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your temperature.
It's normal is different than my normal.
So we all have our own normal right?
So that's one of the reasons I find we're doing this.
It's slightly go back to home.
I thought that the interesting point.
One of that is quantified self.
Mr Harada said.
People kind of kin on measuring yourself by data, five numbers.
And so people start reading about data more than you yourself.
Then finally, that kind of Madail stated, isn't controlling about that.
The human being like you're kind of that kind of found out the movement of contraband cell.
So could you explain about what that booth quantified sells itself will go.
So the idea of the quantified self is that we can use machines and technology to record information about our our bodies.
About our behavior about our activities and productivity are into to record things that we have a memory of them.
And, um, what we do is in a in a quantitative way, you get numbers.
Yes, The virtue of this is that we, as humans, have a very, very poor understanding of ourselves.
Yes, so one of the things we discover already with quantified self is that things that we thought everybody had in common way Don't so like your heart is beating in a beat that is unlike any other heart, just like your fingerprint.
Yes, your heart be has a finger rangers your temperature.
It's normal is different than my normal, so we all have our own normal.
That's one of the key insights that we've already got from quantified self, and that when you want to, if you have, if you're sick, if your body goes something different we had we understand what's normal for you so we can personalize the medicine that's for you.
That's great.
So that's one of the reasons why we're doing this.
But it is very difficult to make any meaning or context that requires artificial intelligence who can deal with lots of data to process that, to give us meaning in context from our data.
Because we have so much data that we can't do, it would be a full time job, so we need to have an AI a eyes to process that data to give us some meaning for me.
What you think that actually the body voted human being or life over is made by all just data where there is a philosophical question that, um, astrophysicists, you know, theoretical physics, which is what is the foundation of the universe If you go to Adams and below Adams into the particles, the quarks and into this, like what is below that?
And there's some people who believe that the foundation of all physics is information.
It's it's from its orbits.
Yes, right, it's from bits.
So if you believe that, then of course, biology is this information processing.
It's all information processing.
This is made from information.
So it's all information processes.
Even the clone shift.
Your consciousness is information processing.
And, of course, biological bodies are really in the end types of information.
So then, would you think that finally, I don't know, just some super intricate Joel creature, all sensing or a I could understand that every information about the sensation fundamental foundation off the bus it away from you know, I think I think intelligence is limited is not infinite.
This nothing else that we know in the universe this if it there's not infinite energy, there's no infinite, uh, matter, just not infinite light or information.
Why would Intel intelligence.
Be infinite.
Has to be limited so I could get becoming.
Could be cod Got No.
That is a definition of God.
God is the unlimited.
Can we make unlimited thing from limited resources?
Probably not.
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知能は無限か有限か | ケヴィン・ケリー | 生命とは情報なのか?データの神がとって代わるのか? | get WIRED | Ep3 | WIRED.jp

9 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 30, 2020
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