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There's been a divide in the world.
Some people say Don't panic and others say we should panic.
But the way we're panicking isn't productive.
Buying up the shelves in stores is not helping.
Leave it the people who honestly needed be compassionate during this time.
It's okay to worry, especially if you're someone like me.
I've been ordering from Horizon Farms.
Organic Market Not sponsored In order to eat cleaner and heal my body, E found some coconut yogurt.
God, that was expensive.
It's a shame Japan doesn't sell it for a reasonable price.
Being at home, I've been trying not to get depressed from lack of sun.
I had pneumonia for the fourth time in my life.
Walking pneumonia, not the C 19.
We're gonna call it that, but I could get it easily because, well, I have a lung disease called asthma.
It's severe enough to need asthma medication every single day, So if I get any illness, it's the worst.
But I heard if you get dressed in the morning and do something productive but relaxing while being sick, it tricks your brain into thinking you're not sick and helps you heal just a little bit faster.
It's morning and Yuji still in bed.
It's actually afternoon now.
No, it's OK.
There's a bear next to you.
Wake up.
I was on antibiotics for about one week.
My work wanted me to go in to sign some certificates for the kids, so I had no choice but to leave the house.
It's been two weeks self quarantine, though.
Today we're gonna go Thio, Katie, Joji and Shinjuku because I have a couple things I need to do for my work.
I've had this cough for a while, so we'll have to see, like how I feel now.
I feel a lot better than I did before, but I'm still struggling with this, like respiratory infection or whatever I have.
I'm on antibiotic, but I don't know what's happening.
It's not getting completely better, so we'll have to see how I feel today and then maybe make a decision tomorrow.
So today we're going to just go to those two places and have lunch and then see what happened.
Japan is under a lot of stress right now.
There is a lot of people that are getting krone buyers been two cases near us, so It's very scary for me and the reason why I'm afraid to go outside right now, even though I have toe work is because I have a long disease.
I have asthma, so if I do catch anything, then it could be serious.
So it is scary for me and that's the reason why I'm a little nervous about going outside.
I do have to goto work, so I have no choice for somebody that has lung disease right like me and getting bronchitis like every single year and pneumonia three times.
It's very, very scary for me.
That's why I'm just like I'm a little down lately and a little terrified and trying to get some videos done.
I'm not gonna be able to make videos outside so much, so I hope you guys will enjoy the indoor videos.
For now, I think the world is kind of in chaos and we have to take precaution.
I can feel the air and how heavy it is in Tokyo, you can sense the fear.
The train stations are empty even on a weekend masks and hand sanitizers air sold out everywhere.
It's almost like there's something following you wherever you go.
It's a pretty strange feeling right now.
It's so empty here, so empty.
There's like nobody, not not only because of the virus, but because of the rain right now.
But it's just like so empty umbrella.
Condoms way went to lunch at Flute Hall.
Blast Tokyo.
It reminded Beauty of L.
With all the Western style food way.
Settled for some Mexican food and get a little bit of people watching.
Then the weather took a bit of a turn.
It's snowing way like it's like half snowing, half raining today.
Yeah, you can see, like, little flurries.
What do you see?
That way.
Just finished eating lunch.
And now we're gonna probably get some coffee.
Today is White Day white change.
Pan is where the guy gives a girl again.
What do You bought me?
Lunch and honestly, like all I need.
I don't need anybody.
He wanted to get sweets, but I can't eat sweets.
So I haven't left the house in two weeks.
I started to get super depressed like I was anxious.
Like sad.
I don't know.
I haven't had a place to go.
I just need at least one day beauty will protect me from?
He tried to protect me from a guy that pushed today.
He almost ran after him.
And then I grabbed him like no, no fighting during Corona virus season.
Oh, my God, This is so cute.
I actually what are you doing?
State positive during this time.
Staying inside for the past two weeks was sort of nice after working for so long, but it made me really appreciate nature and the outdoors just a little bit more.
So we're kichi Joji right now and it's actually pretty crowded here.
I'm kind of shocked, but I guess people are kind of gravitated towards this area because it's underneath something, raining and snowing at the same time.
Times like thes congee, mentally exhausting.
