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in this video.
I'm gonna take you inside of a Japanese machi, A hotel in Kyoto.
Today I'm in Kyoto and I'm seeing a real deal.
Kyoto style house with over 100 years of history, also known as a kill much.
This particular one is called Kiriakou Kyoto Nishioka.
Much is a traditional wooden townhouses built using interlocking wooden parts and were popular with killed emergence before World War Two.
Since Kyoto was safe from air raids during the war, many of the marches are still around to this day.
But once torn down, these much is will probably never be rebuilt.
So walking inside you truly feel like it are part of history.
So there six different types of kill much here.
But this one is a Sony Chi, which means it has a high second floor ceiling, especially when compared to the sushi Nick I.
Macha with low ceilings.
Oh, yeah.
Having a guard in the back is another characteristic of LaMacchia garden in the last for more sunlight and air circulation in the house.
But it also creates a seamless blend between nature and living space.
It looks like there's a food on set out for us already like this is really low.
But just if you're tall, I think you have to watch your head hit it.
But that's just because it's like old school much, right?
Their mother use it when you first arrive, you'll be warmly welcomed with a tea ceremony.
I'm not crazy about much.
Some of you already know, but having freshly risk, Marta is really quite on a whole new level.
It's kind of like a lemon citrusy taste.
You see, it's kind of like gelatinous, but it should, like, prepare your palate for the tea for the much She just taught me how to do this.
And I think I'm gonna do that.
I think the bottom turn it once, twice.
Kind of pray a little bit.
Yeah, I suppose to slip.
Wow, I'm learning a lot today.
You might know what to do.
Wondering what?
Okay, so what a lot of you guys don't know because you're probably gonna watch this after the fact Today is the final episode for game of Thrones, and I really want to watch it.
So I'm gonna connect my laptop to the TV and we're gonna watch it.
So That's what we're gonna do today For about an hour.
Let's just check the speed of the WiFi here.
12 megabits per second.
That's not the fastest in the world, but I think that should be fast enough for rest of A with a stream game of Thrones today.
All right, time to set up the laptop.
All right, so the PC's connected made a stream.
I guess I see you guys a little bit.
Mike, how you doing?
Past Have really nice past.
About Turn it on first, Damn it.
And there's a 1,000,000 times very little lies.
I'm really happy that there's a lot of Richmond around this area, right?
All right.
I'll leave you.
He's arrived.
This looks so good.
Anyways, I think I'm gonna chew with Michael tonight, so I'll see you guys tomorrow.
All right, So I'm ready to start my day.
We're about to have a big breakfast.
I think it's coming on 8 30 Michael's sleeping upstairs, so I have to wake up in a second.
But I'm still thinking about game of Thrones and how it ended.
I don't know if I liked it.
I don't want to spoil anything for you guys, if you still haven't watched it by now.
But anyways, let me know what you guys thought of the ending.
Yeah, I guess it is what it is.
I'm started a like time to wake up.
Breakfast is coming.
So I think we'll give Might go a little bit more time to get ready.
I usually go to sleep a lot earlier than Maiko.
And I usually get up a lot earlier than her too.
So So I guess we just let her sleep, Okay?
Michael, my girl.
Sometimes I don't understand her.
And here comes our kaiseki breakfast.
Good morning, everyone.
So breakfast has been served trying, Just looking, See, used to sitting on the floor very much.
Probably some of you aren't as well, but I guess you just kind of get used to it, living in Japan eventually.
But you know me so far, I think it's right.
That's Michael's hand right there.
She's pretty much she doesn't really want to be on camera today.
So when you said this much a hotel, you have the option to include breakfast or not is a very traditional breakfast.
All these, like little dishes, are called kaiseki, and what it means is that it just has a little bunch of little like, almost like little appetizers that all go together to make one whole entire set meal.
So look at all this goodness.
I mean, I don't want to go through and bore you with all of the different stuff, but I think like my favorites, this is like a cock a don't go, which is kind of like a sweet gelatin sauce.
And there's a drink on inside, so you can see right there that is that going in sauce, it's really delicious.
It's almost like a machine at the consistency, just a little more liquidy and this thing.
I don't really know what it is until I take a bite, but basically it's fried.
It's like 10.
Put a style, so I'm probably gonna like it.
Let's taste it.
There's a seat in the middle was almost like some sort of route that they put it on put up.
That's nice.
That's like, I don't think I've ever had that before.
The one thing about these kaiseki meals is like it's very seasonal, So a lot of this stuff that they haven't here really depends on the time of year.
If you stay at one of these places than definitely I would recommend at least trying the breakfast once.
Oh, and I was talking to the hotel also a little bit earlier.
They actually said that everyone had checked out that last afternoon and like people were coming today.
But if it wanted to get actually see the other rooms, there are actually three other marches in the complex, all connected to this one.
So let's check out the other three.
The 1st 1 has a Doma style entrance, which back in the day meant straight up dirt begin.
See, now, though, it's been modernized.
Okay, so you have living space here.
We have two pretty launch proton mattresses here, and then what's nice is over there.
It looks like you have got, which is a very traditional Japanese from my balcony, kind of sit on the balcony of your feet over and two beds in the bedroom.
The 2nd 1 has a very open entrance, which I love.
You can see that there's two bedrooms up here to me is like a full queen size bed, and then you also have another private timing room here.
So this one seems pretty similar to the 1st 1 Yeah, as you can see like, since there's four different rooms in this complex.
If you have a big family, then it makes kind of a lot of sense to just, like, book all three or all four of the rooms, and then you can actually stay together.
And if you've never stayed in a much like this, then what it's like, just try it once, right?
So we were just in Kobe yesterday, and his long trips are kind of hard because I never know what to do with my laundry this morning.
Just I found out is that this much has a washing machine and drive.
There you go.
Problem solved.
All right.
So what did you guys think?
If you like this video, help me on hit that like button.
If you want to see what I'm doing on the daily, then definitely check on my instagram account.
If you want to support the channel, then definitely check out my Tokyo merch.
And if you want to see more budget plan guides and release a video every Saturday morning 9 a.m. Japan time.
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Kyoto Machiya Hotel - What to Expect if you Stay

16 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 1, 2020
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