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hey guys or Samuel and Audrey and for the past
seven years we've been traveling the world and living nomadically well 2020
sure changed that after spending the past three months in self-isolation
we are finally venturing out again this time staying close to home and getting
to know our own backyard Canada is home to insurmountable beauty and over the
coming months we're going to help you discover some unusual accommodations and
fun nature escapes so hit that subscribe button and join us on the adventure
hello hello hello guys traveling again I know I am so giddy this is our first
trip yeah over three months yeah over three yawns yeah no longer than three
months three months because we've been under quarantine for three more a long
time and we weren't traveling for a while before that okay so you see that
right now this is the quarantine beer so that gives you an idea of how long we
have been yeah sitting ducks it's been so long since we've traveled it's like
it's like we're we forgot how to do it almost we forgot like half of our camera
gear yeah like a few essentials but you know what we're like getting our feet
wet again I'm so happy to be here where are we we are in an off-the-grid cabin
mm-hmm on a farm yes so we rented an off-grid cabin in Schaumburg mm-hmm so
we only drove about 45 minutes north of home yeah and what a different world
like the sounds of nature like if we're just quiet for a minute it's so peaceful
no no it's it's such a massive property that we're we're actually staying we
can't see our neighbors I mean there are some other cabins but they're all very
secluded we have a personal pond a private pond like right at our yourself
with a little deck and everything I have a little private trail which we'll show
you later we've got lawn chairs we've got a
barbecue we've got a barbecue pit I mean we've got everything we need to enjoy a
couple cozy nights out here yeah in the wilderness of Canada so pumped yeah
we're just gonna be hiking canoeing and really chilling out and enjoying nature
in case you guys are wondering where this is in terms of geography we are in
the province of Ontario in Canada and this is just a little bit north of
Toronto yeah like between Toronto and Barry so it's the perfect City escape
from Toronto if you're looking to get away for a couple of days yeah yeah this
place is great yeah we're gonna love it we're gonna love it here now we're gonna
give you a tour fury ER and then maybe we'll start
cooking dinner sounds great to me and marshmallows
after dinner for dessert
hello there off-grid cabin welcome welcome but let's not forget
let's keep those flies out those mosquitoes it's not quite mosquito
season but I mean it is the start of summer so we don't want to invite them
in so yeah welcome welcome here we are it's basically one room one
space yeah but super cozy what do you think
it's incredibly cozy yeah it's so so nice I'm so excited to be here so why
don't we begin our tour kind of in this dining area shall we
sure so basically we have like this nice wooden picnic table with two little
benches and then over here we have all our pots pans cutlery plates anything
we're gonna need to prepare our meals we don't actually have a proper kitchen
like there's no sink here no stove no fridge nothing like that but outside
we've got a little barbecue so we're gonna be cooking up some sausages yeah
we also have a fire pit as well for roasting marshmallows as well in our own
personal pond upon wish here is our tea party
yeah basically if you want to boil water we have to use the barbecue there's like
an element on the side and we turn it on and that's where we're gonna boiler Wow
yeah it is fully equipped like they've got wine glasses they've got even have a
cheese cream you're up there I just notice I've yes fancy with some pasta
there and then over on this side we've got a little stove I guess this is more
if you're visiting like spring autumn winter right now it's summer I really
don't think we have the opposite problem we're trying to stay cool
unlikely but if we needed to we've got some logs over here there's like some
newspaper kindling to get the fire going so that's it you've got our little
living area some nice couches samos hanging out here earlier
oh so comfortable yeah well you know what you know what I'd like you to show
it's the the artwork here this is a familiar top there oh yeah we have some
artworks for sure especially that one yeah this is quite familiar is it not
that brings back memories of Peru and Bolivia it's something that you can find
in both countries and then over here some books we've got some coffee table
books humans of New York I follow this Instagram account so I'm gonna be
checking that out later also weird Canada this sounds
interesting I feel like we could learn some strange facts yeah they have an
interesting publisher take a look at that it's something like something like
toilet you can learn Canadian history or other interesting little tidbits and
facts this will be very interesting I'm gonna keep that yeah and we also have
board games in here if you need some evening entertainment oh look at that
yeah well quittin cards oh that's all mengapa I feel I feel like I could beat
you at monopoly for here we've never played Monopoly have we it's cozy but it
is small it's not queen or king this is just double yeah I I'd say too small
double yeah yes yeah we fit up we fit on there you're gonna be toasty yeah then
