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- People ask me, so how do you go to the bathroom?
I don't know.
I learned when I was little.
I've never known any other way.
I don't really know how to answer their question.
(slow upbeat music)
My name is Mack Potts and I'm a piano player.
- I'm Cindy and I'm a PhD student.
- Yeah, I am.
Total blind.
- I was born totally blind.
- Oh my God, annoying things people ask.
- How much time do you think we have today?
- How do you do your job?
- How could you find the bus, you're blind
- Can I pray for you?
Can I bless you?
- How do blind people have sex?
Well, some of the most intimate things
are done in the dark, anyway.
Think about it, you visual people.
- Do you see anything?
Do you see any sun, can you see any light?
- You can see, can't you?
- Sir, how long have you been, uhm,
You mean blind?
And they're like,
"Yeah, yeah, that."
And, like, it's okay.
- People wanna know how I've lost my vision
and, like, I don't really wanna talk about that
with strangers, you know?
- I think it's a very personal question
and usually it's irrelevant.
- You know let's just be real, the elephant's in the room.
- I feel like they are probably imagining
that they don't know what they would do
or how they would function if they lost their vision
so they, like, can't even articulate a specific question
to ask me.
- Uh, yes, there's a lot.
If I am walking down the street
trying to find an establishment or an address
but I'm confused, I'll say,
"Oh, excuse me."
I can hear people walking by, they won't answer,
they'll just keep walking.
Or they'll try to stay quiet,
thinking that I won't know that they're there.
- So, sometimes I'm saying something
and I might offend someone
and they just kind of walk away
in the middle of a conversation
so I'm suddenly talking to myself.
- Because you are blind, you can't wear fancy dresses.
- Because I like it.
- Oh, well, I'm totally in your situation
because, like, three months ago
I twisted my ankle and I had to use a crutch
for, like, a week, so I totally understand your world.
And I'm like, "Uhhhh...not exactly."
And I don't wanna, like, discredit
those experiences that people have
but they have no idea.
- I have dated some blind people
and sometimes people will be like,
"Hey, do you realize your girlfriend's beautiful?"
I'm pretty sure they already felt like
whatever I look like is beautiful
and they don't need someone in public to let them know.
- Sometimes people talk to me in my ear really loud
like I'm deaf and I'm really confused
because they think that blind people have better hearing
but then they yell right in our ear.
- The most annoying thing people do is grab me.
- They'll grab you.
- Grab a hold of my arm and start pulling me.
- Pull you along.
- Pull me by the arm.
- Push me.
- To let me know that it's okay
to cross the street or go through the door.
- And I have to just politely go,
"No, I take your elbow."
- Get your fucken hands off me, you know?
I don't know what's happening,
I don't know if I'm gonna be mugged
or if they're just trying to, and they're,
"I'm just trying to help."
I'm like, "Well, great, but please use your words."
- They should be asking first,
"Do you need any help?"
You know, talk to normally.
- And let me have the opportunity to respond
whether I want you to help me or not.
- I do think being a young woman
contributes to my anxiety and frustration about this
because I'm always somewhat alert, living in a city.
- If I'm about to fall down some stairs
or there's, like, a giant pit I'm about to step into,
feel free to grab me to save my life,
but if it's just 'cause you think
that I can't cross fourth avenue on my own, back up.
- Sometimes I need the help and I ask for help
and I'm totally willing to accept help.
- I think people, for the most part, mean well.
- You know, they're trying to help
but they don't know how to help.
- There's tons of blind people in this city
going around, doing things every day,
working, playing, at the bar, wherever, right?
It's kind of crazy, actually,
just some of the strange things
that people believe about somebody
that they don't know anything about.
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Blind People Tell Us Which Questions Annoy Them the Most | Blind People Describe | Cut

111 Folder Collection
chengye.cai published on July 24, 2020
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