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And there's actually amazing things that they're doing right now online.
A lot of super-beautiful girls, they'll--
they'll put a picture of their face online,
but they'll scrunch up their face and stick their tongue out, like...
You know?
And I'm always so floored by their realness.
So inspiring to be so vulnerable with society.
There's also a very powerful movement going on right now
on the Internet that, you know, women are kind of,
coalition building in a very cool way.
I'm talking about the hashtag "no makeup." Um...
You can search it if you don't believe me, but some brave women are mustering up
all their courage, and they will post a photo
onto the Internet in which they are wearing no makeup whatsoever.
I'm serious. But when they post the photos,
they'll always make a big announcement. In the caption, they'll be like,
[mimicking] "In the following photograph,
I, Cassandra...
am not wearing any makeup!"
Then the whole Internet is like...
[British accent] "Ooh-hoo-hoo!
Oh, good lady,
your bravery is unparalleled.
We thank you, Cassandra.
Please check your DMs."
It just annoys me too because in the no-makeup photos,
they never fully look shitty.
Like they're always still in the splits,
in a bikini or something like, "No makeup!"
It's like, partial credit.
And then the guys fall for it every time.
It's a thirst trap, it's a trick.
And there's always some guy riding into the comments on a horse
like he's the Lone Ranger, he's like...
[imitates Western film music]
He tips his leather hat. He's, like,
"Dear Cassandra, I actually think you look better without makeup."
[imitates grunting]
Cassandra is like, [mimicking] "Thank you, thank you.
Mission accomplished.
Thank you."
If you really want to piss off a really hot girl,
like a model-hot girl, go onto her social media,
find a photo where she looks smoking hot, and you're just a regular girl.
Go onto her comments and just be like, "People say I look just like you."
[audience cheers and applauds]
She'll be like, "No!"
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Chelsea Peretti Explains Basic Thirst Trap Theory | Netflix Is A Joke

47 Folder Collection
VM3 published on July 28, 2020
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