B1 Intermediate 5 Folder Collection
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I have an announcement.
I'm really excited to tell you guys, but I am really nervous as well, because when you care about something, you get nervous about it.
So for a couple of months I've been working on a box with Matt CIA, the love related herself.
So she has a subscription books that comes out us every season.
And so I got the chance to work on the Autumn Situation box, which is my favorite season on.
I got to pick so much stuff.
Okay, so this box is crazy because there's a lot of custom items.
So I had pretty much free rein and I could choose designs the artist, the items that we have.
So this is a really particular books that I've spent a long time working on.
It's a really wonderful people.
It's been a long process, and I'm so excited.
It's finally here.
I'll show you guys books real quick because it's right behind me.
So the artwork eyes actually by an artist called Alexandra Cook.
She is on Instagram.
I will link her down below.
She is amazing.
So all of the artwork is CEO in this video.
I'm just gonna be opening up the box for the first time on showing you guys what comes in the box and everything.
And if at any point in the video you are interested in getting one of these, olive, obviously we will look in the description down below.
If you want to get a box for yourself, can we just take a second to admire the box itself?
Just look at these little patterns.
So the theme for this box is order men.
I decided to go for that cause I love order all over Tokyo.
They go really well together.
And there's a lot of particular things about autumn in Tokyo that really stand out.
You know, this certain colors and vibes and food and feelings and left.
So a lot of that has been incorporated into the box.
So yeah, we've got lots of little Fuji.
We got some my Nicky Nichols way.
Got chestnuts, persimmons.
I'm so excited about the persimmons eloped with Simmons.
If you guys haven't had a chance to try the Simmons yet, definitely try them.
There's such a staple for autumn here they looked like a little orange to modern, but they're very sweet very tasty.
They're two different types of boxes that you can get.
You could get, uh, just a normal regular box.
But also, if you pay a bit of extra money, you can get the V I.
So I'll be showing you guys what comes in.
Which box?
It's a swells.
Anyway, enough talking.
Let's get into the box.
Also, it's quite heavy.
I'm quite happy with the way to get a lot of stuff in the box.
Oh, my gosh, it is chockablock.
Oh, the book smells really nice.
It smells like ginger spice.
How about I start with this huge thing?
Case is, the first time we're gonna look at is a green tea face mosque by pure heels.
So there's two things that come in the pure heels box.
We have a serum which is really good for soothing, read or irritated skin.
So this actually contains 90% can tell a extract the can tell.
A extract is actually known to speed up acne healing and restore health to blemish print skin.
So this green tea face pack is also fortified again with the can tell a extract eso.
It's really calming for the readiness and helps with acne is low.
The next item I'm gonna go for is a Beanie Baby that we designed.
It's a nice little yellow baby cause, you know, yellow is perfect for the autumn time.
Let me just put this bad boy on my so cute look at that.
So on top of this being, we have a little only guinea little on E g patch.
So if you get this box in the regular box and in the GOP books you get the Feeney is very comfy.
Very cute.
I'm gonna be wearing this through the order.
I like the shape to I always like having a little bit of the top.
Maybe I'll have the only getting to the side.
How's that?
Seriously, this boss smells so good.
Ginger spice.
So very nice.
So the next item said it in the regular box is the sugar advanced therapy, lip treatment and the sugar strawberry exfoliating face wash.
So there's actually really strong reason in this Israel strawberries and sugar, and it's really good for getting the duck out of skin.
Just having a nice exfoliating face wash, and then this one is really hydrating.
So it says that it's good to use it overnight, All underneath some lipstick.
I'm going to see if I can smell the strong reasons.
Oh, wow.
Very sweet.
Oh, man, that's gonna be hot enough to eat that.
Well, yes, it's gonna be like sugar crystals, and then you rub it in until the sugar dissolves, and then you wash it up.
Another item that is gonna be in the regular box is this face mask.
So the reason we chose for Lulu is because that's super popular in Japan.
These facemask everywhere.
Actually, I haven't seen this one before, so this is an overnight rescue musk.
So do you have a shower in the evening?
A wash your face.
Then you put on this mosque for 10 to 15 minutes and then pat in the rest of it.
And then, yeah, use moisturizer and grisly.
I thought it would look cute Teoh to show you the mosque, but I don't look cute.
This is very moisturizing.
Well, yes.
So it's like this isn't There's 35 milliliters of liquid in here, which is crazy.
