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whole Christmas sweater Christmas one Christmas sweater by this.
Not do it.
Cappie trains.
I'm getting for my friends.
But not been money span.
I'm going get a brand of bed.
They tell me.
I really think so.
Why going get to work and just count about That's such a nice game.
Ashamed that your parents won't let you buy, huh?
We're going to buy a Christmas jacket for Jacob.
It's gonna be epic religious fight willing people.
Noah's tell you hopes of recording.
Well, yeah, for sure.
So right now we're gonna do a little segment in our blog's where Jacob buys.
Uh, check IDS, jackets review way.
Have excellent piece.
Let's see what this baby has to offer.
Like a ticket.
But I guess we got to check some more.
Do not.
Teoh is gonna flip a coin like check cause awas that one check lion was the other one to make it exciting line.
That means by a windbreaker.
And then after Jacob finally truths jacket, we decided to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere, go to a convenience store and buy some beverages.
So we just erect to a convenience store.
And this is the emptiest fucking convening so that I've ever been.
Look at that.
Not even water.
This is the best Beijing lifestyle you can get.
Basically, this is the Beijing life in a nutshell.
That bike.
Because we didn't find another convenience store, we just decided to buy water in a vending machine.
You've got mail.
Hey, guys.
So we are now in a kind of a Japanese restaurant.
It looks like this basically.
And what's gonna happen after we order food?
It's gonna come through the for these holes if you see that train.
Yeah, as a Japanese Shinkansen, as they call it.
And we both have our Christmas sweaters here, and we're just gonna, you know, enjoy this Christmas dinner.
Hell, yeah.
What's your Christmas wish?
Uh, no way.
Say together as long as possible.
It was in the moment.
It was in the moment for a kiss.
No, no.
All right, well, good to see you.
You can you pay for me, by any chance?
Like see you later.
I thought it's gonna come on the change.
Hi, guys.
My name is Rocky.
And today I don't tell you something about Japanese cuisine.
This shit is this Abby.
It's the spiciest thing with Japanese cuisine.
And I'm gonna attempt Teoh eat.
Not a small portion of it.
No times on YouTube have changed.
And I think I have to do challenges again.
Maybe not that much.
Shouldn't really do it whole life right now.
You could be a man for once, just for people that don't know what What's happy is usually you don't need it alone.
Usually like it on rice are like sushi.
That was just swallow it, But I would throw up.
I would literally threw up here.
What can I say?
Japanese cuisine is delicious, but you shouldn't need what's happy alone.
The thing is also like, I didn't feel it at first.
I was like, Where's the kick?
Fucking dealing was like.
Should I take?
Do it?
Yeah, yeah.
I think Jacob is gonna do it right now.
Wait, He looks like a child molester.
Banana seat.
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My Christmas in China ???

1 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 30, 2020
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