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Today we are reviewing the Metro SE X anti theft sleep pack, and it's the size is made for men.
But I think it could be Eunice Excuse I used.
I think it is made of recycled bottles.
Were pretty excited that have safe is starting to repurpose a lot of materials that are bad for the environment and to cool backs that bags that hat I regionally and you'll see like a line that we'll say, like I don't know, this was just recycled bottles, but they have other sustainable islands juice, so it's pretty cool.
Yeah, and they even have on their side like Like what percentage of bottles are used is like on this one.
So that was pretty detailed information for people who are a little bit fishy way trust them, go into detail about this bag to show you all the cool features.
Yeah, so I took it out while I was wearing it recently when I was walking in the small planes downtown area with Zoe Pistol and I actually wore its front.
I have to have a bats in the fronts.
I know.
Probably remember where, but I have heard aware my sling backs.
Like right now it's very on, and it's, uh, strap is very easily adjustable.
They have a new locking system, which it took us a little bit bigger I can secure.
Yeah, I think about the name.
It kind of makes sense like to have a great but they have little images.
Here was his law and unlocked.
So right now it's lot and then exits Unlock.
This is lot unlocked, and then you actually have to push it in.
So this is unlike sorry.
It's good.
You know, people transfer their stuff, so you push this in and then it opens.
This is how words difficulty steal it back in time.
They may like five minutes, because even if you click it this way to the amount of this, you don't know what todo Yeah, then you know, like oh, and so clever.
Yeah, So if you're wondering what that is useful for, for example, say you are having lunch at a cafe outdoors, and there's nowhere really set your bag.
If you want, lock it to your chair or your table, that's kind of uses for so you could be creative in music for many different ways.
That's one of the walking features.
And then another one iss this room bar system here and it's presented to the last one.
They have this with the backpacks that I really like.
The anti theft.
Well, that's back.
So you do.
Is you last these two together, and then you put it inside here, Close it, walk it.
That's a lot.
It was like a three step process here to again.
You know, a classic packs a creature.
They call this one sports the room or sport blocking.
It's just a tad different.
Like such a little bit shorter.
And this is a little bit They kind of come up with different walking mechanism instead of keeping all the same.
Maybe they dio not No, this one is so yeah, that is the other walking feature.
And I think Oh, yes.
And this is their possible to iss the zipper here.
When you close it, push it through this little thing.
You see the fabric right here we put through.
So if a theft wants to unzip your bag, it's not that easy.
Yeah, right then another tricky little wait, Teoh.
Of course you know, I would suggest always practicing.
Use these bags.
Are you going to dread because you don't want to be?
I took a good 15 20 minutes to figure out all Also this bag uses material which they called.
It s a match slash bar slash.
Yeah, So it's kind of crazy.
It's made with stainless steel material.
So if there's guys out there that's dio they want to slash your bag open.
Can't do it.
I can't believe that that's all sorts of ways they want.
Teoh steal your stuff and slash you're you're looking You slash your stuff so that excel mash guard will start will prevent that from happening.
Can you imagine, like a visit that, like get frustrated?
But you know what?
My last trip and trying slash hoping they can get of them, agent.
And then not only the outside materialism slash car.
So much last card material about the strap is also made of that too.
Yeah, that's like to slash the stress just like easily take it from you.
But that is impossible with these bags because it's protected by that slash I want What is this?
This right here?
We were confused about this too.
We thought maybe it had anti theft features, but it's just part of design.
So you can use it for whatever you want to.
I decided that you know what?
I'm in air, but I'm not afraid of someone.
You know, stealing my stuff cooking there, or someone suggested your phones You want up there?
So it's just like a cute little area.
Not cute design.
Yeah, but you can also make you something, Judy.
Things on?
Now we got over the outside antique that features.
We're gonna show you what kind of features are inside.
So, like many of their bags, it was our I say, if you're not aware what that IHS, it's like a layer of material that helps prevent That's from scanning your information, like credit cards, passport.
And, yes, it does happen.
It hasn't personally happen to me, But I do have a couple of friends.
What has happened to them in countries where they had their wallet in the back of their pants and they just scan numbers device.
We're having to scan your card information devices.
Pretty Kate?
Yeah, I'm surprised.
I heard about that.
I think a credit card passport like Heidi is still too.
So this our material helps protect that you want.
So anything that has that information, you want to stick it in this pouch.
Forces are fighting.
Saying another cool feature about this bag that has patently so you could fit in your manage.
Our So this is a niche, Nice lady.
It's right here with them.
I would say that doesn't cover the entire screen.
Yes, maybe put it in backwards like yeah, yeah, birds.
So that you can protect your screen so that you know, if you could see there a little little bit of opening there.
So you put in your tonnage.
It's business snugly.
So I think, actually convicted here there's also two pockets on the side of is the are fighting saying like you're or your i d or bad Here Pictures information Another couch from the other side about the same size.
In addition, Teoh, like a wallet else, like to carry like selfie sticks.
I think a lot of people like a blogger or just like document things by yourself.
You know, the selfie sticks come in handy so that their if you want he sunglasses case.
Of course, shades cool.
And then he could still, that's pretty snug right there.
So that kind of gives you an idea of how much things you could put in here.
But, you know, just like my things.
Anyone that's gonna start a global Yeah.
So this is like the mass.
And I think before trust, weird or happy for you to especially being awarded shouldn't matter.
Yeah, And then in the back, there is another compartment here.
It's very slim.
They a little more things in here.
Such a Like what?
You have sworn that tickets, things like that.
And they inside here so you can attach on your keys drinking easily, find, you know, because you know where the type that always is.
These things, especially inside our versus and such.
So having things like this where it's just attacks like that.
You're You're traveling, you know, you have taken you never use, it arrives, you're traveling.
And then when I come back and use entire like late at night and like, so frustrates, I'm going through my back.
We'll keep with cheese.
So which will say safe for the women?
Soothe her?
99 So the fact that city safe by talking about.
We did review that.
Too much like that will make a lot of corners.
And there is one more zipper up here in the front or zipper compartment, which we showed earlier were demonstrating the secures a tap and again, like I would have anything bulking here with the small eyes like, yeah, that fits in here.
I would like to have my phone, like, use accessible so much rather use that front compartment over the back to have it on.
It will be much easier.
Get a hold of it.
It is in the front.
So the volume of this bag, which a lot of people using ask this with the volume is it is 10 leaders.
And I did want to mention one thing.
We know that there was, like, a little strap here, and I felt like this isn't really good straps havoc.
You want hanging up because these bags this group like that they put this little struck up?
Yeah, and the number one question I get asked all the time, which we always forgets review Is the strapless maxi going to show you right now for perfect What iss shortest length, which so, So 2020 inches, 20 inches about normal for us.
And candy is five foot nine.
She and that spits like, basically the bottom part.
That's right on my waistline.
Yes, that's 20 inches is traveling.
They know you go.
I hope now I think max it out.
So max size.
So you're very four.
35 35 inches.
But you have to also calculate in this little strap here on both sides, So it's a little bit I So I'm obviously 35.
Wait, wait, Teoh for us if you want.
Below that.
Yeah, I I prefer it to be sure.
It's, you know, right off.
Like back off my waist.
So right.
So I think we've pretty much covered everything about this.
If you have any questions, please.
I know in the comments below were pretty active on you to like the answer.
All the questions again.
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Pacsafe Metrosafe X Anti-Theft Messenger Sling Pack Review

16 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 31, 2020
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