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we know what you're thinking.
How many more Easter eggs can there possibly be in SpongeBob?
Well, rest assured, because you're six mawr Easter eggs in SpongeBob square pants number six Slasher cited Young men.
You don't need a country home.
We need a hospital, your ideas manager freak show.
And you're exactly the kind of act I mean, you scared yet?
No, But didn't you see him right there?
That's the menacing, hash slinging slasher from the episode graveyard shift.
Can I have a job application?
I know.
Number five conman.
Distract with, Hey, shapes and noises.
I love it.
I wouldn't buy anything from this jewelry salesman because he's a known con artist.
You might remember that he's the same con man who, Duke, SpongeBob and Patrick in the episode.
Chocolate with Nuts three times You to Lady Killers are too smart to be without.
One of my patented candy bar bag.
Carrying banks will turn 20 and have you been paying attention?
Then you might have noticed.
The Con Man was also cited next to the hash slinging slasher in our last eatery, Number four.
The writing's on the wall.
We've been dating for 16 years now.
So I wish sincerely hoping that today will finally be the day that the future steal a little kiss.
Oh, you're Gene.
I thought you'd never ask you.
You had to see that.
But the Easter egg is actually behind these two lovers or love fish, I guess.
Check out the graffiti on the wall.
Sharks vs pots.
That's a reference to the episode 12 sharks for spots.
Come on.
That one was easy.
Number three graffiti again.
Did you catch both?
That's right.
There's more than one Easter egg here.
Squid word smells.
Now, why does that sound familiar?
Here's one.
Somebody didn't finish squid with smells, okay?
And why does this one sound even more familiar?
My my lie way definitely heard that before.
Number two Mawr Mall Girl Pearl.
So last time we found plenty of Easter eggs from the episode mall Girl Pearl.
And this time we found even more paper over here.
Did you find a job?
Yeah, I got a job at every better.
Stay away from the mall because apparently missed tough.
She shops here.
The old lady that Well, you remember Eagle one cookies.
Don't fret.
I made a batch of deviled eggs, too.
And I know you know this guy.
Hey, don't I get a say in this?
I'll see you later.
Things were getting a little weird around here.
I guess Bubble Buddy just decided.
Toe poppin Get it, Bob.
I'll see myself out.
Number one Boston found There's back and wonder if there's Chachi Keys.
Novelty items.
Wow, I love lost novelty items.
Oh, thank you.
Symbol clapping C champs was this Looks like bikini bottom.
All right, this one's another duty buckling.
First off SpongeBob passes three soda drinking hats that looked just like the one owned by our friend Smitty.
Warmer younger man Jensen.
I got a $1,000,000.
That's my hat back.
What way?
Just crawl back into your hole.
Phone boy, that's an expensive pilot Hats $1,000,000 you darling.
Here you can find a goofy goober guitar and costume first seen in the sponge Bob Square pants Move!
Run double chocolate Moeller blew up.
Please, One more blow out.
Coming up next to that is a map of which is mentioned in the episode.
Dude, Finally, Do you recognize this lovely see play?
Yep, It's the very soup place squid.
Word whipped up in the episode.
Naughty nautical neighbors.
Where passes the fast so flat you have ever created.
And the one he used to destroy.
SpongeBob and Patrick, You are the dumbest idiot it has ever been.
My misfortune.
No magic.
Anyone with eyes could see that real classy squid would.
And there you have it.
Six more hidden Easter eggs in SpongeBob.
Well, they sure hope not.
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EVEN MORE SpongeBob Easter Eggs You Probably Never Noticed ? Part 3

23 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 30, 2020
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