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hi and welcome to the Japan Guide Kitchen, where we focus on simple Japanese recipes to try at home as much as possible will try to use ingredients that are easily accessible to most people so that you could recreate slice of Japan right in your kitchen.
And today we're gonna cook.
Oh, mood ice for Japanese omelette rice, right.
I'm gonna watch the rice before cooking it in a pot.
Don't forget to be gentle while doing it.
I'm gonna put the rice.
I'm gonna fry the rice.
I'm gonna set the clock for 12 minutes.
Let's move on to feeling the carrots.
Careful with sharp kitchen tools.
You guys, while the rice is cooking, I'm gonna dice the carrots and the onions and prepare the mushrooms.
Once the rest is done, I'm gonna fry it all up and flavor it with salt.
Pippa and jumps Gonna fry the onions First thing carrots, thrown the mushrooms and finally add the cooked rice So you stirred around flip it a couple of times, season it like a pro catch up because it's healthy for you.
Mix it all together and put aside.
Next comes the hardest part frying the omelet makes a bit of milk with a couple of eggs, so that kind of looks like a face like that before beating them to give up and pouring the mixture into a hot pet when the omelet has kind of sit.
But about half of the fried rise on top in the middle before flipping the ends of the omelet to with the center.
The ugly bids are in top here because we're gonna flip the thing over onto a plate and pray that the other side of somewhat decent yes, success.
I did it, you guys.
Now I get to enjoy the mood Eyes of my labor.
Hey, this is actually pretty good.
I hope you enjoyed watching this cooking video.
Let us know in the comments below.
If you've cooked this before, I give this a try.
Fingers were sliced and no hands with bent during the making of this video.
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Simple recipes to try at home - Omurice

49 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 30, 2020
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