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i e.
When I was done with strip off rules.
But at this Albert group market, they have fresh ones.
So it's no good and look good.
It's also different texture, so I have to try it high.
We're crystalline, Kanye.
Travel pockets were sisters who are half American and half Japanese.
And we love to travel the world in style.
We grew up as military brat, so we're used to moving from place to place and adjusting to new locations.
That's why we love traveling so much.
Because we're accustomed to learning new cultures and wanted to experience new things You didn't way enjoy finding the best food activities, attractions and more.
And we love to share a travel tips almost along on all of our adventures.
Do you wait, Come on.
Like the cubs, like you're hungry for Saturday should come here again.
Yeah, because they do.
Have I heard lots of good food, cheap eats.
It's not like other markets in the world, right?
Protection region.
Everything is reeling, right?
Right out of miscellaneous finds, too.
Well, they have a close.
I have to get cold.
You can get so a Channel five heroes that Ischia Yeah.
So you come here.
This is good for you.
Are you?
Yeah, that's a nice souvenirs.
Wear those socks way.
Love socks like this wear on my flight was like sox slipper, and he loves these socks, But I do to all about 25.
Only five euros for this.
That's bridge.
Oh, it's nice inside to you.
Handmade jewelry.
Have laundry up here.
Okay, Now, way has the best local of Belgium.
So now no other while he was there.
There are nuts.
Candy is interested.
Role Vietnamese Lupita too?
Yeah, you're right off.
They haven't like package to good to no good.
Wait a smooth for a while.
Sandy iss price rise like cream in brownies.
Like brownies.
They're good.
Some hot chocolate goes on forever.
Shoot more clothes.
I feel like you'll come like you go through like, a bunch of life fashion boots, and then they'll be like a little section you're bashing, like, mix it up.
Don't you want to go back to the clothing area?
Purses, bags owes my fashion.
You that candy?
Yeah, That's flowers.
Flowers, aren't you?
That's pretty to just to excuse me.
Excuse me, Can I buy this ST Waffles here like put in that press, you can get, like, package ones, too.
Crazy shirts, crazy shirt like that.
A normal, You know what?
Oh, chicken chicken.
Have a delicious chicken with Russia.
Oh, sure.
Thank you.
That's good.
Try it.
It's just like the flavor way.
It's really good, Very tender chicken.
And it's only chief 50 euros.
So about like, great.
Yeah, it's more crowded up here.
Chicken way.
Benny's chicken way Get the same Sorry way.
Have a delicious So and it's very to $53.3 dollars.
Really go So tender.
So you're hungry or what?
A back this great with?
Yeah, nobody wants a pop urges.
Wow, a little of toppings on here.
I don't like smelling seafood.
Little God, I got your smell.
Oh my God, it keeps on going I e.
When I was done with strip off pools.
But at this Albert group market, they have fresh ones.
So it's no good.
It looks good.
It's also different texture, So I have to try it.
Definitely different.
It's not a sweet, huge, seriously never ending.
Just keep on going and going My hands, just like find a area split, go very very.
I already ate.
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Exploring Albert Cuyp Market - Delicious Street Food in Amsterdam

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 1, 2020
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