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  • Every year millions of people pass through Narita Airport

  • but very few realize that they are only a short train ride away

  • from one of the nation's most revered Buddhist temples

  • Not only does the historic Naritasan Temple boast a grand main hall and manicured grounds

  • the approach to the temple stands as a well-preserved shopping street that is reminiscent of centuries past

  • An ideal side trip from the airport which can be done in but a few hours

  • Narita Airport even offers a free guide service

  • in which an English-speaking volunteer guide gives visitors a tour while recounting the

  • area's rich history

  • And today this is exactly what we'll be doing

  • I'm Sam Evans

  • staff writer for

  • and today I'm on assignment reporting on this side trip from Narita Airport

  • Here's the plan

  • We'll start out at Narita Airport Terminal 1 and find theTransit & Stay Counter

  • where we'll meet our guide and then together take the train to Keisei Narita Station

  • After walking around a bit

  • we'll try on a traditional Japanese kimono before having lunch at a local restaurant

  • Next we'll finish our stroll down through a picturesque shopping street

  • which leads directly to Naritasan Temple itself

  • After exploring the temple grounds

  • we'll head back to Narita Airport

  • to arrive only a few hours after we left.

  • So follow along as we go on an ideal side trip from Narita Airport to Naritasan Temple

  • So we've arrived at Narita Airport

  • Now, little known fact is that there are side trips to some of the local attractions that

  • take less than half a day

  • And there are even some local tour guides that will show you around

  • So right now we're going to go meet our tour guide for the day and we're off to

  • Naritasan Temple

  • So having shed my civilian clothes

  • in favor of this male kimono

  • we're going to take a walk around town

  • and then go back, get changed,

  • and then go in search of unagi

  • the area's specialty, and quite delicious

  • We've arrived at Naritasan, an important Buddhist temple in the area

  • Now fun fact this temple is one of the most highly visited come the end of the year

  • as literally millions flock here to ring in the new year

  • And with this we'll take the short train ride back to the airport

  • Thanks for joining me

  • I hope this video has been enjoyable

  • and perhaps even helps you plan a short side trip from Narita Airport for yourself

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  • first-hand from Japan

  • Thanks for watching

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  • Happy travels.

Every year millions of people pass through Narita Airport

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3 Hour Side Trip from Narita Aiport, Naritasan Shinshoji Temple |

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    Summer posted on 2020/07/30
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