy, but we're still gonna have a good day.
So now that I'm here and come ago it I'm gonna meet up with a friend and a bit of a challenge.
Good to see you too.
This is no make a took your lens.
You want to check out his channel with links down below?
We're gonna be doing a challenge today.
I give you money.
Okay, We get 1000 each and we're gonna see what we can buy here in college.
Yeah, hopefully we can find some good stuff here in co going for 1000 yet.
We're gonna look at maybe some snacks, souvenirs.
Let's just say we could find at the end of the video, we're gonna see who got the best stuff I like.
I'm not outright challenging you, but I am a bit of a cheapskate by nature's.
Oh, no.
I like Betsy.
Things don't run for your money.
Oh, no.
Really Bad plug.
Night attend of the video.
You guys come let us know who did the best comments down below.
So let's get started.
Oh, okay.
So we have made it Teoh a shrine.
The police is really, really beautiful.
But it's got some very special only Koji, which is a lucky fortune.
So I'm gonna do that today.
And that could be part of my 1000 challenge.
Okay, so the only duty here actually coined that bitch.
You gotta go fishing together.
You get two different kinds of equity here.
Get one that focuses on you.
Get one, which is just your yearly on me.
I am one.
That's my yearly.
Only I don't think that you know, I haven't either.
Like I live right near the temple.
You go in and you should Okay.
So it's just 300 young.
Made only in the box.
And I give a fishing rod, see what my fortune is going to be this year.
Oh, I got one.
It's a big one.
So let's pull out my fortune and see what it is.
I got big luck.
Also, just see.
No, I'm Year of the boar.
That's like my birth year.
So of course, they get big bucks.
It's high here.
That's so lucky.
And I get to keep this little guy, so that's gonna be my activity.
That's just 300.
Yet Now I gotta hold 700 to still have a good term.
And cargo I coffee.
You found coffee?
Okay, so is this.
Cargo is known for its Let's check.
People have couple going coffee.
Maybe they won't.
Okay, Okay.
All right.
It looks like that one's color growing coffee.
My coffee came to 734 yen.
Probably not winning this challenge, but I have coffee, so it all balances.
So college is also known for its traditional crafts and glass blowing.
So just come to a gloss store under what you call it a place where they sell crops made out of gloss glass crowds.
And I think I want to spend some of my money from the 1000 yen hits.
I'm gonna see what I can find.
These are pretty amazing.
I wish I could get one, but I think they're a little bit out of my price range, Mind says.
3000 on it Yeah, eso.
There's so many little glass animals and little sculptures here that you could buy this humped every day.
So there's all different kinds of sculptures you can check out.
Is that these trees?
So cute.
But there is one that caught my eye.
I already have a little mini plus.
You know, she a little bowl that my sister got me for New Year's and say this little glass tree stump would be perfect.
Get the tree stump.
Certainly 500 yen.
So still within my budget.
All right, so this tiny little turtle is the moment that I almost regretted.
Spending $7 on coffee should look into this turtle.
I have coffee.
This glass place does what shops as well.
If you want to learn about boss blowing, making urine little creations about my tree stone ready to go?
I have 160 n left.
How much do you have to 60 60 60 way.
Still have a little bit less So with made me get one more thing.
I think before today.
Live on.
All right, so we're at the last stop of the day.
This is a place that I don't even know if it's specific to cover, boy.
But I've only ever seen in color going this place does much of cola.
What much?
I haven't had it in so long, so I'm excited to have it.
But I didn't have enough money.
It's 200 young.
I got a little extra.
I got, like here.
Thank you.
Just use the lost about money to get one each.
Let's do it.
All right.
So you know, sama, I don't know.
Science is an area that's really close to here.
Um sama itself is I'll just say one word and you'll know what the area of Sam it looks like.
Oh, really?
Toto's based on science.
My inside my pills.
Like that area.
So it's not exactly color going nearby.
I like it is actually really good.
You don't know what to expect when you hear, like, much cola.
It's the aftertaste that kicks you if you take another sip before the actual Yeah, you got it.
It's good.
I wish it was available in more places near Tokyo.
But so we did kind of fail this challenge.
We spent over said yet, but we got some cold drinks stuff to take her.
And that's a very experiences.
I had a good time.
So we're just gonna drink cola and forget about the challenge and injury.
But if you guys do have an opinion on who won, let us know.
In the Commons, down below, we always love a little bit of help.
707 100 young.
I haven't drank it yet, but I'm just gonna go ahead and state advance.
Totally working.
Well, thank you guys.
So much for watching I thank you for having me Thank every single one of you for watching.
You guys, if you want to check out normal, leave a link to Channel Debelo.
You got guys stuff.
It's very, very cool and amazing.
I will see you again soon.
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Budget Shopping At A Traditional Town Right Outside Tokyo

9 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 1, 2020
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