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- Howdy, howdy fruity toots!
Orange and Pear here with an
episode of Mythical Proportions!
- [Pear] Today we're showing you
how to train a dragon,
and Orange has asked to take the lead.
- Don't worry Pear. I promise to pepper in
plenty of useful info.
(laughing interrupted with a sneeze)
Sorry, pepper makes me so sneezy!
- Ugh! Did you just seriously lug
a pepper shaker all the way out here
just for one dumb joke?
- Hey now! No need to get so salty about it.
- Ugh!
- Now let's get to it before this episode
starts "dragon".
Step 1: Be clear and direct with your instructions
to your dragon.
Observe! Sit, dragon. Sit!
- Yeah, I don't think he's paying attention to you, Orange.
- Sure he is! Watch this. Dragon, keep looking
the other way. Do not pay attention to me, Dragon.
(dragon roars)
Now fly away! Burn down Cincinnati! Good dragon!
(dragon roars) (screaming)
- [Pear] Dude! You have zero control
over that dragon. It's just doing whatever it wants.
- Oh! That's a good one too! Dragon, do whatever you want!
Good, dragon!
- Oh, well. There goes Boise, Idaho.
You're doing a real bang up, Orange.
- Okay, okay, okay. So he missed behaved a little.
That just means it's time for Step 2.
Gently scold the dragon to correct it's behavior.
Bad dragon! Do not burn down Boise, Idaho. That's bad.
- [Pear] Oh, yeah. Not sure it's helping!
- [Orange] It's a process, Pear! Bad dragon, no!
Do not burn down Houston! Bad!
- Ugh! So tell me Orange, what do you do
if the misbehavior continues?
- In that case, it's time for Step 3.
Assert dominance.
- [Pear] Yeah? And how do you suppose
you're going to do that with a fire breathing dragon
that outweighs you 500 to one?
- Easy! Prop his mouth open with some TNT!
(dragon moaning) (Orange laughing)
Yeah! Not such a pyromaniac anymore, are you?
- Whoa, Orange! That's actually a pretty good idea.
If he breathes anymore fire, he'll blow himself up!
- Yep. Plus, his arms are too short to remove the TNT.
I got the idea from personal experience.
- Well, congrats! In the end you actually succeeded
in making your dragon behave.
- Don't act so surprised! I told you I'd pepper useful
info into this episode.
- Ugh, pepper again?
Dude, that's a horrible idea!
- I know, I get it. It's cheap to do the same joke
twice in one video.
- No, it's not that. It's THAT.
(suspenseful violin music)
- Uh oh!
(Dragon roars) (Pear and Orange screaming)
(upbeat orchestral music)
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HOW2: How to Train Your Dragon!

10 Folder Collection
Summer published on July 30, 2020
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