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hey Jennifer from Talre speech with your pronunciation question today's question
is how do I pronounce psycho which is short for psychopath and cycle a site or
series or to ride a bike this lesson will help many students but especially
I'm thinking about my students from China who speak different Chinese
dialects and languages the last L in a word is really confusing so that's the
focus of the lesson today final L vs. the vowel so at the beginning of
both of these words is exactly the same we start with the s sound ssss and air is
just moving out of your mouth you are not touching your teeth then we're going
to move to long I open your mouth wide and then move to a smile that vowel is
nice and long for the K tip of the tongue down back of the tongue pulled up
psych psych psych then we will move on to the last sound for si ko you are
going to move your mouth from open to a punker si ko psycho psycho psycho and
then for cycle what you're going to do is keep your mouth and relatively the
same spot and then just move the tip of your tongue up and touch the back of the
top front teeth cycle cycle cycle you might hear a little vowel in
there that is true because I'm moving from the K to the L but just think about
ending with that L psycho cycle psycho cycle psycho cycle psycho
psycho psycho cycle cycle cycle and now for a sentence the psycho was riding his
cycle give it a try people are going to notice the difference if you found this
helpful we'd love a like share and subscribe check out our
products on google play itunes our classes at udemy and tarle speech comm
thanks everybody have a great week
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How to Pronounce CYCLE & PSYCHO - American English Pronunciation Lesson

14 Folder Collection
Summer published on July 31, 2020
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