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- Do you wanna have a threesome?
Let us know in the comments below.
(Ella laughing)
(upbeat music)
- We're gonna be taking the hardest,
Would You Rather, for relationships.
- The hardest, Would You Rather, Relationship Edition.
- Would you rather - Mm hmm.
- Find out your S.O. cheated on you, with their ex,
or find out your S.O. had a threesome without you?
- Ah - (laughing)
- Ah ha, those are both a bummer.
If your S.O. sleeps with their ex,
that's cheating on you once.
If they have a threesome, that's cheating on you twice.
- Mm hmm.
- So I think I have to go with the first.
- I don't know, God, that's such a hard one.
- Or, I guess you could be like,
oh, if they had a threesome, oh, that means they're,
they like to party, in a way
that I wasn't aware of before, (New Year's party favor horn)
and maybe they'll wanna have a threesome with me?
Is that the hope?
- I don't know, I think I would just
be way more mad about the ex.
- So you don't like your S.O.'s ex, is,
what we're learning right now. (Ella laughing)
- No comment.
- (laughing) Can I say, on the record,
that I, am not that interested in the idea of a threesome?
I barely have enough stamina for one person.
- I agree.
- 59% - 59
- Would rather the threesome.
If the presidential election were 59 to 41,
they would call that a landslide.
- That's - That's a huge margin,
as far as politics are concerned.
Would you rather, walk in on your S.O.
having a drunken one-night stand with someone else,
this is why, what's with all the infidelity?
My little fragile heart can't take it.
Would you rather walk in on your S.O.
having a drunken one-night stand with someone else,
or, find out your S.O. has actively been looking
for another relationship on Tinder for months?
- Mm mm, one-night stand,
drunken, for me. - Whoa!
- This is a real Sophie's choice here.
I'm gonna go with the drunken one.
Yeah, 'cause you know, - Yeah.
We've all done dumb things when you're drunk.
I guess it'd be easier to forgive.
- Mm hmm.
- And 72% of people agree.
- Would you rather find out your S.O.
has been sexting other people,
or have your S.O. break off your engagement?
- Oh, you know I like the term S.O.,
'cause I think it's more inclusive.
I just don't like how it sounds.
You know, - It's hard to say.
- I like what it means.
Can we call it, the SO?
- Yeah, your SO. - Does anyone do that?
I'm asking genuinely. - Maybe we should start it.
- All right, so your SO is gonna,
I'm gonna do this in a way,
that you have to edit that rant in,
or else, they're gonna be like,
why are they start, calling people SO?
(playful saxophone music)
So sexting, is that photos, or is it just like, ooh baby,
I want your pepperoni pizza. - Oh, God. (laughing)
I think it can be--
- I've never sexted before,
if you can't tell. (laughing) - (laughing)
- I think it can be photos or texting.
- The sexting implies, it's a cheating, right?
- There's an emotional - Yeah.
- Cheating, if nothing else.
The engagement, it could mean something.
You know, maybe you're just two kids, you're crazy in love,
and you did something, and then you realize,
you know what, we're not made to get married.
- Yeah. I've still got a lot of
growing to do, I've got my career to think about,
and I wanna make sure I can take care of you
before we settle down.
So, maybe, you just engaged, you just proposed to soon.
- I agree with that one.
I would rather be broken up with, than cheated on,
and then, have to break up, because of being cheated on.
- Cheating is worse than dumping.
Dumping, at least you have the
the respect to be - Yeah, that means.
- Honest about it, yeah. - Respect, it's respect.
- Wow, fifty-fifty! - Fifty-fifty!
- Looks like the engagement is winning
by under 10,000 votes.
- Oh, wow.
- Got a lotta votes on this, Jesus.
Would you rather, find out your SO,
is about to have a baby with someone else,
(baby crying)
or, find out your SO is married with children?
(multiple babies crying) - Oh, my God.
- Woo!
- That was provoked so bad.
- Woo!
You know, shame on us, if we didn't realize
they were pregnant (laughing), for this long.
You know, I don't. - Yeah.
- They're about to have a baby,
- You would be like. - I should have
Figured that out.
- I would be impressed, if I were dating someone,
and they had this whole other life that I didn't know about.
'Cause I'm like, when, when, when do you have the time?
Then, I would be disappointed,
because you're neglecting children,
by hanging out with me - Yeah.
- And that's no good. - Right.
That's why I would go with,
the baby with someone else.
- 58% of people agree. - 58%.
- This is the final question, by the way.
- Yeah, final question!
Would you rather, have your S.O.'s parents hate you,
or, have your parents hate your S.O.?
That's kind of a hard one.
- This is super easy for me.
- Really?
- Yeah, well, actually I guess not.
- Okay, tell me what yours would be.
- I'd rather have their parents hate me.
If it's my family that hates her,
then I'm gonna have to hear about it all the (beep) time.
But if they hate me, then it's just gonna be like,
weird when I go over, and they won't want to talk to me,
and, you know, I'll get over it.
- Who are we spending time with, then?
- Whose family? - Right.
If you live near your SO's - Proximity.
- Family.
- My family's in New York, so actually, it'd be way easier,
- If they hate, - If they hate, it's whatever.
But if the SO's family is here, (blows wind through mouth)
- I'm gonna just say, have your SO's parents hate you.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, wow, pretty close.
- 51, 49. - 49.
- I think what that revealed about us,
is that, we're not considerate. (laughing)
- Yes. (laughing) - Right?
'Cause we'd rather them deal with the bullshit
with their parents, than have - Right.
- to accept it ourselves. - Yeah, yeah.
That felt good.
- Felt good.
- I feel like I know more about my boundaries.
I don't, actually.
- (laughing) I noticed I--
- I thought that maybe this could reveal something,
but, it just revealed that I would be fine
with someone having a threesome.
- Right.
- We're gonna put this quiz in the description,
so take it, share what your answers would be,
share what your boundaries and lines,
that you, might or might not cross, are.
All right, like and subscribe, thank you.
- We doing that?
- Yes.
- We're asking people to like and subscribe?
- Yeah, yeah. - Okay.
- Then like and, sure, go for it.
- Yeah.
- Do likes matter?
- Yes, they do matter. - I don't know, is that?
- Okay.
- I'll take all the likes I can get.
(playful jingle)
(swishing and swooshing)
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The Hardest Would You Rather: Relationship Edition

1 Folder Collection
Summer published on July 31, 2020
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