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- Obviously when you have a mane
like this on top of your head
it's really difficulty okay.
- Right now it doesn't seem like I have thick hair
but I guarantee you that I do have thick hair.
I recently got it thinned out.
I also dye it a lot and I do a lot of things to it
so it's just now basically a mop.
Growing up the biggest struggle for me
was that my mom had perfectly straight, thin hair
and she didn't understand what it was like
having like thick, wavy, curlish hair
so she would always tell me that I looked messy
or that I needed to brush my hair.
And if you have curlish, thick hair
you know that it's impossible to brush your hair dry.
It'll just make it poof up and it's just really
bad for hair actually.
- When you're trying to put your hair into a ponytail
and the rubber band just breaks on you.
- Sometimes when I take pictures with people in groups
they always ask me to like flatten my hair a little bit
because it's too big and it covers peoples faces.
- When you have big hair like this big, thick hair
you can't do hats okay.
Like if I put a hat on it's just gonna be a dent.
Like if I put a dome hat on,
I will have a dome shaped hairstyle going on.
I don't know how to describe it but it's not cute.
- Waking up in the morning and looking
like an absolute lion.
- My mom has thick, big hair and she always gets
her hair patted down at security in airports.
- The way my hair sheds 'cause my curls are like
so like they're so tiny, there so tight my curls are,
so when my hair sheds like honestly like
the little things like end up looking like
little pubes on the ground.
- My shower has little clumps of hair.
- There's hair everywhere.
Everywhere I am.
- I was really addicted to straightening my hair growing up
and I always had this idea that straighter hair
was more beautiful and like shiny and more perfect.
I'm always really been jealous of people
who have like shiny, straight hair
and I really wanted that so I would spend like hours
straightening my hair and then I would get like dry,
brittle hair from straightening it
and literally my hair would just like break and fall off.
- As a kid, I used to get hair anxiety because it was
so big and thick and I didn't know what to do with it.
- You always run out of conditioner before
you run out of shampoo because you're using
so much more of it.
- Whenever I go to the bathroom and wash my hands
I actually just dry it on to my hair.
I dry my hands on my hair.
My hands are dry and it's a very eco friendly hack.
- Bobby pins get lost inside your hair.
Like I currently, I could probably just reach
in here and pull one out somewhere.
- I stuck one in there this morning
and I don't even know where it's at.
I know it's controlled here
but it's somewhere back here and I have to find it.
- Forget about brushing your hair.
- You know in Princess Diaries when she's getting
her hair done and they're trying to make her like
all beautiful and give her the nice straight hair
and the brush literally just breaks?
Yeah, that's like everyday if I ever tried
to use a real brush so.
- I have to be very conscious about combing
out my hair when it's wet and it takes a long time.
It takes like about an hour
so I don't wash my hair that often.
I wash it about like two times a week.
- I do not brush my hair.
It's impossible to brush your hair.
- Oh the humidity.
- Traveling somewhere humid and having your hair
grow twice the size it already is.
- It's like whoa.
It's frizzy hair.
- So yeah having thick hair has not always been the best
and it's taken me a long time to kind of feel secure
and confident with my looks.
- I understand the struggle but you know just embrace it.
- Thick hair is beautiful.
- I wouldn't trade my thick hair for the world.
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Thick Hair Problems!

4 Folder Collection
Summer published on July 30, 2020
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