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just got into Prague, and I'm in my lovely hotel room and intercontinental fog.
Uh, it's right over the river near Old Town, so I have a little bit of Ah, Riverview is kind of right right now, so I can't show it, but, um, it's a great hotel.
So far, I'm loving it.
Like I said, I just checked in, Um, so I will show a little bit more later, but I'm not in the best of moves right now because my luggage got lost.
So I have to wait for that before, you know, I could really get settled in and Prague.
But anyway, uh, the check in process was great and everybody was very lovely and attentive.
And make sure I have everything I needed.
Uh, room is very nice.
It's pretty spacious.
I got two beds and to being chairs, a little TV and some other things.
So let me show you around just a bit.
So here are my two beds.
They're double size bags.
That was a pretty good size, and I believe them.
And of course, the night stand in the middle.
Uh, do you really know plugs?
And then a lovely sitting area here, but to cool looking green chairs.
That's uncomplimentary watcher and glass, which is nice.
I don't know if I could get of you here.
That is pretty bright.
So I have a partial view of the river.
It's really, really bright right now, but, well, bridge over there a little TV, uh, season yours too.
No, my stuff and stuff.
Dining options.
Have several restaurants within the hotel.
Gonna see what's around the hotel for us.
A manifest.
I really can't find some anything.
I might just eat here.
Luggage rack there.
Um uh, looks logics, um, teeth.
Some tea here.
Safe down there.
Oh, here's a fridge.
Like how?
It's connected to cabinet.
Uh, but lots of things to purchase.
But you have a little spacey with this stuff.
Glasses there.
Little closet.
Oh, it's true.
For where?
From the bank.
Good size closet tonight.
Provide an umbrella earning board bathroom.
Looks really nice.
That's within today.
Shout out to candy.
I know she likes these mirrors here.
Candy loves magnified mirrors, hair dryer.
So bill lotion and shower gel.
Um, here.
Okay, So this little box, they had some extra things, like now.
Boilers Q tips.
Hair band Sherrick capable.
You need that tonight.
Since I don't have my luggage sewing kit.
Have a nice job.
Okay, so that's about it for the room.
Hopefully, I'll be able to sleep really well tonight.
I've got lots of long days planned ahead for me.
My typical schedule that I create for myself today will be low key because I wasn't sure what was gonna happen.
I don't expect my luggage to get lost, so that's a bummer.
Oh, well, make the best of it, right.
So I had a really great sleep last night.
This room gets really dark, and I always puts me to sleep really fast.
And I got a good 5 to 6 hours of sleep, which is great, because I usually have jet lie.
And that didn't happen to me.
I usually get six hours sleep, so that was perfect for me.
And I'm up early, which I like, and I'm gonna go explore, don't have my luggage to go check with the concierge this morning and asked if, uh, any of my luggage came and they knew, but they would let me know you.
I guess they slip up?
No underneath my door to let me know that my luggages.
But I hope it comes in today because I need my stuff.
Look, I e not.
I wear a lot of makeup.
I have nothing like absolutely nothing except for chopstick.
Um, well, but the room itself is great so far.
The shower was really great this morning.
So the receptionist told me about this The handy phone which you get internet.
You could take it out with you, too.
So if you want to look up directions so you don't have internet, you can just use this guy and get directions on here.
They also have APS, like, you know, instagram, twitter or whatever.
Usual APS that you want to use.
And they erase all the data by the time he leaves.
You know what the word Worry about your personal information being stored.
You can also make local calls, international calls on here.
So I thought that was pretty cool.
My pie take use of it today because I have to report my lost allegation.
My insurance, they goodness, I have world nomads insurance.
I just happened to get it just in case.
Something like this happen?
And they will cover if your luggage is delayed 12 hours, which is about now.
So make use of this today.
Also noticed that there is a pillow menu because these pillows, they're nice And these two of them now, because they're really soft.
Um, so the one they provide it as a standard pillow, which is a natural medium support down feather pillow.
Um, but I slept fine, but I think I need something more firm.
So I'm thinking about getting maybe the orthopedic, so I might do that later.
So this is my second time back at Intercontinental Prague.
I only have a couple nights here.
I got here late last night back from Kiev, and then I had out tomorrow.
Early morning.
I have to leave here at four AM to catch my 6 a.m. Boy might leave a little bit earlier, but, um, so, yeah, I think in the same room except that have a different view this time.
I have a view.
I mean, it's still of the river, but I have a more open deal of its not as obstructed as last time.
And this is really 70 floor like how you see it is out there.
We have a beautiful view of the river.
Last time I got to bed, this time I got one king.
And so I feel like the room is a tad smaller, but the bed is bigger, so that's nice.
Everything else is pretty much the same.
Except there is one thing.
The bathroom is laid out differently, and I think everything else remained the same.
But yeah, this is the king size bed, and the desk back here is same things and closet.
And here's the bathroom.
So speak against mess, toilet and bathtub.
This time, I enjoyed their breakfast downstairs.
It's around, is on the backside of the reception area.
Was really could Their buffet is fantastic.
Lots of good stuff.
They have Asian food.
They have lots of pastries.
They have a live omelet station that's always my favorite.
I love almost stations, and they have great coffee and juice.
Is they have servers around there just in case you need something.
So the buffet style.
But they still have people attending to you.
And what else?
Um, I'm gonna go check out the rooftop right now to see I didn't even know they had a few.
But I saw pictures have been advertising and around the hotel because I think it's the summertime.
So a lot more people go up there, so yeah, it was a fantastic hotel.
I really enjoyed my stay here.
The location was perfect.
Old Town is about a 10 minute walk one way and then Thea, other side of where Prague Castle is another 15 minute walk.
And you could take tram, um, up to Prague Castle faster.
So you have to go.
A look of hill and tram Stocks are everywhere around here, so that's a plus two.
But it's also walkable, walkable distance to a lot of sites around here.
And if you want to get the transportation card, you can get it right here at the hotel.
Which was great because I wasn't sure where to get.
I mean, I think you could get at metro stations and some tram stations, but it wasn't 100% sure.
So I asked the concierge and he was going to put his head right here.
So that's pretty convenient.
So yes, overall really about this place And if you want to stay here, I highly recommend it.
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InterContinental Prague - Fabulous Hotel in Prime Location

6 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 1, 2020
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