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Hey! It's Milo from "Zombies,"
and this is Never Have I Ever.
Never have I ever
made a self portrait blindfolded.
All right, let's do this.
I got a thin top lip
and I got a thick bottom lip.
I think my eyes kind of look like that.
And then my hair, that's when we get crazy, you guys.
Ears, shoulders. I'm going to go crazy,
because this is what I want to look like.
So I'm going to give myself an earring.
( canned laughter )
Oh, I want a nose piercing,
but I have a feeling that was perfect placement.
- ( applause ) - Oh, eyebrows! Right.
I like my eyebrows. All right, I think
that's all I have on my face.
Ready for the grand reveal?
3, 2, 1.
- ( fanfare ) - Yo, this is great!
I'm so impressed with myself right now.
I'm actually so happy.
Framing that.
Never have I ever done an ice cream taste test.
Apparently these are exotic.
Hmm. Tastes like almond butter.
- Like dates. - Girl, you're way off.
That is cinnamon. That is, like, .
It's spicy.
- Isn't it just chocolate? - I thought it was--
I thought it was just chocolate.
Um, do we have water or milk?
Oh, wow. I think it's just chocolate with spice.
Mom. Caramel.
Burnt marshmallow?
Ugh! Smell it, Meg. Smell it.
It smells so gross. All right, here we go.
It actually smells like broken dreams.
( canned laughter )
( squeals ) It has to be fish.
I was in a pickle. I don't want to swallow it,
but I can't keep it in my mouth.
No, don't taste it. I love you.
- I'm tasting-- - No, no! I love you too much
- to let you taste it, Meg! - Say I won't.
- You will. Don't do it. - Say I won't. Say I won't.
No, no. Look at me in the face. Look at me in the face.
- You're going to regret it. - I love you, Milo.
I love you.
Eww! Eww, eww, eww, eww.
What was that? That is disgusting.
- Man: Durian fruit. - Durian fruit?
( suspenseful music stinger )
It's like old, rotten, sweet egg.
Think about it like that.
I am so not looking forward to burping later
and then retasting that.
Yeah, what? What?
You gave me the grossest stuff!
Almond tofu, whatever that was,
- and spicy chocolate. - Ow, my stomach!
Never have I ever freestyle rapped
about the grocery store. Meg, give me a beat.
- Pick up and kill it. - And kill it and kill it.
♪ Pick up and kill it and kill it and kill it ♪
♪ Heading to the back for some barbecue sauce ♪
♪ Put it on the chicken 'cause you know that I'm the boss ♪
♪ Hit up the fruit, get me a plum ♪
♪ Don't forget bananas for the potassium ♪
♪ Canned corn, canned beans, canned tuna fish ♪
♪ Pick up some pepper for a really spicy dish ♪
- ♪ Let's go ♪ - ( air horn blares )
- Meg, give me some of that. - Whoo!
- Whoo! - ( laughing )
I'm way too tall.
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Never Have I Ever Challenge with Milo Manheim! | ZOMBIES 2 | Disney Channel

22 Folder Collection
Colleena Zhang published on July 24, 2020
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