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The average American man with a bachelor's degree will earn about 2.2 million dollars
in his lifetime. Which is a lot of money, but Bezos makes that in under just 15 minutes
which mind-blowing.  He makes an estimated 149,353 dollars every
minute. By the end of this video, Bezos is going to make more money than you would in
your entire life. I know that these numbers can damage your
self-esteem because making that kind of numbers seems impossible.
Forbes estimates his net worth much bigger than the entire British royal family.
It's a living proof that you can get wealthier than even royal families if you have the right
mindset and the skills. So here in this video, we are going to take
a look at 7 skills that if you master, will give you a competitive advantage over others.
They may not directly earn you more money, like copywriting, coding or marketing but
in many ways, they are far more important and I would go as far as to say, without them,
you cant achieve anything
First, Persuasive Skills
If you take a look at any businesses, you will realize that all what they do is sell,
sometimes its a service or a product and quite often the product is not even produced by
them. But they know how to sell it. If you are a good salesman, you will never
be poor because in the world of capitalism, all what we do is sell.
Think for a moment. Lets say you have great selling skills. All that is left for you to
do is to pick a product and its a matter of time before you sell enough to be drawn in
a pile of cash.  There is a reason why people buy from one
person and ignore the other, there is a reason why people prefer to buy one company, not
from thousands of others. And if you are serious about building real
wealth, you cant simply skip this skill. because without it you can't go far.
Selling doesn't necessarily mean, selling a product, you might need to sell yourself
or your team to get that investment.
When you are in a job interview, you are trying to sell yourself to get that position. And
the better persuasive skills you have, the higher the salary you will be able to negotiate.
Of course its better to read some books or take some courses to learn the science behind
it, however, without practice, this knowledge is quite useless.
The best way to pomp up your persuasive skills is to become a salesman just to learn these
skills. Every day you will be talking to dozens of people trying to sell them something. And
it will be only a matter of time before you will feel completely comfortable selling anything
to anyone. However, that's not the only way, a great
way to start would be, find something in your house that you don't need, we all have plenty
of things we don't use at all and try to sell it to a friend or neighbor.
2. Secondly, Analytical Skills Why do you think that CEOs are paid millions
of dollars even if they work fewer hours? Their job isn't to hustle day and night although
many of them do that.  CEOs on average work more than 62 hours a
week when an average American works 44 hours.  However, their primary job is to analyze the
market and make the right move, where the market is going, what is the next trend, how
the market would change in a few years from now.
But analytical skills go much further than that. It's the ability to take a complex subject
and break it into many small parts to gain a better and clearer understanding.
Or solve a complicated problem.
Of course, your IQ will play an important part here, so does your knowledge, that's
why CEOS on average read at least 50 books a year while average people just a few if
not none at all.
The world is filled with opportunities, that's why 1700 are becoming millionaires every single
day just in the United States. But if your analytical skills aren't good enough, these
opportunities will slip right under your nouse.
3. Thirdly, Emotional Intelligence  The only three ways to build wealth is through
either startup something, investing or building a sold carrier. And in each of these paths
require you to control your emotions. When you invest in some company, the nature
of the stock market that it constantly jumps up and down and if you do not have the ability
to control your emotions when it's down, or don't get overexcited when it's jumping through
the roof, you will quickly run out of cash.
But that's just part of the problem because on your way, you are going to work with people
and people are not always nice. So, learn to control your emotions when things are going
wrong when there is chaos. Which is exactly what always happens when you run a company.
And that takes me to the next point.
4. Self Discipline A lot of people find it difficult to discipline
themselves and its understandable because its difficult to live under certain strict
routine and rules if you don't have a clear purpose behind it.
Waking up early morning, working for multiple hours without any distractions doesn't seem
to be easy. If not impossible for some. Discipline simply means sacrificing short
term pleasure for long term rewards.  But the truth is, its only difficult when
the goal is not clear. And the only way to achieve a big goal is
to achieve a little bit of it every day, that's why you need to master self-discipline.
And that's why you need to meditate. 5. Fifth, Meditation
According to a study by Microsoft, the average human being now has an attention span of eight
seconds. Can you believe it, just 8 seconds, but what's
more shocking perhaps is the fact that research shows human attention span decreases by a
whopping 88 percent every year.
An average person consumes more information in a single day that someone else would in
their entire life just a few hundred years. That made our attention the most important
resource in the world. And that's why these companies are pouring
billions of dollars in to get your attention. Just in 2018 alone, the world had spent 543
billion dollars on advertisements. That's ten times the net income of the largest company
in the world (APPLE). And this number will only grow.
And why do you think is that happening? Because we are always on our smartphones,
we are always distracted.  every few minutes, you check out your phone,
even when there isn't any notification because your attention span is extremely short.
How many times did you get distracted while watching this video, in fact, many of you
won't even make it to the end of the video.
and with that kind of attention span, you aren't going to go far, you won't be able
to stay focused, you won't be able to create any meaningful value.
And that's why you need to learn meditation. It helps you stay focused for a longer period
and think much clearer.
6. Next, controlling your mind
How many times you have heard that it all starts with a mindset and I couldn't agree
more. But that mindset is not something complicated,
usually, it means, being able to always stay positive.
I understand how difficult that could be, especially if you are struggling financially.
You can look around and there is an endless number of things and people you can blame
for your miserable financial situation, starting from politicians and wall street who are ruining
the economy, to your college textbooks that aren't giving you practical knowledge.
But that negative state isn't going to take you far, it will keep limiting you to your
comfort zone. You have to train your brain to see the light
in this chaos. Because creating wealth is chaos. There is
no way around it, if you cant manage your thoughts and keep your mind positive, you
won't make it.  Wealth comes as a result of taking responsibility,
either you want to solve a problem (start a business) or rise in the ranks of your company
by taking more weight on your shoulders.
7. And lastly, Listening
Most people listen to respond and not to learn which is why that's not considered listening.
In your way to create wealth, you will deal with people, in fact, you need them.
You need their feedback, their experience and often you will be making mistakes and
if you are not a good listener, your mistakes will burry you down.
Working alone isn't an option, because you will be constrained by your limitations.
And with great listing skills, you can attract talented people to work with you.
These skills are interconnected, they are not only used to create wealth but to live
a more positive and productive life. Wealth comes out of nowhere, its a result of delivering
value and the skills we have talked about are the foundation to start with.
And now it's your turn, what would you add to this list.
In anyways, hit that like button if you have enjoyed the video, thanks for watching and
I will see you in the next one.
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7 Skills That Will Make You Rich

32 Folder Collection
Summer published on July 31, 2020
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