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you guys here in Shinjuku today with Sherry on today, we're gonna be testing at one of these.
Translating device is nothing new about these, but they have the inventor of the year.
This company Lango go sent this one out to me.
So today I want to kind of put it through its paces.
This video isn't sponsored, so we're gonna do everything we can to see where the true limits off this device is.
Let's get going.
I decide to bring Sherry and for this one, because despite being almost native English, he's actually a native speaker of Japanese, does a lot of translation work and everything like that.
So I figured she'd be the perfect person to help us.
Test slash break this things.
So in our test today, aside from pitting it against Google, translate which obviously has the camera function which doesn't so gives Google a bit of an edge.
We're gonna test this with everything we're gonna do Rhetorical questions, colloquialisms, idioms, jokes, double negative.
Let's just jump right in literally just translated this sound entrance like the words at all.
So one thing that it does do really well is simple basic travel phrase I'm gonna have share you be the judge for all of these.
Excuse me.
Can you tell me where the nearest permits?
I played around with this with pretty much all the basic sentences and have yet to be able to trip it up.
So we're gonna go straight into something more complicated, but kind of wanna break down complicated sentences into more logical and emotional So logical.
Something like losing your luggage.
Like I'm so sorry.
The airline lost my luggage, and I don't have any of my identity Patient with perfect Japanese.
Slightly impressed.
Let's try something a little more emotional now.
You know, I've really been having a challenging time since coming to Japan meeting people.
And I'm really glad that you took the time to talk to me today.
Okay, First half is wrong.
That's the opposite.
Yeah, Look, it's got the English.
Perfect is just Japanese Translation is off.
But the real challenge of this video so far, though, has been recording this on Shinjuku yeast, which is very loud.
So we're gonna head over to Shinjuku west and continue over there.
So I kind of want to redo those tests with Google translate to see how that plays that Cheri's got my phone.
The 1st 1 Are you ready?
I'm so sorry.
The airline lost my luggage and I don't have any of my identification with Thistle.
Which one's better?
It's It's the same.
Okay, it's a little details.
Okay, I'll translator is better than thing.
One was mine early.
We'll keep testing.
We'll keep this thing.
I want to see how Google translate handles the one this one messed up.
Are you ready?
You know, I've really been having a Okay.
First of all the readings, so slow waiting.
Translation wise.
It's the same.
The sick first half is very difficult for the translator to understand what it means.
I think there's no clear winner just yet, but I want to try Japanese to English name.
Okay, let's just jump right in several companies in Japan and I'm doing English seminars in English as a translator.
Even with even like you messed stuff in stuff I know along the way and it still caught it.
I think that we should do something emotional in Japanese as well.
What do you think?
Yeah, sure.
My need to mind most of harmony.
Don't thank Yo, stay study study.
I don't know.
When I went to the US for the first time, I had a hard time not speaking English very well.
But I wanted to make a friend by all means.
And I studied English with my host family every day.
And at first I had a very hard time when two of my friends increased.
But in the end, I had a motivation to learn English.
I'm glad I became that.
It's so good.
It like it didn't really Well, until the end, it just completely fell apart.
I want to test this against Google, translate and see how well friendly Okay, more than anything, I'm actually just impressed.
That was able to handle the length like the entire time I was like all it's gonna cut her off.
It's gonna cut her off.
And it didn't No, actually, that was That was a long sentence.
Mind you again.
This translator can't do stuff like this.
Obviously, Google translate will have the advantage in translating something like this which, oddly enough, says like men's makeup room instead of men's restroom.
But I think it's really weird that They've written it like that, though.
Yeah, it is.
Makeup room.
All right.
We're not gonna do the exact same long one with Google.
This actually keeps a record of everything that we've said.
So you could probably just read it right out of here.
All right, but this Welcome back.
Let's give it a check.
When I first went to the United States, I had a hard time speaking English very well, but my friends really wanted to make it.
And every day I studied English with my host family every day.
He was painful, but it was good to be motivated to learn English in the end.
Okay, It got the ending much better than this one, right?
I just skip that entire middle section and kind of their like, pretty much neck and neck right now.
They're fairly equal.
Yeah, Google says the funky camera off right thigh.
This one is free for the first year than it has an offline mode.
I haven't had in trouble with it yet.
This also has built in WiFi.
