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- Hey, fruit lovers. It's me, Orange.
And today I'm joined by (sighs)
Passion and her boyfriend, G.G.
- Hey, everyone.
- Hello, audience. I'm excited to participate
in today's video.
- Yep, everybody's here. Hooray!
- Orange, what's the matter?
Ask Orange episodes usually put you in such a good mood.
Why do you seem down today?
- Oh, it's no-one. I mean nothing, it's nothing.
- I know what'll cheer you up.
- (gasps) You got me TNT?!
- Not just TNT. I also got you this.
- Aw, Passion! You always know how to light up my day.
- Orange, if you ever do any explosions
then you love Passion.
- Huh?!
- 'Kay...?!
- (screams) (blows repeatedly) No, no, no, no, no!
- Is this true, Orange?
- It's just a thing we do on this show.
Don't worry about it.
- You got feelings for Passion?
- G.G., calm down.
- I will not calm down. I'm about to -
- Blow up? (screams) (explosion)
- (applause) It's time for Ask Orange!
- What's G.G. saying to Passion now?
- I don't know.
But it sure doesn't sound like happy yelling.
- Hey, guys.
- I apologize for my outburst earlier.
I understand that it's not Orange's fault.
The audience is free to ship whoever they choose.
No matter how annoying I may find it.
- If it's okay with you, we'd like to move ahead
with the episode.
Let bygones be bygones.
- Fantasmic! Bring on the next question!
- Orange, I have a joke for you
but if you laugh, you're in love with Passion.
What do you call two birds in love?
- I don't know, what?
- Tweethearts. Get it? Lolololololol.
- (stifles laugh)
- Don't hold it in.
- (snorts) (laughs)
- I knew it!
- No, no, no! No! I was laughing at the snort!
- He was laughing at the snort, G.G., you heard him.
- Passion, may I speak to you again in the cupboard?
- (sighs) Okay, see you later, Orange.
- We will see about that.
- More questions?
- More questions!
- Hey, Orange, go super Saiyan.
- Yeah, wow! Talk about a hair raising experience! (laughs)
- Uh!
- What?! Everybody knows blondes have more pun! (laughs)
- Hey, Orange, there are more Oranges in the kitchen.
- Whoa! Is it just me or did it get really
good-looking in here?
- I'd say it got really good-looking in here
because it's just you. (laughs)
- I'll be on Ask Orange someday.
- Psht. Doubt it.
Orange, is Pear related to an Avocado?
- Yeah, I did the research and I'm not.
But while compiling a family tree of the entire kitchen,
I did discover something else very interesting about
our friend G.G.
- Someone say G.G.?
Please tell me you got some dirt on that guy.
I mean, come on! Nobody's that perfect.
- Well, the first thing I discovered is that G.G.
stands for Giant Granadilla.
- Is that a fruit? I never heard of it before.
- Because it's from Argentina.
- Shh!
- But that's not all. Look at this.
The giant granadillas are closely related to passion fruits.
- Wait, so you're telling me Passion and G.G. are cousins?
- Shhh, yes! That's what I'm telling you.
- This is incredible news!
They can't date if they're cousins.
They'll have to break up, leaving Grapefruit
with a clear path to dating Passion. (evil laughter)
Uh, I mean, yeah. You guys heard all of that, didn't you?
- We did.
- I'm guessing we should head back into the cupboard
to talk some more?
- That seems brilliant.
- Yo, what you talking about?
- Yo, what YOU talking about?
- Say hi to Elijah and Braxton.
- Hi, Elijah and Braxton.
- Hey, Orange. Don't make jokes for 30 seconds.
- You're right. I crack a lot of jokes on this show
but there are serious issues out there
that deserve attention. Like Dead Butt Syndrome.
Did you know that Dead Butt Syndrome is a real thing
caused by prolonged sitting?
It's true! Sitting too long can restrict blood flow
to your butt, causing hip pain, lower back ache, and
ankle issues. Dead butt syndrome can even cause your glutes
to fail to fire properly, so talk to your family
about Dead Butt Syndrome.
And remember, it's a serious issue.
So don't you dare make Dead Butt Syndrome
the butt of any jokes.
- Squash!
- Hey! Wait a minute, Squash?
Did you make a comment for yourself?
- Guilty as charged.
- Well, that's not fair.
Ask Orange episodes are a chance for the audience
to ask us questions.
- I'm sorry.
- Well, you're gonna be.
'Cause you know what the punishment for doing that is,
don't you?
- No! What could it (screams) ew!
- For every question you get asked, say yes.
- Hey, Orange.
Did you hear the news that me and G.G. are cousins?
- Yes.
- Hmm. I mean he's obviously a great guy
but I broke up with him.
Do you think I did the right thing?
- Yes.
- Also, this is unrelated but I heard that every time
you set off TNT it means you like me.
Is that true?
- Hold it right there. Passion, I've returned.
I cannot lose you. I want to stay here in the kitchen.
- I'm sorry, G.G. but I've made my decision
and it's not just the fact that giant granadillas
are related to passion fruits.
I thought you were a really great guy at first
but today, you've been rude to my friends and to me.
Recently, you've been a giant jerk!
- Maybe that's what G.G. really stands for. (laughs)
- Jerk starts with a J, you fool.
Passion, come with me. Into the cupboard.
I wish to speak with you further.
- G.G., I said no.
- Come along.
- G.G., she said no!
- Psht, don't be ridiculous, Orange.
I am bigger than you. I am smarter than you.
I am better than you in every way.
And I want to be with Passion.
You're gonna do something about it?
- Hmm, yes.
- What is happening?
- Super Sayonara, G.G.
- (screams) - (laughs)
- Orange, that was incredible!
- Not to mention edible! (laughs) Get it?
Because we're foods?
- Orange, can we be serious for a minute?
I have one last question. Do you like me?
- Do I have to answer that?
- No, but maybe you can think of a way to show me?
- (gasps) Yes!
- That's so sweet.
- Nooooo!
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Ask Orange #62 - Orange Goes Super Saiyan

14 Folder Collection
Summer published on August 1, 2020
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