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well hello hello last few moments here in Buenos Aires Argentina is the same time flies when
you're having fun in the last two days and what else artisan just went oh my the road again disappeared we were eating our way around the city basically
mm-hmm so in a few moments we are heading to
ratito bus terminal and we are getting on an overnight bus - we're going back
back we've got a little bit of admin thanks to do the air to the back and
then it's onwards to Mendoza but yeah we're gonna start off with the bus
journey and then we'll see what we're able to get up to we don't know exactly
what we can do tomorrow maybe an argentine asado yeah we'll see we'll see what happens
we're gonna eat well regardless I don't forget we're gonna drink even better
that's another Bluff so yeah we're gonna show you that bus a journey and we'll
see you in a few moments
I know we had a crazy morning a few errands but now it is argentine barbecue time
Volvo with Alba Argentine asado we bought a few cuts of beef yeah okay we
have Basile yeah avocado we have my gucchy
we have Italian sausage for barbecue yeah and we have a blood sausage a
little bit of bread yeah and of course it can never be too far behind
why yeah we got this is we bought that today yeah these good bodies are covered
in Sauvignon from yeah only 15 very good price yeah very good price I hope Tori's
before you I think is 181 pizzas how about for US dollar yeah and this we've
been carrying for like almost two months this he bought in Patagonia then the
yeah he's been carrying this in the backpack for what
two months yeah guys it's a 20 2003 Malbec and I'm sorry to tell you that
today is the end of the yeah we have our argentinian asado bbq guys go to my car we pick those up
pick those up in the phone Samwell bought it with you nail both songs
you've got this one you've got that one you know this is this is our this is our
first time to have a with it so it's exciting listen I love
it oh they're so sharp you can shave with it we have everything set up now I
want to go outside to light up the wood and the charcoal whatever they other
guests that were staying here left the grill yeah well the whole town has died
down everything is closed now it's 2:15 in the afternoon yeah and we barely made
it to the butcher shop yeah and they closed up everything for the what four
o'clock in the afternoon yeah we were yeah we were lucky to get the supply for
me there they go for siesta time yeah and then they come back at 4:30 so in
the meantime we're gonna start salting and preparing these things I mean we're
gonna do a small barbecue it's gonna be awesome
yeah let's do it
guys we are trying the 2003 2003 wall back cheers quarry yeah okay
it's not for the Parliament or for the Congress we got quorum to drink it the
three of us agree on our ears oh yeah we're gonna drink okay cheers Cheers
very nice I like it I find it very smooth like velvety going down you reach
the end of the road today was it now you want to take the empty bottle and when I
bury you with that cross Warren it's one of the one of the best traveled wines
that we do I don't think we've ever taken it or why into that many places
starting off with a blood Asia Asia Asia the blood sausage where - thanks red
it's so good Lee is it packed with flavor it tastes like pudding in the
mouth like a savory pudding good perfect appetizer for like an Argentine asado bbq
it's like that the precursor to the best cuts of meat that are coming later I
don't know what it is if we are hungry because we haven't eaten all day or this
is really good but it's I think it's really good fantastic a flick perfect
point which is ready oh my god it's also just so good juicy a little bit spicy
pepper anger yeah we told we totally forgot about the chimichurri it's put in
the fridge garlic gives the meat a nice little kick yeah with no Jimmy no Jimmy
so we know what we're getting know with Jimmy like are you cooked it yeah it's a
nice garlicky chimichurri I just enhances it it's got vinegar salt
ground pepper garlic parsley oregano basil all the good stuff this is awesome
so this is round two and we have the best yet to come for round three stay
tuned for that guys we haven't even scratched the surface
no we haven't you what else after all this and after we
finish down the barbecue you see all this yeah we're gonna go to the bus
station that is only two blocks away from here
yeah there is a whole bunch of stray dogs that are waiting for the buses to
come in here to get the leftover from the yeah the teeners that they say they
serve the passengers and we're gonna feed all the dogs what's this one here
tapa de asado you guys if you guys have been having it which is salt no
chimichurri don't need it right the beef from Argentina from Uruguay doesn't need
anything other than salt here they sell us a special soul that is a little bit
more course it's not the regular soul that you use at home for regular cooking
especially for barbecues it's called South by Riviera that's all
the meat needs because the flavor of the beef is so intense so beautiful that you
don't want to hide it with any barbecue sauce or any you know all these things
that we usually uses in North America here you don't need absolutely anything
she's salt let it cook don't overcook and you're gonna have a product that is
a spectacle you know like I mean out of this world final round
the biggest cut that we got is the vacío mm-hmm it's amazing we've been already
been having a little bit oh my gosh the juiciest one look at that very juicy
this is like the meal that never ends you know it's like they're all around me
we haven't prepared any salads or anything to go a society's because we
were extremely hungry with in it all day and you know the whole morning we're
running around and wishes did not want to start cooking other things so today
has been a meat extravaganza right yes meat beef sausage blood sausage is the
bread and my two balls of oil it's like a mother wants a meat fest for the ages
ya know if one of those guys that they do the nutritionists come over here and
watch us eat at this table she's gonna say you're missin the fruit you're
missing the best of all you listen they're not we don't care
yeah today we have good meal good boil I'm eating from the tray from the no
plate with my lay nothing you know like I mean when you come and land yourself
in these latitudes Argentina the compass they'll gouge of the bees they barbecue
something comes out of you sword and if somebody wants to take your piece you
should go no that's mine and you cut a piece of his arm we have two cavemen
over here that's life it's like life is too short to be worrying about etiquette
you know indeed enjoy it enjoy it that's it for the dogs
we better bring this that's for the stray dogs
alright post post beast we're having a Toffees and Pete yeah
exactly dinner not so we're just going light very light very light so I have I
have an Irish coffee with Dickie light enough for me
you've got yourself a team breezy
cafe au lait yeah coffee with milk I'd say okay but for tonight yeah that's it
because that barbecue we've had we feasted like kings and queens and the
most most important though for dinner is we have some our artisanal alpha whores
which are Argentine an Argentine specialty pastry with dulce de leche
other fillings once we finish our coffee and tea we're gonna go eat them that's
gonna be the end of the day that's it's been a good day a long productive day
indeed hey guys we've had a day of eating fantastic what kind did we get
yeah do you have different fillings we got one with loosen it to strawberry jam
quince jam yeah it has like Lay's okay yeah big chuckle no one saw me an empty
we need to go back for a refund
I'm sorry you don't want to get you know these one yeah what a great day of
feasting overall though huh the asado grill was incredible I mean it's just the
first of many we're gonna do another one in Mendoza for sure thanks for watching
this episode we'll have we have a lot more coming from Argentina bye guys
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Argentina Asado Grill: Our DELICIOUS ARGENTINE BBQ in Cordoba with Daniel

8 Folder Collection
Summer published on July 30, 2020
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