all that's really left to show you guys is the toilet so a little light on here
there is a fan running so you're gonna hear a little bit of humming in here
yeah but basically it it's a compost toilet um so
there's no running water or anything you basically do your business they told us
it's fine to pee or they told him you can go out in the bush like yeah Libre I
love that and they said if you go number two it's got this little bucket here
uh-huh with like wood shavings and things yeah
so you just throw a cup on top yeah and then there's like the system running
what you hear apart from the fan there's like this thing rotating inside the
toilet and basically mixing up your poop yeah with like the woodchips and wood
shavings so that's what's happening in here naturelle Oh natural for sure so
that's the toilet there is no shower but we do have several ponds to choose from
our own private pond right outside our doorstep then there's another one down
the hill that's slightly bigger and one across the road or we can actually take
the canoe yeah so if you need to freshen up splash a little bit you certainly can
and I do believe that is it for the cabin you've seen everything there is to
see in here have you not indeed I did miss one thing actually I want to tell
us well this place is powered by solar panels solar and wind solar and wind
yeah so yes he was saying that our host was saying today that it's perfect
because we had so much Sun today mm-hmm and apparently we're gonna get a
bit of wind tonight so we're just maximizing our we're charging up nicely
so what's cool over here I'll just show you quickly is that this is the master
system you turn this on actually I just turned it off and when you turn it on it
goes on green and then you have access to these lights here there's a couple
electrical outlets and that also powers the toilet as well so what's interesting
if you come into the bathroom here I'll turn back on the light and we have a
monitor up here and oh it's great because we turned it off we took a
little nap yeah and she was at twelve point seven so the higher the better
she said if it gets down to twelve point zero look at even 13 just hit 13 thank
you sunshine shine so if it gets down to 12 we might
hear an alarm and that means that we basically just need to unplug turn off
the power for yeah to be honest we're planning on just shutting off the master
system whenever we're not using anything and we're probably going to be spending
most of our time outside yeah we actually left our computers behind my my
the best thing off-the-grid living just love it we have this private area to
ourselves there's nobody else here we could skinny dip in the pond that no one
would see us oh my god yeah yeah hello hello well normally your dad would be
the girl master right hmm we're in less qualified hands sausages in Vice yeah I
also just check that out plump juicy what we're planning to do is basically
make a chili dog so we've got beans I'm gonna heat those up on here we've got
some buns it's a perfect camp food isn't it it sure it is I'm hungry I've worked
up an appetite and these are called connect horse gosh I got the the German
sausages that's how it was I'm special yeah so we're gonna enjoy those yeah and
this is pretty easy it's a gas barbecue so we didn't even know we were using you
were gonna like okay like 7:00 it's 5:30 yeah hungry so I'm starting now so this
chili it's gone chunks the bacon maple leaves Mel the maple hurt here mm-hmm
you're looking good if you don't know the bean song let me introduce you
beans beans the musical fruit the more you eat the more you toot the more you
toot the better you feel and maybe I'll have the whole cabin to myself if i
tooted enough what let's have beans with every meal exactly this is really messy
food this is not the kind of food you eat and expect to have pristine hands
afterwards but we have a pond so you can just jump in there and bathe my friend
yeah we can save some for breakfast there you go for tomorrow's tomorrow's
chili remember that's enough we are sharing a small cabin so it is so hot
right now I know we're having my gosh having hot food Australia barbecuing
when it's like over 31 degrees man that's a challenge we toasted the buns
mmm we put lots of beans cheddar and mozzarella cheese and salsa how is it oh
yeah I'm so loaded I love how do you see the sausages and I think maybe it took
us like 15 minutes to prepare my food it was super quick I'm later in the day
when the Sun starts going down and can roast our marshmallows mm-hmm yeah I
haven't had those in a really long time they just marshmallow s'mores Sam made
us a fire well no it's in the early stages so
we've got a little wait for it to catch a bit more and then we're gonna have
some s'mores what are the three key ingredients dream crackers which are
like a cookie then you've got the marshmallows the most important thing
Hershey's chocolate comes in a kit yeah I did buy a fun fact
don't leave your her she's out in the kit in the Sun like we did in the car no
yard we weren't able to salvage it by even throwing it into the we have a
little bit of a cooler that doesn't work that great but it it's solidified again
but it's very much deformed yes yes pour chocolate or chocolate
I haven't made very many s'mores so what's first chocolate how does this
even work yeah you put your chocolate down then you yeah
then hot marshmallow on top look at the chocolate deformed
melty chocolate yep and then we make a sandwich of sorts come to mama
