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only in Japan.
Welcome to kill toe at night.
This is the G on area.
It's famous for having Gatien Michael walking the streets.
Lots of history.
The area hasn't changed much over the years, but it's also famous for having loads of restaurants, so many that it's hard to know where to go.
I'm traveling alone, so I've decided to do something that I don't normally dio take a tour.
Kyoto is one of the most beautiful cities in Japan, a combination of culture and tradition.
You feel the history on the streets and the spirituality at its temples and shrines kill toes in the center of Japan.
Pretty close to Osaka, known as the Kansai region, it was Japan's capital from 11 82 18 68 and Dion has been it's entertainment district for centuries, which sits on the scenic Kama River.
I met the Magical Trip Tour guide at 6 p.m. In the center of G, owned by the bridge with some other hungry visitors.
The streets in the early evening are stunning.
The Hon Ami Koji neighborhood looks like a movie set.
The area was once home to over 500 tea houses, which means geisha or Geico.
In local terms, you'll definitely get a glimpse of one on her way to an engagement at a teahouse, the first restaurant of the night with a 10 minute stroll, the first of three stops on this tour.
The tour has a set menu, which makes it easy to know what you're eating.
If it's your first time in Japan, this is certainly the perfect introduction.
And after combine, the table is filled with food.
Wow, there is a lot of food on this table.
That's kind of the neat thing coming with a group of people.
You get to try so many different kind of things.
Loads of stuff.
I'm not really sure it is, but we have an expert here to explain it all.
Do you know what this is?
This is Cuba.
You remain stuff skin made of Marvin, you buy so delicate.
This is over.
Obama is Kyoto style home cooking, and it's always hungry.
Small portion to reflect seasonal in reading.
Kyoto cuisine reflects freshness, so dishes often change with season.
Karachi is suffering style.
Deep fried chicken.
It's someone and Sabah sashimi.
This is different Russia.
Richard Sardine, Can you eat the tail.
So if it's been deep fried, you can pretty much eat everything right.
It's good.
It's a lot of fun to share the night in a Japanese style tatami room, and this was just the start.
Before moving on, we had a look around this scenic neighborhood.
One of the advantages to having a guide is that they can answer your questions about its history.
What's this street?
Does this code 100?
Miko The street, which is famous till Michael and Jaco and two houses the house is is place where you can help fun and drink and dinner with Michael and Gecko ac Tree in the end of Iran, which is like, 150 years ago, big fire happening here and every old building were burned out.
But people remained there building, and they still keep their shape still.
Now, just walking around looking at the tea house exteriors is interesting.
Have your camera ready because gay co our fast she started out for a second.
If you want a picture, you have to be ready at all times in this neighborhood.
Next dressed run was across the Congo River.
This neighborhood is called and it's in a narrow alley with one restaurant after the other.
The one we went into had a really incredible interior.
Once again, we had it easy with Mona ordering a lot of the food from the set menu.
Japanese restaurants like this are called Zika and famous for big menus.
Todo This is an example of the full scope of what's available.
If this is a kaya, definitely more than what one guy can eat, the food is delicious, and if you're not sure what it is, the magical tour trip guide can explain it to you.
And I ordered a few things that weren't on the set menu.
Yes, one of the things that struck me was this much of beer, that deep green color catching the It smells like Mata, and it definitely tastes like it.
An interesting complement to the beer.
Both arbiter Mona introduced some Japanese drinking games to us as well.
Paul Toto's tea houses and restaurants are very compact, and the next place was deep in an alley.
It's a Kyoto sake bar.
Kyoto is the second biggest producer of Japanese sake, and that means there's a lot to try calling themselves this place has a sampler of different sake.
We picked the top three recommended from the master.
Come by.
It really was a great way to end the night.
Not only was a full, I may have been a little tipsy too.
The emphasis on this tour is food, though, and drinking is optional.
And my tour experience It was a lot of fun.
I was curious why Mona wanted to be a guide.
It had to be more than just eating and drinking a lot.
You can have fun as if you're spending time with their friends.
I want you to enjoy the time in total.
No, as tourists.
But I've local people.
And I'm pretty sure that I can take you anywhere you want.
I can answer anything.
I can be your best friend even here.
Come here by your by yourself.
Even you feel troller.
You came here by family or reserve prints.
We can make other friend here.
So the magical trip touring Kyoto is a unique way to get inside information and learn about Kyoto.
And the food is a gateway into learning Japanese culture.
Having a good guide is really essential to that experience.
So I was really happy with tonight.
I loved the food.
I love the new friends that I made, and I'm gonna remember this for a long time.
Food brings people together, and eating out in Kyoto is a really special experience.
You can feel the history in each area and in each dish.
And as we say at the end of every meal in Japan, go cheese, Osama Day style.
It was a really feast.
Check out the description for more information on Kyoto and touring G owns restaurants.
If you liked it, click the subscribe button and watch more of my Siri's Only in Japan.
Check out my second all live streaming channel only in Japan.
Go See you next time, Mata.
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Kyoto Restaurant Tour Experience | Gion at Night ★ ONLY in JAPAN

8 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 30, 2020
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