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When we think about revolutionary fashion design, we might think about the first pair of jeans, the little black dress on iconic pair of trainers.
But changing fashion isn't just about creating beautiful garments.
It's about creating a more beautiful system Today.
We know this system is harmful to our planet.
To change that, we need the school of designers not only to create the clothes themselves, but to help find new materials, to invent new business models that change the way we use an own clothing to understand people's behaviors and to find ways to make fashion of force for environmental and social good.
We need designers who want to reach to the heart of a problem, not just make tweaks at the edges.
Revolutionary design changes aesthetics, but more fundamentally it shapes our economy and our society.
The design is making fashion fit for a circular economy.
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Fashioning A Circular Future | RSA Student Design Awards Winner | Moving Pictures

7 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 31, 2020
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