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- Yeah, I'm just filming something.
I feel like a kid living with my family again,
this is crazy.
(funky music)
- Hi, I'm at my parents' house
in South Caulfield in Melbourne.
It's probably five pm,
and I'm making a get ready for bed with me
because I'm gonna go back to bed after this.
I'm still living out of toiletry bags
in the hope that one day life will resume
as we knew it.
So before everything got shut down,
I got these because I was actually
filming a movie in Atlanta.
Clearly I'm not wearing any makeup today
considering I've given up completely,
but let's just do this just to show you.
Once I've wiped my face down,
gotten off any makeup,
I wash my face.
I'm not really picky about cleansers in general,
this is my cleanser of the moment.
It's the Kiehl ultra facial oil-free cleanser.
So let me wipe my face and do some of that.
Get in there, clean this skin,
clean all this skin.
My eyebrows look kinda cool.
All right.
Now I kinda look like a drowned rat,
but we're good.
All right next step,
I'm actually gonna shave,
believe it or not.
Not sponsored, I subscribed to
Dollar Shave Club and they send these,
and I really, really like them.
My latest shaving secret is this
Bulldog original shave gel.
It's got aloe, camelina, and green tea in it.
And it smells so good.
Actually I try to wet my face with
the hottest water that I can possibly stand
and try and actually massage it in
to sort of soften the hair.
Okay a little tiny baboop of that.
And like really rub it in.
This is the most facial hair
I've ever had in my life.
Now same thing,
wet the razor with the hottest water
you can stand.
I read that you're supposed to
try avoid wetting the razor as much as you can.
But see this is a lot of hair,
and it's coming off really easy
because I think it's because of the hot water
and because of the gel.
Oh, does that sound make people uncomfortable,
maybe mute that.
Wonder if it's a socially acceptable time
to start drinking right now.
I say that as if I'm getting drunk everyday.
I swear I'm just having one beer a day,
but I feel like it's really, really critical
for my sanity.
I really look forward to that beer.
Did I mention that there is a function
for this silly hat?
It's to keep my hair out of my face
so that I can get all up in the spots,
you know?
All right, next step,
I probably brush my teeth.
Dollar Shave Club toothbrush.
Again, not sponsored.
Apparently today I'm using
Dentitex advanced whitening.
I do like the taste of this toothpaste.
Do you guys wet and then brush or
I think I wet before, put on toothpaste,
wet after again, and then brush.
And I sort of like count to ten
on each section of my mouth.
So like one, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
Then move a little bit forward.
This is really intimate actually.
Always brush your tongue,
but I'm not gonna show you me doing that.
If I'm living with my sister at the time,
I'll still some of her products
like glossier soothing face msit.
Why the hell not?
Mmmm that's good.
Let's hope she doesn't watch this.
My face feels so dry after I wash it
like I feel like once it dries
it could almost crack.
You know that feeling?
Lately I've been using,
I got a box sent to me from Fabric.
Fabric Integrity, and I just,
I really like the smell of their moisturizer.
It's super natural smelling and just enjoyable.
And smells really clean.
So I'll put some of that on.
- [Sage] Yes?
- Did you take my rosehip oil?
- [Sage] No, I left it in our bathroom.
- Okay, next step,
I will take some rosehip oil,
just a few drops,
the all natural stuff,
no other shit in it.
Just for further moisture while we sleep.
Mmmm oily.
It's honestly been awhile since
I've needed to do this, but I always do
a very light spray of cologne before bed.
What I'll do is I'll kind of walk into the mist.
So like spray,
and then walk in.
I'm about to be real bougie and
admit something to you.
I went to a hotel and
this hotel was one of those
dimly lit, multiple fire places,
so cozy, right,
like heaven on earth for me,
and it smelt so good.
I asked them what the scent was, they were like,
"Yeah, we actually have our own custom scent.
We make the scent."
I bought it in diffuser sticks for my house,
and I wear it as a cologne.
It's so good.
I'm not gonna shower right now,
but my shower routine,
I use the Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap,
and then I've been washing my hair with
this Seaweed Bath Co. Shampoo
hydrating, volumeizing,
and same thing in the conditioner,
and I find that it doesn't make my hair too flat
'cause that's my worst nightmare
is like when I wash my hair and it's just
there's nothing to it.
I'm obsessed with this hair product from Rake.
If you have curly or wavy hair,
this rake styling balm,
first of all smells so good,
and so what you do is you wash your hair,
and then you kind of scrunch in a little bit
into your wet hair,
let it air dry, don't touch it,
and you're gonna have amazing,
still movable not crunchy or anything like that
amazing curls.
And then the last step is oh,
put on some deodorant.
It's all natural so don't worry
that I'm putting it on before bed.
It's the Malin + Goetz eucalyptus deodorant,
and I've been using this for awhile
and I really, really like it.
Last step, I'll put on some sort of lip care.
Today it's the Glossier mango lip balm dot com.
That name doesn't really work in my accent.
It's supposed to be like bomb.com
but like balm.com.
Put that on,
feel nice and moisturized and clean.
Gonna go watch some Netflix.
Or a master class on interior design apparently.
Anything to fill my time.
I have a new song out,
it's called Take Yourself Home,
go check it out.
Thanks for having me.
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Troye Sivan's #StayHome Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With Me | Harper's BAZAAR

11 Folder Collection
Summer published on July 31, 2020
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