B2 High-Intermediate US 59 Folder Collection
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Where do you think magic comes from?
- From the heart? - You're right?
It comes from a sac of magic bile
attached to a witch's heart.
- Can I keep that? - No.
Here we go.
♪ I'm a psycho ♪
♪ Do what I like oh ♪
Wow. Someday I'd like to be as cool as Eda the Owl Lady.
I guess you want in on the T-shirt order.
- It's the bad girl coven. - I want to become a witch.
That's my girl. Us weirdos have to stick together.
- We'll make the best team. - Uh, too tight!
- Woohoo! - Luz: Magical...
- Distraction spell. - Luz: ...Sassy...
I mean, yeah.
Luz: Surprisingly foxy for her age.
So, what do you say?
I am ready for my witch apprenticeship.
Wait a minute. What about King?
- All right. - We make a great team.
"The Owl House" premieres January 10
after a new "Gabby Duran" on Disney Channel.
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Best Witch Friends Forever Teaser | The Owl House | Disney Channel

59 Folder Collection
鳥取 一芳 published on July 23, 2020
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