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Welcome to WIRED. Let the interview begin.
Thank you.
I have been excited to talk with you as WIRED Japan.
You took part in the WIRED US talk with President Obama and our US Chief Editor.
That article made quite an impact.
WIRED was founded in 1993.
The publication was influenced by west coast culture at the time.
The magazine had taken a libertarian stance toward the establishment.
Twenty-five years later,
the cover is Barack Obama.
This represents a kind of technological and societal transformation.
How do you see this evolution over the 25 years at WIRED, Joi?
I've known about WIRED since it was no more than a proposal.
I never actually wrote anything, but was called a contributing editor.
Well, WIRED started in the Internet boom.
Former Vice President Al Gore is said to have had a copy in his office.
We were proud of that at WIRED.
So, people in the know seemed to respond shrewdly to this trend.
The east coast was even reading Wired.
MONDO2000 was an even more counter- culture magazine published before Wired.
I was involved with both when they were first published.
WIRED was different than MONDO2000.
Wired was focused on business and a high-quality design.
It moved away from hippie counterculture.
The content took a more tech-culture perspective.
I think this is one reason why WIRED has never really changed its design.
The design-centered focus is the same.
However, it has moved away from optimistic stories.
There was a cutting-edge feel.
Nicholas Thompson returned to WIRED as Editor-in-Chief from The New Yorker.
The New Yorker has some positives stories,
but it is critical of things like social issues.
These nuances are incorporated into WIRED.
This style brought in during Facebook's privacy issues.
So, we are seeing this critical view of issues in WIRED.
It's The New Yorker style.
I know WIRED will publish more high-quality, long-form articles.
It's vital.
MIT Media Lab publishes a series on WIRED Founder Nicholas Negroponte.
The Media Lab also started with optimistic content.
After thirty years, we are taking more responsibility.
- We have a duty to cover social issues. - So you have committed to.
How do you see the new economy today?
There is an overabundance of platforms like Facebook and cryptocurrencies.
Zuckerberg is not trying to be a villain.
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伊藤穰一が語る『WIRED』25年の変化とは?| Joi and WIRED | GET WIRED | Ep1

5 Folder Collection
Summer published on August 1, 2020
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