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  • Have you guys ever wondered how expensive it is in Japan?

  • Well, in this video, I'm gonna show you how expensive it is to buy groceries in Japan by comparing the Tokyo supermarkets versus the countryside supermarkets.

  • Often, people say that it's cheaper to live in the countryside in Japan when compared to the city.

  • So today, I'm gonna take you guys in this countryside supermarket, and I'm gonna pick out some regular day items that you would normally buy when grocery shopping and I'm gonna compare those items were the ones in a Tokyo supermarket.

  • All right, let's go inside.

  • All right, so let's start with the vegetables.

  • Free price of vegetables depends on the product, but overall, I would say the countryside has slightly better pricing.

  • Just look at all the selection behind me.

  • You won't find fresh fist like this in a Tokyo supermarket, so I noticed a greater difference in price in the protein section.

  • Fresh meat and fish are definitely cheaper in the countryside.

  • Sashi Mu.

  • It's hard to judge, since the countryside offers large family packs with Tokyo, offers smaller individual packs.

  • All in all, though, the countries that has a better value so everything else was cheaper in the countryside except the rice.

  • But there's not a huge difference.

  • So it's true that the groceries air slightly cheaper in the countryside, especially when it comes to the meat and fish.

  • In general, though, the number of members in the countryside household are more than in the city.

  • Thus, countryside supermarkets offer more value pack items, which helps lower the overall cost.

  • If you in Japan, where would you live?

  • All right, so that was a video.

  • Let me know what you guys thought about the prices compared to your country.

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  • And if you want to see more, my adventures in Tokyo or Japan hit that subscribe button and the bell, but and I'll catch you guys in the next one.

Have you guys ever wondered how expensive it is in Japan?

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The Real Cost of Food in Japan | Tokyo vs Countryside Supermarket

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/07/31
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