she's ready for ya I should wait for the chocolate to melt or just dig on in
it should start that should be melting from the heat of the marshmallow
slightly how's that that's pretty good super sugary oh yeah like super
everything everything sugary every ingredient so ultra sweet would you like
some yes please guys how can you tell the tombs already
been eating s'mores check out that three-month quarantine beard covered in
our smell Oh Marshall half of the marshmallow ISM is it inhabiting in my
beard devoured no no it's not paying rent though so I'm gonna have to evict
it soon man are they good
have you heard about summer snow when it falls on you your blood runs
cold but don't you sweat your pretty skin
cuz I'm else away from it sincere any dream about this very night when the
ball runs down summer sky
when the seamless good morning it is sunshine now but did you hear that
thunder last night oh my gosh those crazy
that was like an Armageddon storm so yeah now it's it's super hot again the
Sun is out in full force mm-hmm and I think we're gonna have some breakfast
yeah we're gonna make some oatmeal with fruits so if he could fill up this pot
this kettle water we can get started with cooking this is my little washing
tada this is our creation this is what we
cooked up for our off grid cabin breakfast to start off the day oatmeal
instant oatmeal and I bought the flavored packs
I got maple and brown sugar oh yeah and then I just sliced up some bananas and
we put in some grapes yeah a few cherries and we also have
some fruit left over as like a little snack in the morning it looks pretty
good have it pop is there I haven't had a meal in quite a while
oh I love it I just haven't had it in a while she agree goodness it's mapley
that's the most common oatmeal flavor guys in Canada it's probably maple also
brown sugar and apples yeah you can get apple and cinnamon yeah I think there's
like maple spice yeah I saw peaches and cream and like
new inventions but I was like we need the maple syrup I usually eat a lot of
oatmeal during the winter months like when it's colder out yeah it's it's
perfect then because you get a warm breakfast as opposed to a cold one and
it's just really easy to prepare it like this is a no-hassle breakfast like I
could have fried some eggs and coming up to thinking so that just seemed like
more work so I brought oatmeal yeah we put it we put our effort into last
night's dinner and marshmallows to will be cooking again tonight we're gonna we
got a surprise yeah and we all know a redhead cannot start his day without
sunscreen I literally go home looking like a lobster I didn't put this on
especially with the Sun being this strong these are probably the two
warmest days of the year so far so far yeah like yesterday it hit 135 and today
I have a feeling it's gonna be just as strong in fact that there seems to be
less cloud cover so it's gonna be a scar yeah that's core job also in case the
people's are wondering are you actually gonna let
me cut your hair and trim your beard well you've been talking a lot about it
I know you know I had the barbers still aren't open in those Greater Toronto
Area so yeah if you're willing to give it a shot and you're not gonna make me
make me look too ridiculous although I do look pretty
uncaps at the moment um yeah let's give it a shot okay do it
well we have arrived at mono Cliffs Provincial Park so we are going hiking
you know it's kind of nice it's actually overcast right now the weather has
changed a little bit so it feels cooler we've got a bit of a breeze going on
it's amazing hot anymore and this park as a provincial park would have likely
just opened up a few days ago yeah yeah so we paid 750 for a ticket yeah you
have the choice between four hours or a full day and we ended up getting the
four hours because we're just gonna go for a short hike another thing we
noticed when we park the car in you into the info bore to check out the trails is
that there are bears in this area I had no idea we had bears we are in the woods
so like pretty close to the city like we're not yet that far so this place is
called mono Cliffs Provincial Park yeah
guys we are back in the car I think maybe we hiked 45 minutes to an hour max
and we just had to turn around because the mosquitoes this time of year in the
forest it is unbelievable like we are covered
in bites on our thumbs like all over our fingers or ear I don't even know rid of
scratch I know so yeah it would be a beautiful hike in autumn especially
because of all the foliage like the colors must just be magical but yeah now
is not the time to be in there so we are gonna drive into town into
Schomberg and find a little restaurant find some food - yeah we might find
something to go and then head back to the cabin yes and just enjoy a relaxing
afternoon I'm kind of thinking of going for a little splash in the pawn or if it
rains a little shower in the rain yeah
time to wash the dishes that have been kicking since last night and this
morning's breakfast so we've got a little system happening here
biodegradable camp soap we've got a literal a little water jug here and yeah
just getting everything soapy Sam is sitting in his undies because it is so
hot out yeah you got you guys you guys don't need to see that but you can see
my knee here here are my naked knees it is really hot and humid like you guys
have no idea it doesn't feel like June this is more like July ah it's a legit