Though you could, like purchase WiFi for, like, a day or week or something like that.
And that's kind of a function that if you just need WiFi for the day, right there it is.
But I also don't feel like we have given this a proper test yet.
We haven't done idioms within colloquialisms, jokes, women and swear words any of it.
I do feel like this thing has one major advantage over Google translate and that it's easy to use, which means it's more likely to be used in Google.
Translate, basically, just push the button and speaking either language.
It picks up a language you're speaking in friendly.
You don't have to like, unlock it and go into the app or any events.
I just feel like it would be more likely to be used.
I would loan this through a friend or family member visiting me from overseas.
That way they don't have to work like my parents had Google translate, and they still didn't use it at cafes and stuff.
They had the wife.
I had the Google translate.
They just didn't use it.
I feel like if they had this, it kind of feels like a toy, so you kind of want to use it and you'll be more likely to try and communicate maybe colloquialisms like gonna wanna go nuts.
Get out of here like that.
Would you just buzz off?
So a went straight like buzz like a bee Buzz.
I'm actually not surprised that it didn't get it.
I should have higher hopes for idioms.
Idioms, air set phrases.
So you you would think it would be in there?
Uh, true.
That's your So you have a specific one that you want to try?
Which one?
Raining cats and dogs.
Yeah, because we don't have something like that in Japanese.
Fair enough.
Raining cats and dogs.
See, I told you I had high hopes for weeks and weeks on end.
Now it has been raining cats and dogs.
Cats and dogs are rating.
So that one, that one didn't work at all.
How about Well, that was a piece of cake.
I guess I celebrated too early.
Just for good measure.
What if I just went?
Piece of cake.
So just go.
Piece of cake.
It works.
So I don't put it in an effective just arriving at Yoyogi Park.
It didn't need a translator for that.
There's a lot of stuff you can't do in Yoyogi Park.
like soccer and tennis.
No skateboarding yet weirdly enough, you can play instruments.
Did I?
Not allowed, but do with care.
I'm pretty sure I've seen people do everything in the bottom half of it is in the park, though.
And despite it, saying no cycling, there's a cycling course.
I'm assuming it probably means no cycling in the park.
Yeah, like in hopes of seeing if we can't, like, test it out on real people and get their thoughts.
See what they think that they prefer a non Japanese speaker to just communicate with them or, you know, they want to use one of these devices.
What part of Japan are you from?
Are you from Tokyo?
Okay, now born in Okinawa.
I'm from Okinawa, E You know, we haven't done what?
Double negatives.
Yeah, How about something like I don't dislike the booth.
That's actually really good That way I take pictures as a hobby and give them just a gram.
That's pretty close.
Good enough is no bad.
I e.
I didn't expect to find out that they were actually using these type of devices.
That people's work.
Yeah, I know.
Like that I've never seen it yet.
That must be a very new pre Olympic thing that they're doing.
Oh, yeah.
Sherry's from the countryside.
And she speaks.
Something called He'll been.
It's like a dialect from Shikoku.
If you were to say, like, I'm going to work in a really normal way, you'd say civil money.
Vicky must I'm going toe work.
Look that smart on.
All right?
Now, how would you say that in Ile bed?
She goes like Dick will like.
That's what I'm talking about.
Let's try one more suitably pickle like I'm going to work.
Oh, I feel like I got defeated.
All right.
I want to try the offline mode and see if that changes it all.
She's like Nicole.
I'm afraid to go.
Ah, gonna try it.
An offline mode.
One more time to see if it catches it.
All right.
Toy Micklewhite.
I'm going to work.
You gotta go time.
Okay, So I get Sometimes you just have to try more than one way.
We're losing light quickly.
It's about 4 30 PM right now.
We've been at this all day.
The thing that I think I'm most impressive so far is that the battery is that the battery on this thing is still a 80%.
That's not bad.
So what did you think about it, Sherry?
To be honest, I like what you said earlier.
Like it's very simple and easy, and anybody can use on It's effortless, you know?
Yeah, it really is.
I'm gonna leave the decision and final opinion up to you guys.
Anyway, You guys, thank you so much for joining.
Let me know what you thought about this down in the comments.
I will link in the description for those of you interested, and I will see you guys again real soon.
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Are Translator Devices Worth it in 2020? Testing it in Japan

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 31, 2020
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