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the first time I was very star struck.
Probably seeing Serena for the first time.
I said How much I love turn an interview and then the tournament just, like, set up this like, basically a fan meeting for me.
She came hunting, you know, little thistles.
You guys have to touch it all sense.
Oh, actually, it's not like she gave me her number when I last week were one way hiking.
This is new meal, Sokka.
And today I'm getting be sharing some of my firsts with you.
First person I followed on Instagram.
It's a tree of Beyonce.
Rihanna, Nicky show.
Don't tell anyone.
I have Bring your accounts and I follow them on.
Piper counts too, So, yeah, they're like the holy the Holy Trinity.
First person.
That whole units problem.
My sister first crush.
He probably Danny Phantom.
I wouldn't talk about it, but honestly, okay, everyone that's watched Any phantom that was younger have a Christian get inventive.
It's not a secret, OK?
Oh, okay.
The first time that I picked up a tennis racket was when I was three, which is according to my dad, and I think that's accurate because There is a picture of me when I was very little holding a tennis racket.
My first set of 10 issues were Nikes.
I think which is great, because team just do it.
The first professional tense much watched.
It was definitely the U.
Open because I was living in New York.
I want to say either Agassi or Serena and Venus, I don't know which one.
The first professional tennis match I've ever competed was in Jamaica.
I haven't should make us since then.
I really want to.
But yeah, I lost that match, so I didn't really help with greatest memories.
The first thing I think of morning, it's probably what time is it?
And can I get away that sleeping through longer?
My first word was probably Mama Bar data.
I don't know.
I don't get in trouble with you.
My parents was both at the same time.
My first pet waas, my current dog, She's a forever, but her name's pen up, but we call her up empty and she's a mini Australian shepherd and she's super cute, but she's also kind of fat, but don't tell.
My mom said that my first CD, like one that I thought probably Amanda Palmer.
The dress Tindall's.
My first job was the one I signed up for when I was three years old and still grinding tennis player.
I don't know their accounts as a job job.
This is what I'm out.
You do weed my first car.
Waas a Nissan GTR.
It's the one that I'm driving right now, and she's my baby.
I don't drive for every day because I don't leave the house.
You're not school.
Sleep the house right now.
You probably mean bones.
That's the one I just been using forever.
It's my game attack.
We'll sleep.
I've been playing Minecraft a lot during 14.
I've been playing Overwatch.
I like very open world games.
My first best friend was a girl named Jasmine.
I know her last name, but I don't think she would want me to look for how like that in elementary school in Alden.
Terrorists in New York.
I remember her very much because I was really sad to leave because I moved to Florida to play tennis.
When was the last talks work?
The day before I left to Florida because I didn't have an email so we could never keep in touch.
But she means in my heart my first celebrity crutch.
Briana, Like I don't know, no guy has ever given me like that.
Wow, Look at look at this amazing piece of art.
Like whenever she puts an incident.
You know, my first celebrity crush is my boyfriend.
Just go with that.
My first movie that I ever saw in a teeter.
Probably Harry Potter.
I want to say like the 1st 1 I remember watching for begging.
My dad, Teoh, let us watch Awful Marine when it came out, that was a very vivid memory.
My first date was last year.
Girl doesn't get out much.
I don't know.
We were just hanging out.
I don't even know if he considered it a date.
To be honest, I don't want to be over here like I'm the only one calling it a D.
Media was just a my first hang out was at the Clippers.
This is like exposing myself.
My first kiss was from my mom when I was little.
My first heartbreak was when I was, like, six Bills.
Right after I watched the live action Peter Pan and I was waiting by the window and he never came from then on.
I just didn't trust it the first time.
I was ever really embarrassed when I was in elementary school.
I really need to use about why we're seeing this.
And you know what?
The teachers always speak your lying.
Well, I wasn't lying.
That's all I have to say.
If you can't put two and two together about that, I wasn't lying.
My first major disappointment.
How big is major?
I know when my mom said there was a home for me, like food was a very big part of my childhood.
I ran to the fridge so excited and it was thing in there.
Just, uh, especially since, like, you passed like so much fast food restaurants on the Wavell The first song that I memorized all the words.
Probably moment for lead by Nicki Minaj This big movement keep this remove sleep, go out fearlessly.
Camden, The first time I ever realized I was famous was never because I don't know what that means.
And this life it's the first time I was very star struck.
Probably seeing Serena for the first time.
I was young.
I was like 16.
I said how much I loved her in an interview and then the tournament, just like, set up this like basically a fan meeting for me because I love her and she's a reason like on determinism of the tournament was super nice.
And then I was a fan in the camp meeting when she came hugging in our thistles.
Also my first big.
I don't really like buying things for myself, like I like to buy gifts for my mall because she's been working every since.
I was really young.
I just like to, like, give back to her a lot.
First thing I would do if I had a $1,000,000,000.
Probably help my dad build this school.
He's like really into it and they're building tennis courts and stuff.
So I just feel like it's really cute when I see all the pictures of the kids playing tennis.
But that's also like a $1,000,000,000 is a lot.
I would have to come back to you.
The Power Point presentation.
Thank you so much, Teen Vogue.
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大坂なおみに聞く、人生の様々な初体験。最初にテニスラケットを持ったのはいつ? | VOGUE JAPAN

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林宜悉 published on July 30, 2020
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