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Good morning, guys.
It is a chilly morning here in Tokyo and I am currently in Shibuya.
Now I've been told by a friend, but there is a glasses store here called tins.
And apparently, at this glasses store you can get a pair of glasses made for half the price that it would cost you to get them made back in Australia.
And also apparently, they could do them in a week.
Now I got these losses here at a place called her PSM in Australia.
They cost me up to $200 or maybe $250 it took one month for them to be made.
So I'm in Japan for a couple of weeks.
So if I go get some glasses done today, that hopefully they'll be ready in a week's time.
I'm hoping to get something somewhat similar to the ones that I'm wearing, but I'm basically just getting them as a backup pan because I was thinking to myself it might drop these glasses where if I lost them or if I stepped on them, I would have no way to get around her here because I wouldn't be able to see through these my only glasses.
So I figured if I could get some cheap ones made here while I mean took your Why not?
So this place jeans.
There's a lot of different glasses.
Stores in Japan.
Other soft.
There's Meghan.
A super earth is jeans.
There's a whole bunch of them.
But I'm trying this one because I know someone that's been there before.
And they said that they have a really good selection.
Only a five minute walk from Sabrina Station.
So it's basically just along the the main street.
You go past she polio one or nine.
I'm getting out of breath.
I'm talking too much.
And by the way, yeah, you might not recognize me in all of this.
I've turned into good a time of the lazy egg because it is so cold.
I just have to rug up every square inch of my body.
So I love all the random music all over Tokyo.
See you in the store.
Place your face in the circle.
Is it gonna pick some glasses?
Told me what?
What is it done?
Has the government just stolen my identity o era?
Oh, well, you can tell it.
Oh, it's looking his man and woman and it's his era.
I guess I could be anything right now.
I could do that, Mama.
Yeah, way.
Yes, I'm faced with the dilemma of these or 100 and 20,000 yen, but I really, really like them.
And these are only 5000 yen, and I think they're a little bit too big for my face.
But that's a huge amount of money to save.
Like they're over twice the price.
And I do still like in corn, the pink ones acute, but it will so 120,000 yen.
So I think I'm thinking I'll go with these like the chief.
And I'm also really have to get the glasses I have.
So these will just be a good backup pair.
Okay, guys, craziest thing just happened.
So I went to pay for the glasses.
They only cost 10,000 yen, which is ah, $100 which is $130.
They would have been a lot cheaper than that, but I opted for the blue light filter which added an extra 5000 yen.
There were three different types of blue light filter.
There was, like the lowest level, the medium of the highest, the lowest twenties for everyday use.
The medium one was heavy.
Use of the computer on the darkest color was red, like night time use on the computer I disrupted for the standard one because I didn't want it to change the color of the lenses.
But anyway, so that added 5000 years.
So if I hadn't done that, if I hadn't gone the blue light filter, it would have only costs 5000 yen for a brand new pair of glasses.
Now the crazy thing.
Waas He was may expecting that I would have to come back in one week and he said to me he had to be a little receipt and he said, Come back in 30 minutes, 30 minutes Free zero son do put desk Death suit.
John Podesta.
Hike Hung.
Isn't that insane?
I can't believe it.
So I just have to kill time for 30 minutes.
Come back and I will have my brand new glasses.
Com believe that I'm so excited.
Also, interestingly enough, they put me in this funny machine to test my eyesight.
I've never seen that before I loosely looked in it.
And as a second I looking.
It's doing a reading of my eyes and you know how normally they give you different lenses and there isn't a or B, which is better A or B clear, a less clear, clear or less clear and all that sort of thing.
And it goes on and on.
They just sent me in this machine, and it just it just figured out what my prescription was, and I printed it out, and it was exactly the same as the prescription that I have back home.
I don't know what Japanese witchcraft that is, but I was very, very impressed.
I'll be back in 30 minutes with my brand new glasses, and I'm so excited you like okay?
And I just picked him up.
That was exactly 30 minutes, and I'm wearing them and they are wonderful.
They're actually a little bit more crisp than the glasses I was wearing.
Maybe because I've beaten those up a little bit.
I bumped them and scratch them, and they were not so clean.
So these ones are absolutely perfect.
I actually I don't know if they suit me better than the others necessarily.
But I do.
I really, really like them.
I like the style.
Obviously, they're much more round in my old ones, and they also bigger.
But I don't mind how big they are, because it means that I've got a really good field of vision.
There's no frame, sort of obscuring my vision or anything.
I'm so happy.
I can't believe that.
That was a 30 minute turnaround.
Ah, $100 later, it would have been $50 later if I hadn't gone to the blue light filter.
So that's it, guys, that he is.
My, I guess you could say review of jeans glasses.
I'm really happy.
I'm very impressed.
I would definitely go back there again.
They weren't a huge amount of styles that I was very interested in there.
That's the only thing I was only interested in the round ones.
But if you have a different taste in glasses to what I have, I reckon that you have a lot of luck finding glasses that you like.
So the one week turnaround thing is apparently multi Furcal's.
The other thing I forgot to mention was that I got these tax free, so if you take your passport with you at the time, they'll stamp your passport and then you get a discount.
I think is about 10%.
So that's why I got them for 10,000 yen.
But if you don't have your passport with you, you might end up paying a bit more.
I was toying between these and a couple of different styles, but these were the cheapest.
I'm really happy.
So I could have paid 100 could pay 12,000 yen for a different style.
But I decided to go with these.
But these are equally is nice and they will have a surprise that the others.
So if you're coming to Japan and you're in need of a new pair of glasses, you can bring your prescription with you.
Otherwise, you can just sit in their fancy machine and it'll just figure it out for you.
So that's it, guys.
Thank you.
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3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 30, 2020
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