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I think it's on the TV presenter and I can't do this.
Hi, Alexa passes, not the robot machine is your house.
Andi, I'm gonna show you how I do my makeup every day.
First things first.
I like to brush my head, so I have a shower.
Have to wash my hair every day because it's very fine.
It just gets really greasy.
So every day I wash it and condition it.
And then it's a little bit of fresh today with literally my dream hairbrush, which is a Harry Josh Pro tools mainly.
Let's face it, it's a beautiful pistachio color, so that looks nice in the back, but also one of the only hair brushes that doesn't get stuck on my head.
Because usually this one just can't hear a thing.
Do this in the end a little bit.
Okay, this is how has the we're twisting these bits.
Putting them behind my quite sizable is before we start.
Let's just his a little pop quiz.
What do we think this red mark is here?
Because I I feel maybe I've slept on this ring like this.
So was I.
Was I?
Whoa betide in my sleep like this Victorian.
Either way, the older you get, you wake up and you have the pillar increases down your face or just something new just run up.
So look forward to your future.
Because 35 I'm obsessed with moisturizing, and this is not a product placement.
This is genuinely the best moisturizer I've ever met.
It's called the Cream by Augustus Fader.
Or you need to know is you put it on the head and you literally look younger, fresher on well hydrated.
Which No, this morning, anyway.
So here we go down the neck to get the neck.
Only just found out about the neck from watching one of these videos.
So, yeah, just that really onto the face.
I'm going to start with the eyelash curl.
Have you ever done this in front of a boy they freak out like would the contraption Okay, So here's another thing I have very, um a delicate iron ashes.
So I have to do this about 1000 times.
Next stop.
This which Lucas?
Poor poor treatment I want I discovered this in Australia, like in the olden days, and I felt like I was gonna be the one to import it to the rest of the world was like, This is a magical mouth serum on.
Then I returned home.
I realized ever lording you about it.
Oh, my dry, dry mouth also.
Can you see this?
I have a recurring spot.
They're in there, and they just come back every now to get So now I've got the scar of the last time.
The first cut is the deepest.
So this guy as well, it's just really nice as a travel companion.
Nice for planes.
I kind of rub it on my hands and just smash it in.
Andi anywhere else.
Like cuticles.
Sometimes I have sorry guys psoriasis.
And it put on that guy that she loved him.
Thank you for your service.
Okay, let's start covering some of this nonsense up on.
I think it's gonna drive very flat today.
It depends on the type of water, and we're in Paris, France, So Okay, this brown, I love corn.
RMS So nice.
I don't know.
It's just kind of the dream texture because his coverage, that is how do you talk about makeup?
I don't know.
Whatever is good.
I don't know how to use brushes so I don't.
I also have another one by the man and I love it.
It's so nice.
I'm just worried that it's like the wrong color right now because I'm very pale.
Haven't seen the sun since all this 2018.
I wish I was a swimwear model there, like always somewhere nice.
It's good motivation for the open multi from Oh, let's not forget my red friend up here.
Do you think it's from frowning drowning in my sleep?
So I actually forgot to bring on this trip on eye brow?
I think so.
I'm gonna hack this one and use a toothbrush and just brush those guys up.
I spent years growing these back after some nineties over plucking I also when I have my makeup done, if I'm lucky enough to, they have to have me the broad because this is one my favorite things to do.
I find it really therapeutic.
It's very relaxing, so I am a magpie for pretty colored things, and I love this, which is a deal backstage glow face palette, which I believe is meant to be for like, highlight in your face cheeks, etcetera I don't understand how to do that.
So I just thought it was really nice, and I'm gonna use it as a night shelter.
When in Rome, when I was younger, I used to get my makeup done on photo shoots, and I tried a lot of different things.
I often looked bad and too much stuff, and I've always just preferred a more natural look.
So I loved Brown's on, you know, frumpy eyelashes.
Or, I guess, all my beauty icons, either.
Actual men.
Oh, women the same for not really worried toe makeup.
So yeah, Mick Jagger.
The jacket to wear makeup, though in performance needed pretty good.
Yeah, I'm more of a hair guy.
Another makeup artist told me that human Teoh Well, I was like, Why does this look nice?
While you better making me look nice?
It is because she put the little highlights in the corner here.
She probably used a different brush for that.
But as I say, I know this learn attack started back.
The other thing that is doing this is making my school.
I look even smaller.
My big I look even bigger because I'm looking ahead inside the really short bulb middle ball.
Just what we're in right now.
And then as soon as it gets a bit too long, then I have to put the fringe.
And then it's the with back to square one.
OK, do you see how it's trying as we speak?
I'm gonna do and I line up before Massara because I find it easier to get close to the last.
So my friend, FIFA at work calls this perfect maker.
So if I come to the office every day, I live around the corner from our studio.
So I just walked work, usually with wet hair, like they have to deal with the no makeup thing if we have meetings or someone's coming here a lot of quick, perfect makeup.
Yeah, So with the eyeliner, it's for me easier to start on the outsides and then fill in the rest of it because it's that angle, which gives you the perfect cap by.
So my guide for it is to follow the bottom of your eye up, so it's kind of just like an extension of that natural market.
Other people do things like measuring degrees or things that seem like mathematical, but I just figure you're going for something that's, like open out.
So that's the marker, and we have to test their levels and those I put my head up because then it's easier.
Yeah, I want went to a party where they asked me if it was tattooed onto my face.
She was like, Oh, you're not wearing a black I I genuinely thought you had that tattooed and that's when he started giving up.
So I'm not gonna go all the way in cause sometimes them when you live, it's sort of transfers of the bottom.
And then that's when you get like the black.
I don't think, probably stopping around there on the eyeball.
Can you tell how integral the hair is?
OK, my favorite Discover glossier lash slick because it's like white light.
And so it's been a long day, and you go to bed without washing your face, which I hear is a big no, no, it doesn't like give you the kind of Robert Smith from the cure.
Look in the morning because it just stays where it is.
All kind of disappears.
It is.
She turns into a pumpkin.
I don't know happens.
Just go someone I do wash my face.
I know how you're meant to put my scar on and I still don't do it.
You're meant to be like this and get really in the last route.
Blah, blah, blah, But it just makes you feel a bit six.
I'll stick with this way.
Thank you.
These are bags aren't going anywhere on the here's and blusher, but I got this.
Is Norm Ocho in?
Probably really.
I love it because it's kind of just a warm tone has got natural.
It's also a cream blusher which really like because too much powder I don't know I feel like you're getting more Inkley Moor Palley upon your face guys No, I think my concealer also.
What freak?
I've got three concealers.
This'll is a CDO.
Russians think coming.
It's a powder.
I'm going off piece.
Gomes living It lives Last stage.
It's the final countdown.
This is my favorite lipstick.
It's called pillow Talk by Charlotte Jewelry, and it's like my lip color, but nicer.
So thank you.
Sorry about the hair there.
It didn't relieve.
If the head doesn't recover and it's not looking good then I guess you just have to Well, people with your sparkling personality.
Top beauty tip.
Thank you so much Watching that was it.
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アレクサ・チャンが教える、パーフェクトなキャットアイの作り方。| Beauty Secrets | VOGUE JAPAN

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 30, 2020
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