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  • it's spring time and sold the Korean capital.

  • The temperatures were mild, humidity is low and bugs a read a minimum.

  • It is the most spectacular time of the ear to be outside, and people here are making the most of it.

  • Despite the global health emergency that is, the Corona virus, or cove, in 19 weeks have passed since the pandemic, get South Korea hard and brought daily life to a screeching halt.

  • And it is slowly returning to normalcy as Corona virus cases are flooding out across the country.

  • The government's mass screening intestine campaign, coupled with intensive efforts to quickly isolate confirmed cases entries their contents has led to daily new cases dropping to below 100 from nearly 1000 in late February and early March.

  • Korea has also seen more than half of its infected population recover from the respiratory disease.

  • Unfortunately, the death toll This stands in stark contrast to Italy, the U.

  • S and other parts of the world where the Corona virus continues to rate, which has led to draconian lockdowns, road box and restrictions on movement, an assembly.

  • All of this is part of a strategy of what is called social distancing the practice of reducing physical contact with anyone outside of close family.

  • As a result, a huge chunk of the world's population is now living under lock down.

  • Meanwhile, in so things cannot look more different, young people are enjoying food in outdoor seating areas, bikers air catching their breath with refreshing beverages at convenience stores, couples and families air basking in the sun At parks along the Han River that runs through the city, traffic on expressways and urban streets has seen an uptick, with an increasing number of people going on a trip.

  • According to the Korea Expressway Corporation, there were 3.68 million vehicles on the road over the fourth weekend of March, up 748,000 units from the tally of fourth weekend of February.

  • The corporation expected that it would take more time before it recovers the level of traffic during the same period last year, which was tallied at 4.37 million units.

  • Many Koreans have been cooped up in their homes for weeks or maybe longer, as the government was encouraging social distancing and isolation to the public.

  • Mass gatherings have been postponed or cancelled and religious and sports facilities have been strongly recommended to stay closed, so taking a walk or bike right can be a perfect antidote to Kevin Fever.

  • Korea has done a great job.

  • It's like a beacon for the world right now in terms of the way that it responded, and I feel very safe.

  • This is at this point for me, it's the best place to be.

  • Is in Korea a great because after a long winter.

  • So those are the first weeks we have sunny.

  • And but still authorities remain wary of a risk of resurgence, particularly as outbreaks continue to grow beyond the country's borders.

  • Our experts say until the Corona virus crisis comes to an end, it is important to continue to wear face masks and wash hands.

it's spring time and sold the Korean capital.

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