There's a lot of the liquid, and that's it is gonna be a lot a lot.
A moisturizer.
A lot of good stuff.
Oh, it turned out so cute.
Okay, okay.
This comes in the regular books.
You ready?
Oh, it's a little pin, but it's a gold pin of gingko leaves.
Ginkgo trees, a super common in Japan and around Tokyo.
Usually there's like a big, like archway of gingko trees and ocean.
They turn this bright, beautiful yellow.
Kind of like this color, actually on the color of the bucks.
But we decided to go for a gold on actual gold.
Well, not actual gold, but more realistic looking gold.
Yeah, we have two cute little, little friendly gingko leaves having a good time together.
So, yeah, I think about this pin wherever you want on a bag on clothing, just not on your body.
Because that might hurt you a bit.
Next that we have this clarifying cleanse up by ample egy camp eulogy.
So this cleanser contains papaya extract, which exfoliates wells also moisturizing the skin.
Oh, okay.
These I love these.
So we included some people patches.
I love people.
Patches actually have this brand course Rx in my drool.
Same stuff.
I love him.
You guys haven't used people patches before They work on a lot of different kinds of pimples.
But really, the main thing that it stops for me is that it stops me like attacking by your face.
If I have, like a big pimple and I always want to be like Oh, I want to get it, I want to get it.
If I have a patch on it, I'm like I can't touch it.
It's fine, gives it time to heal, but also it kind of moisturizes the area.
So if I have a lot of dry skin on like something nasty, if I just put one on, it'll moisturize it and it will work through it.
Also, if you just put it on like a whitehead or something, it'll definitely help with that.
So I use them all the time.
Love them, love them to the last custom product that we have in the regular books.
Look so nice.
Oh, they tend not beautiful.
So these postcards, really that kind of odd prints from Alexandra herself?
So I told her about cityscapes that I love in Tokyo, especially in the autumn time, and she drew them up and made them just look so beautiful.
So this this is the tunnel of autumn trees that I was talking about the tunnel of gingko trees.
They just look so beautiful.
And this one.
I can't actually remember exactly where it is.
There's a bunch of them in turkey everywhere.
It's just like a tunnel of golden trees, so beautiful and then we have a Tony gate or a shrine gate below a little cat at the bottom of it.
Shrines looks so beautiful in autumn.
Seriously, if you guys come to Tokyo, definitely recommend spring or autumn.
I recommend autumn the most, cause it's not as busy, and it's just such a nice temperature that leaves a beautiful.
That's cool.
Snack foods is just a great time.
This one is a really good view of Took Your tower took your towers, get a nice a cute little faces like the buildings have little faces That's so cute on.
So this is a view from the well Trade Center in Hamamatsu.
If you go to the viewing area in the World Trade Center in Hama Macho, you can get this beautiful view of Tokyo Tower for like 600 yen and no one is there.
I shouldn't really tell people because it's my secrets where I take people if I want to go somewhere and sit down with you to snack in this No.
One that.
But there's no one that you get an amazing view of everything around you for like, 600 yen could eat a snack and get away from people.
It's a good, but yet that's the view from my mom.
It's Joe.
So this one, we've got Teoh two women wearing kimono, maybe geishas on, and this one is feels a bit more traditional.
This feels a bit more like curator, but there are shops like this around here, I'd say Maybe like Aguero's aka I guess I suck so to you could see this kind of thing.
So these are the four prints that come with the regular box by Alexandra.
I love them.
I'm thinking maybe putting them on my wall.
They're just gonna be so, so, so love you, Alexandra.
You did a great job and was still going with the regular books.
So good.
Oh, it's cuffing free.
Yes, thank you so much.
I didn't tell them like caffeine free, but it's caffeine free and I'm so happy about that.
So in the tea, it's a combination of peppermint leaves and cocoa powder.
That's what makes it the chocolate mitt.
I think just having a nice cup of tea on a cool day is like the perfect thing to do.
So this is a chocolate mint.
Caffeine free acid free.
I don't know much about acid being a team, but it's acid free.
You just have a nice cup of tea, okay?
And we have two things from botanic 20.
So these are hyper care essence from botanic 20 and it is a skin whitening and anti wrinkle formula.
So I think these acute sizes you could probably just bring this in your suitcase.
And if you want to, like, have a little self care day while you're on a trip or something where you can just use them a home either way.
But yeah, you little 17 pieces.
So that is it for the regular box.
