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it's pitch black i'm here with my good friend david from david's been here what
time is it bro 403 in the morning we're crazy no just
means that we have an early morning flight
flying with SpiceJet yet getting out of here where are we going we're going to
dinner and internet go down the street go down the shirt right there
jedi jedi had a great time in bangalore oh my gosh we're tired we're waiting for
uber have another update in a bit who comes over
thank you thank you thank you
five in the morning five years morning and this airport is packed we have to
fly and get in line to get insecurity i know there's like a look at look at
that look at all those people look at all those people at five in the
morning at 5am
dude there's a lot of flights canceled
are you ready for red hot and spicy i hope they don't charge us a lot i know
i'm over and we made it through security oh thank
god thank god i think we're we need a desperate need
of some caffeine yeah because we have no time to sleep because
the flight's only one hour yeah but the cool thing is we're flying with spicejet
right spicejet yeah for the first time i think right first time
and uh so when we got there we got there like two hours and 20 minutes early so
we got lucky and they actually sent us up to premium well cost
six 600 rupees each yeah which is like eight bucks we get a hot meal hot meal
we get our bags uh like priorities so our bites will
come out first that's what they said that's awesome
and uh but the only problem was we both got charged three kilos each which was
like i know a thousand two hundred gonna offload
some stuff we've been that's happened a couple times now it's funny because at
some airports they just like turn a blind eye
but not today not today this airport is amazing look at this lounge
i don't even have this in miami international airport i mean this is
very chill right here they have a tip and center
there they have southern indian cuisine yeah they have another like lounger up
top with some restaurants you can see yeah and uh yeah we're gonna go look for
some coffee go to our gate our gate seven
we have a lot of time to kill we have an hour and a half before our flight i know
man oh oh coffee you definitely have to
leave from bangalore city to the airport early because it takes around 45 minutes
even right now with no traffic to 45 minutes i can't even imagine what
traffic and yeah just you know you got to always
you know take precautions here because you know flights get cancelled or they
get bumped up i mean yeah that's crazy i've seen
flights like leave 20 minutes early i know there's nothing more stressful than
thinking you're gonna miss your flight so exactly
go early for sure so here are some of the meal options we've got kfc we've got
taste of india and it looks like a noodle bar i wish
all coffee's at airports for two bucks thank you you want sugar uh yes please
oh the cookie too thank you so much check out what i went for
the healthy option of course yeah right not
donut cappuccino came with a cookie you want my cookie
i have one oh you got a cookie too okay i think it comes with everything you buy
something you get it get a cookie when in the day having a doughnut
actually that's terrible what a terrible way to start the day
sugar breakfast at the airport so what did you think of bengaluru i
love bengaluru i mean so many amazing things to do here foodie
city for sure we ate so many doses italy
uh we went on a few night street food tours my favorite was the bibi puram
where we had like fire pan yeah we had uh nitrogen
uh what was it wafers yeah nigerian wafers people we met up with
were just awesome like shake zela zilla and anna
schwara and espora and like it's also really green too here
super green and it's really cool actually i mean i thought it was gonna
be a lot hotter like hyderabad yeah but it's
very cool i mean it didn't rain but like this morning was 60 degrees fahrenheit i
kind of assumed like going south it'd be like it'd be like ridiculously hot and
humid where we're going next will be really hot yeah we
already checked we're getting we're getting that in chennai for sure chennai
they say it's the hottest in the south yeah so guys we've now spent a couple
hours here at the airport and my first impressions of this place are very
favorable it's really comfortable air conditioned
spacious there's lots of room to sit down both in restaurants and general
waiting areas there's a lot of really cool shops i
mean there's great options for restaurants too
and yeah i've just noticed in a lot of the big indian cities such as delhi
mumbai kolkata and now bangalore the airports are very modern
very comfortable and just fun places to wait before you board your flight
oh my gosh man do you think they being seasoned travelers we wouldn't be doing
this tell me what happened we're not so we
were like upstairs getting b-roll talking to the camera we come downstairs
and it's final call we had to like run oh my god how did that happen to us i
don't know because we saw we had 40 minutes but i mean i
guess they're boarding it's usually 30 minutes before right
yeah i guess maybe because it's such a big airport they're boarding a bit
earlier i don't know maybe man man
all right here is our little propeller plane and we are right at the front
we're gonna get a meal too so looking forward to that spicejet very first time
on spicejet
that was literally one of the fastest flights of my life i only think we were
up in the air for about 30 minutes and yeah super smooth too not even so
much as one bump and for being on a little plane like
that i'll take that as a big win dude wasn't that the coolest flight dude
the best flight of my life seriously 30 minutes in the air 30
minutes no bumps like one bump not even landing was even
smooth man yeah super smooth and i mean the food
wasn't so good but you know what it got us through the
you know the morning yeah but i'm starving right now i mean i'm looking up
what we can go eat we're gonna we'll make up for it with a
like an amazing lunch and dinner today oh it's gonna be the best lunch ever
and yeah i mean i can't wait can we eat the food here they see the food's out of
control and it's southern indian cuisine but you know on
the coast we've got some fish as well dude it's gonna be amazing oh i love
got it got our bags dude it's only 8 46 like we still have the
whole day it's amazing the most awesome about a short flight
like that in the morning is that you don't waste a day
still got the rest of the day to do stuff we're gonna have lunch we're gonna
have dinner we'll do some attractions comfortably
settle into our apartment yeah man let's get an uber maybe even
breakfast dude we're good uber customers i gotta say
using it by the day xl right dude that's like nothing for me premiere
let's do because we have our bags oh 14 minutes perfect let's go find the
pickup point it is hot and humid in chennai i knew it
was going to be but it's always a little shocking when you
first experienced it so yeah we've arrived
just waiting for our uber to be here in seven minutes
i think david off there in the distance may have grabbed us in chai
do you got chai bro filter coffee filtered coffee
a real breakfast a real breakfast a real breakfast
little like a little aromatic in a way acidic
this is awesome
so we finally got out of the airport we grabbed our uber bumper to bumper
traffic how long is that ride supposed to take
it's supposed to take like 35 minutes i'm thinking more like an hour dude
looks like we've arrived here at our airbnb just getting dropped off by the
uber david and i both passed out for a bit
which is great because you know we didn't get much sleep last night
so it was yeah pretty much bumper to bumper traffic the whole way that we
were awake and i think the ride took about 45-50
minutes let's check in we've made it oh my god
we made it just we're just registering now we're
exhausted what a day man what a day i mean i only started because we're not a
stop i know we're gonna keep going but we're gonna
end this video right here so if you enjoyed it give it a
thumbs up leave us a comment below subscribe to
david's channel david's been here our channel samuel and audrey more
content coming from china baby
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Our INDIA TRIP Continues! Super short Flight from BANGALORE to CHENNAI with SpiceJet travel vlog

2 Folder Collection
Summer published on July 30, 2020
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