Make sure you keep up with your self care and mental health.
Do things that make you laugh.
The one thing I worry about is my family back home.
So me being sick, my mental health and on top of that worrying about loved ones when you're miles away has been quite scary.
Snow falling from the sky was so beautiful there was nobody around.
You could hear the snow hitting the ground.
I never appreciated snow and the outdoors as much as this time in my life.
Wow, this restaurant looks look at it.
So just so before three PM students out of school that are their schools, their clothes, they're not allowed to come into the arcade because they're not supposed to be out right.
And it's kind of an issue because there's a lot of kids that are out of school.
So they're going to these places, and it's causing chaos.
So it's kind of insane.
No, I'm a firm believer in healing with nature.
Ever since I moved to Japan, I was able to appreciate nature more than I ever did before.
If we stay inside all day, it can make us sicker.
Even just spending time on our balcony or in our backyard is really important.
The next morning, I decided to check my lungs with an X ray and confirm Michael plasma was still present in my body with a blood test a swell.
So I made myself vegan pancakes using buckwheat flour.
My health has kind of been put on hold since I got pneumonia.
It has become quite depressing.
Having something like this and having to stop healing your gut.
So here is what happened at the clinic.
So I just came back from the doctor.
I don't know why I'm feeling this.
I don't even know if I'm gonna post it.
Just, like, walked out the door without makeup and just put on a shirt and I got an X ray done and a blood test which is gonna take a week to come back.
I don't even know why they even bothered.
But she said that it looks like I have Michael plasma pneumonia, which is the third or fourth time that I've had this.
I'm just so tired of being sick like and it's probably see Bo's fall, to be honest, because your gut is like everything it protects you.
It's your immune system.
And like I can't even finish a protocol without getting sick.
I'm trying so hard not to be stressed because I'm having heart problems and super high blood pressure and my heart's palpitating.
And last night I had a dream that I was in the hospital, and then I woke up and I was having the same symptoms that I was having in my dream, which is the scariest most traumatizing thing ever started.
My eyes are like itchy from pollen.
I'm trying to relax and breathe and not stress, but just sucks when you're constantly sick and you do everything in your power to be healthy.
E I was at that point where there was nothing I could do anymore.
I wanted to get better as soon as possible.
So I headed home after the pharmacy and I took a midday bath and decided that today I was going to make it a point to do absolutely nothing.
This reminds me two years ago, before he met my now husband when I went to the doctor and I got an X ray and found that I had Michael plasma pneumonia.
But it was at a very late stage, so I do not want that to happen again.
So I need to go home and relax.
I'm the type of person who needs to be working on something or doing something constantly.
So relaxing is tough for me.
I do have to say, though one thing I don't miss about teaching is getting sick from Children.
All right, I feel very much refreshed.
I'm still coughing, but it taking a shower and everything made me feel so good.
I'm just still being careful.
I think it's a good idea to stay home this week and watch my body and make sure that nothing serious happens.
Yeah, I mean, like I said, I asked them what they thought about how I'm feeling and my symptoms.
They did not think I have the code of virus.
There was really nothing that I could do at that point, so I don't know.
It just makes me wonder, like how many people are being turned down when they're feeling sick about getting tested for the Corona virus.
Like, there's a lot of people that are probably suffering from, you know, asthma.
And like all that stuff, you think that they would be like, I think we should just in case to test, you know.
But I've been at home all day and last week in the week before, so I haven't really left the house except for yesterday.
I feel a lot better, so I get.
I don't want you guys to worry.
I'm like, really recovering for all of you who have chronic illnesses.
My heart goes out to you at this stage We need to stay at home.
But create something.
Start a business.
Come up with amazing ideas.
Adopt a hobby.
This is the optimal time to provide ourselves with some love.
Remember, there have been amazing things invented during a time of quarantine.
So don't just sit around.
Yuji came home and gave me a flower for White Day.
You're so thank you.
Flower Shop was named Morita.
You're so Yeah.
What did he say?
Explaining why there's so many more.
Because the older of the flower shops, brothers, sisters has, like, a lot of kids or something.
That's my wow.
It's so pretty.
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I'm afraid to go outside.

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 31, 2020
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