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- Hello fruit lovers, its me Passion
and today I'm doing the
Boyfriend Does My Makeup Challenge, with--
- Grapefruit.
- No, she's doing it with orange.
She finds me more appealing, (laughs).
Hey what's the big idea
- I'm doing the video with the--
- Guys, guys, stop.
I'm doing it with Gigi.
He's my boyfriend, remember him, right?
- Hello.
- Aargh, yeh, I remember him.
- I was kinda hoping he wouldn't carry over
into his second episode, but here we are.
- So Gigi is going to do my makeup.
And we'll see how it turns out.
- I'm afraid the two of you are therefore not required.
- Wait, wait, wait.
It's called, Boyfriend Does My makeup Challenge.
Well we're two boys--
- Yeah, and we're friends.
So maybe we'll do the challenge too.
- Oh, you believe you can apply makeup better than I?
- Pal, I believe we can do a lot of things better than you.
- Such as?
- Err let me get back to you on that.
- Whatever.
Fine, you guys can do the video too.
- Yeah. - Woo.
- I shall now begin.
Following a lavender face mist and a high end primer,
I'll be applying a liquid foundation
that I've matched to Passion's skin tone
under multiple light sources.
There we are, perfect, stunning.
Just like my Passion.
- Oahh, how are you boys doing over there?
- No, I'm gonna put the makeup on you.
- Naah, I'm gonna put the makeup on you.
- We're runnin' out of time.
I supposed my smooth skin is an ideal canvas.
Fine, but don't blow this for me Orange.
I wanna look good.
- Don't worry, I promise, you'll look great fruit, (laughs).
- Argh, all right.
Next, the concealer.
Here I like to use two shades.
One, slightly lighter than her skin tone,
on areas I wish to emphasize.
And one slightly darker for areas I wish
to draw the eye away from.
As Passion is already perfect in every way,
I will have no use for this darker concealer today.
- Oohhhh.
- Bro his like three steps ahead of us already,
and his hitting on Passion like mad.
You picked the right color foundation yet?
- Hmm, I'm gonna go with the classic gray.
- Not a house foundation you moron.
- Foundation, powder, bronzer.
- This is so not my skin tone!
Argh whatever, just get going.
We have to at least finish.
Oh my gosh, I look like Kirby don't I?
- Not at all, Kirby's way less pink than this.
- Argh.
- Now for the blush.
I'll be using a plum blush,
keeping it in mind less is more.
- Wow, I feel like I'm learning things about makeup
that I didn't even know.
- Can I open my eyes yet?
Are you done applying blush?
- Sure am, and boy do I look great.
- Ow my gosh, we are gonna lose this thing so bad.
- A touch of eyeshadow, a very, very,
conservative amount of eyeliner.
- Did you hear what he said?
Be conservative with the eyeliner.
- I know, I know.
I've only gone through a couple pencils.
- Okay good.
- I have a particular brand of mascara that I prefer,
Loreal Voluminous Blackberry.
- Orange are you using Loreal mascara on me?
- Loreal?
Oops, I misread the label.
- You putting Oreos on my eyelashes!
And to make matters worse, you know I'm on a diet!
- After blotting the excess lip balm,
it is time to apply the lip gloss.
- Orange, stop eating the lip gloss!
- But I'm hungry.
You took away my Oreos.
- And finally, a setting powder.
- Wow, this is even better than how I do it.
- Okay, apply a setting powder, that's what he said.
A setting powder.
- Okay, here it goes.
- Am I beautiful?
- Ahhm, I misread it, that was garlic powder.
- Aah, that would explain why my eyes are bleeding.
- Yeh, I'm gonna go ahead and say
that Gigi and I won this round.
- Good girl.
Now can someone get me to a doctor?
- Do not worry my friends.
In addition to being a marveling philanthropist,
and professional football player, I am also a doctor.
- Argh, of course you are.
(upbeat music)
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Annoying Orange - Boyfriend Does My Makeup Challenge!

2 Folder Collection
Summer published on July 30, 2020
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