We have not going to study on the V I.
That's a really, really cool items in here that I'm super proud of.
This is part of the V I P books.
Look at this.
Oh, I love it so much.
So it says in Japanese that Ducky Maas, which means like this where you say before you eat and it is a cutlery set.
Skin Immel out.
So inside the bag you get a fork, knife, spoon and a pair of chopsticks, and this some cute I love, love, love how this has turned out really perfect.
If you're going on a little picnic or going outside, or if you just want to bring your own cutlery to like a take out place so you don't want to use any of their plastic cutlery.
It's perfect.
The ducky Mars around the outside is a bunch of persimmons.
That's the the autumn fruit that I was talking about before.
It's my favorite fruit.
So tasty.
So yeah, super proud of this one.
Love this eggs entry of the best.
Okay, so the next thing is this scout scrubbed.
It's an apple cider vinegar, scalps, Robinet, some plant based natural ingredients.
So for this, you use it.
I think when you wet your hair and then use it to rub into the scalp, I I need this so badly, so the water in Tokyo is actually quite drying and a lot of friends who have a lot of problems with scallop in hair and stuff like that.
So my scalp isn't the best quality.
It's a little a little flaky.
I have gotten better now.
I started using conditioner directly on my scalp, so it's it's improving a lot, but it is nice to have a Scot scrub now because sometimes I just need to have a nice exfoliation.
Okay, so believe they've sent me all full.
But I think you want to get one of thes unfortunately, but you get one of these, I don't know which one you're gonna get.
It will be a mystery.
So each of these face mosques targets something different.
So this one will try to tighten lines on your face.
Where is this?
Focuses on brightening the skin, that kind of thing.
So that you to focus on something different.
So you'll get one of these?
Sure, Which one is gonna be?
But it'll be a fun surprise then, in the V I p books again, we have the algae.
NIST since is an al Garon ic acid in prebiotic face mosque.
It's really heavy.
I feel like it's gloss in here.
I'm gonna take it out.
Oh, yeah, that's fancy.
All right to this, Muskie's is Albarran ic acid, which is naturally sourced and sustainable.
This from LG.
It says it's going to prevent your skin from being affected by pollution and in your everyday life style.
So, yeah, I think it's just kind of a protecting mosque.
Oh, my gosh, This is so cute.
Okay, so this is part of the V I.
P box, the Paul NGO stick.
Highlighter or illuminator.
So this cat highlights a is actually formulated with Silva orange and gold Po extracts.
Oh, my gosh, it's a cat.
This stick itself is a cat.
I'm losing my damn mind.
What is that?
It's just a cat with a top hat.
Oh, I love that so much.
Oh, it was beautiful.
So if you like cats and top hats And if you want to highlight your skin, go for it.
Paul and Joe amazing.
Down to the lost item on this one of my favorites.
It's a final custom item.
It's this beautiful little candle on it.
We've got beautiful artwork again by Alexandra.
The artwork is of Mount Fuji with Cem maple leaves surrounding him or her.
I think mount Fuji's ago actually on.
That's what the smell is coming from.
It's ginger spice.
I love it.
I'm so happy with how that turned out s so much stuff.
It looks amazing.
It's like Christmas.
Guys, I'm so happy.
Ah, yeah.
Also, yeah.
Don't forget this little Beanie.
So cute.
So if you are interested in getting one of these boxes, just go into the description and follow the link, and you could get a books for yourself.
Remember what is part of the regular box and the V i.
P Monte Books as well See a super super proud and happy with how this tender If you do get a book to yourself please tag me on like Twitter or instagram cause I would love to see if you get one I love see wearing the hat because it's so cute.
I like it during the candle and a huge thank you again to Monte If bringing me along for this this box I'm so happy with how it turned out.
But also if you do want to order a box, please be as fast as you can, because the box is only available until the 30th of September.
So you only got a few more days to order it before it's gone.
Oh, no, it's gotta go fast, but yeah, I think that's it for me.
Um, I'm so happy with how this turned out, So I will say good bye.
Thank you so much for listening to me chat about all this cool stuff and thank you again to Numancia.
Everybody a part of the team.
Really appreciate you guys had a great time doing this.
And thank you so much for watching.
If you enjoy this video, please give it thumbs out.
Leaving come a double hit.
Subscribing for to see more videos like this.
Well, not like this, but anyway, thanks for watching love, you guys.
I'll see in the next video.
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