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everybody Jennifer from Tarle Speech with a super quick tip today we are
going to be talking about spelling and how we read or pronounce certain letter
combinations and we're talking today about something called the bossy R for
those of you who have children in about kindergarten or first grade you're
probably aware of this my daughter is studying it now so I thought I would
share it with you so what does the bossy R mean the bossy R means that when you
have UR or IR this R is super bossy and it is going to sound just like
ER so when we have UR IR ER the R is super bossy and you just say er
to say the er think of having your mouth in square tense lip shape
and then the tip of your tongue can either be pointing down with the back of
the tongue pulled up or the tip of the tongue flipped back just whatever you do
don't touch your teeth for that sound do not roll the tongue or move the tongue
just keep it nice and steady er so let's try some of these words turn burden hurt
nurse third girl bird first her term nerve serve so give it a try I know
people are going to notice the difference and I also think this will
really help you when you are trying to say you're out how to pronounce a word
and and having taught this to several of my students recently it's been very
very helpful in increasing their accuracy making them a lot clearer
because they're not reading the word they're pronouncing it the way that it
should be and not relying as much on saying every letter as a sound in the
word so best of luck to you and I will see you again soon okay
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How to Pronounce the Letters UR, IR, ER - Reading & English Pronunciation

3 Folder Collection
Summer published on July 30, 2020
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