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one of the strangest and most mysterious phenomena in science today is the black hole so strange, in fact, that once you go through one which would most certainly kill you, you will have left other universe entirely and into someplace else that can only be described as uncertain at best.
It is a place where the laws of physics as we know them breakdown.
And if someone were watching you full time itself would appear to stop at the center of most Galaxies, you will fire supermassive black holes.
The Milky Way is no exception.
Course such a terrorist say this supermassive black hole lies hidden in the shadows of the galaxy is central core on what we've known about its existence with some time.
The one thing we've never been able to do is take a picture of it or, for that matter, any black hole waken theorize what they might look like close up.
But even this has been subject to change, but the current theory is that it should look like a black dot surrounded by a halo of light, which represents the black holes, glowing accretion disk.
But from our perspective, Einstein predicted that it may be more of a present than a ring because one area of the disc appears brighter than the rest.
You told you must've Doppler effect on the light that being a missed it but to know for sure what they looked like, we must photograph a black hole.
This has never been done.
They're impossible to photograph.
The reason for this is that they swallow light itself, leaving nothing but black.
But a radical new telescope will be coming online April 2017.
That may change that.
The Event Horizon Telescope isn't really a single inch mint, but network of radio telescopes scattered across the world was a direct known as a very long baseline interferometry, or V L.
B I.
This technique promises to provide unprecedented resolution.
The telescope will go live from the 5th 3 to the 14th of April and intends to photograph the black shadow of secretary is a superimposed over it secretion disk.
This is hard to dig Black clothes for their mouths are very, very small.
It's also very far away at 26,000 light years, and to top it all off, it's obscured by dust and gas.
They think peek through the gas and dust telescopes will look a radio emissions from the black hole at a wavelength of 1.3 millimeters or 230 diggers.
Because there were so many radio receivers focused on the black hole, the resolution will be extraordinarily high, allowing scientists hopefully to glimpse in the radio spectrum of the event horizon of the black hole.
Think resolutions that cause for a tennis ball at the distance of the moon.
The vast amount of information gathered will be processed, and results are expected to be available in early 2018.
In addition to image in the Black Column, radio Einstein's theory of general relativity should predict the exact size of the black hole based on how much it been space time around it.
This will even create yet another validation of general relativity or throw the world of physics into chaos.
If the prediction ends up being wrong, a big things to John Michael.
Go zero for the script.
For this video, check out his videos here.
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PHOTOGRAPHING A BLACK HOLE - The Event Horizon Telescope

7 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 30, 2020
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