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- Aye! Aye you! Gold Play Button, Aye you!
- Ugh. What is it this time?
- What's your favorite kind of music?
I bet it's heavy metal. (laughing)
- I've been putting up with you for 10 years.
10 years, okay?
I've heard all the jokes.
All the puns.
When oh when is someone gonna get me outta this
kitchen already?
- Wow, looks like this might be your
golden opportunity. (laughing)
- Huh? Yes! Yes!
Take me away from this orange forever! Yah!
- Huh. He didn't seem too sad to be leaving.
In fact, he didn't seem to carat all. (laughing)
Wow! Who's Shiney McShinerton over there?
- I'm Diamond Play Button.
Congratulations, Orange.
Your channel hit 10 million subscribers,
so you got a play button upgrade!
- A diamond play button? That rocks! (laughing)
- (laughing) Indeed it does!
- Hey! Hey Diamond Play Button,
before the pressure got to you,
were you called the Coal Play Button? (laughing)
- Ugh
- Oh, who's your favorite crooner?
Probably Bling Crosby, amirite? (laughing)
- Okay, yes the jokes are very amusing.
But I think you should listen to what I have to say..
- Sorry, no can do. I don't have any ears. (laughing)
- Ugh! Don't push me, Orange!
- Why not? You're a button, right?
Buttons are meant to be pushed. (laughing)
- Is this what Gold Play Button was
putting up with for the last decade?
No wonder he was so excited to leave.
- I'm sorry, I think we got off on
the wrong non-existent foot.
I like you, Diamond Play Button.
- You do?
- Of course I do. You know what my
favorite thing about you is?
Your mined. (laughing)
Get it? Mined?
- Yes I get it!
- What'd you think of my joke?
Didja dig it?? (laughing)
- Argh! Okay, enough shenanigans.
Let's cut right to it.
I've been sent here from YouTube to
commemorate this remarkable achievement.
Perhaps you'd like to thank your fans?
Celebrate with them?
- Well that sounds great! But how?
- What do your fans like?
More than anything in the world,
what do they love seeing?
'Cause I think we should give it to them in spades.
- Er, I'm not sure you wanna do that.
- Of course I do!
This is what I'm here for, Orange.
I'm here to celebrate, so let's celebrate!
Let's give the fans what they want!
- Okay, you asked for it.
- Yes. I did. Now tell me: what do
your fans want to see more than
anything in the world?
- Knife.
- What the heck does that mean?
Gah! Ow! Oh! Uh! Oh! Ow!
What kinda sick channel is this?
Oh! Oh! Ow!
- Aww, we're not so bad. In fact,
I'd say we're a cut above! (laughing)
- Oh!
- Whoa! You really took the edge off ol' Knife!
- Of course I did. I'm a Diamond Play Button, dude.
I'm made of the hardest material on earth.
- Huh. Guess we're gonna have to up
the ante if we're gonna thank our fans.
- Let's talk about that, actually.
Is there a less violent way to thank them?
(yelling in pain)
- Wow! This play button don't play! (laughing)
- Ahhhhhhh!
When will this end? Ugh!
- Relax, we're just getting fired up! (laughing)
- (yelling in pain)
- Huh. Nothing seems to be working.
Guess it's time to take this
celebration to the next level.
- No no no no no no no no!
- Fun idea, Diamond Play Button.
This was a blast! (laughing)
- Nooooooo!
- Wow, you're still here?
- (coughs) I'm still here. I cannot stress this enough,
I am made of diamond.
You cannot destroy me.
- Oh man. Guess we're stuck with each other, huh?
- (sigh) Yes. And we're going to be stuck
together until you reach the 50
million subscriber benchmark and
the Ruby Play Button replaces me.
- Well seeing as how we have some time to hang out,
lemme show you how good I am at kazoo!
- Great.
- Would you mind grabbing my kazoo from under there?
- Under where?
- (laughing) Made you say underwear!
(plays kazoo wildly)
- (sigh) Well, this is my life now.
Could've become an engagement ring
like my father wanted, but noooo I
just had to do YouTube, didn't I?
- Don't worry. With content like this,
we're sure to reach 50 million subscribers
before you know it! (laughing)
(plays kazoo wildly)
- Ugh!
(theme music)
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Annoying Orange vs Diamond Play Button!! (10 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!)

9 Folder Collection
Summer published on July 31, 2020
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