heatwave yeah this is like um I mean this feels like like our travels inside
these days just to be honest are struggling we went for a second that
little walk around the property here like they have some little warm trails
on the forum and that was nice because you've got some forests and you're just
kinda yeah there was a bit of shade and covered but this dude is still the
problem of the mosquitoes unfortunately yeah we can't seem to escape those I'm
debating jumping in the pond and then we're also gonna start preparing dinner
today it's gonna be nachos with cheddar and mozzarella cheese you've got some
beans but I mean we're in a small cabin kind of debating how much we don't need
any more beans beans you know what I mean someone's being affected by the
beans the person on camera all right I'll let you guys decide aren't hmm but
yeah that's a little update we also had a little nap this afternoon yeah just
because that's kind of the best way to escape the heat honestly is it time for
your time it's their time yeah so guys we're not going for any
kind of fancy nachos we're not cutting up vegetables or we're not putting any
special ingredients like beans in it's just literally going to be the chips
what's left over of our shredded cheese which is cheddar and mozzarella and what
we plan to do is just put this over some low heat melt the cheese and once that's
done we're dumping the rest of the salsa on top so we can easy we can easy it's
gonna be delicious though I mean we do like nachos so maybe pops a bang might
be enough yeah but I think that's good I'd rather it be really cheesy let's you
know what that's that's perfect I'll put up your way here put it one in my mouth
so guys you probably can think of a better way than what we're doing but
we're just please pop3 prepping it like this putting the cheese directly on top
yeah and we don't want to stuff ourselves because afterwards we're gonna
make s'mores again yeah still have to pack left yeah we're still hoping to go
canoeing oh look it's night a little overcast again it's been teasing us all
day long yeah overcast weather which is what we're kind of hoping for so we're
gonna either either go out when it's overcast or we're gonna wait for the Sun
to almost go down because otherwise it's just way too hot okay it's gonna be so
cheesy it's gonna be awful let's go milk that cheese is gonna melt that cheese
dinner well here it is and all of its glory hey it actually turned out pretty
good believe it or not yeah yeah the cheese melted we just threw some salsa
on top you guys I'm hungry we're eating it straight out of the pan well camping
style mm-hmm what create extra mess we don't have to
right finally after no days
nothing seemed to be a drag you read until your legs gave way
you cried and got back up again it'll spill me that I could fly
what's a broken bridge in the feeling line
the quarter had about to be with a half cab in the world you see
more lovely
well guys it is time to say goodbye to our little off-grid Kevin
all good all good things come to an end indeed it was so much fun like two days
flew by and I honestly enjoyed it like it was so nice being out close to nature
we had so many animal encounters like we saw little bunnies hopping around the
garden there's a turtle a turtle giant turtle that walked into her pond and
yeah started swimming we saw fireflies at night like lighting
up the place yeah what else did we see she's another animal I just can't
remember we've heard coyotes howling out yes we did I think you know having
better than in self-isolation for what over three months it's just like to be
out to be doing something to be traveling to basically being a different
Fred it was just if so I think we just appreciate it maybe even ten times more
than we would normally I think so over the coming months we are going to be
checking out a lot of tiny houses and alternative living situations you know
so we hope you guys will stick around and enjoy the series I'm really pumped
for it yeah exactly I think we're gonna be doing a little bit of van life yeah
kind of quirky accommodations here it's TP yeah whatever is available and is
interesting yeah we're gonna try to book it and show you guys what you can do I
mean this is all gonna be stuff nearby us yeah this is all domestic travel
local travel we want to explore near not far and show you that you can still have
really cool adventures in your own backyard yeah that's the plan that's the
plan so should we talk a bit about the place here exactly so for this
particular place it is called raven cabin it's located in Jakara farms
and i booked at nia air B&B so I'll leave a link down below in case you guys
want to check it out yeah it was a hundred and fifty bucks a night Canadian
Canadian it's less than us yeah and they have three different cabins here with
like slightly different layouts and yeah it was super cool so yeah we'd highly
recommend it and Wow we shouldn't roughly guess his
focus this all nice oh yeah that's it for now we're gonna go
pack up the car and go in search of breakfast and see you in the next
adventure thanks for watching if you enjoyed this video don't forget to
subscribe hit that notification bell and let us know where you'd like to see us
go next with in Canada of course
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OFF-GRID CABIN TOUR in Canada | TINY HOUSE LIVING Less Than 1 Hour From Toronto, Ontario!

22 Folder Collection
Summer published on July 30, 2020
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