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  • A lot of times we see knives we feel,

  • okay, you chop off meat with this.

  • But it's interesting because as knife massage practitioners,

  • we don't eat meat at all,

  • and

  • Hi, I'm Olivia and I'm from Los Angeles.

  • I came to Taiwan 10 years ago to learn the "I Ching"

  • and knife massage.

  • The knife massage dates back 2,500 years ago.

  • So we use two knives.

  • The reason is because our body is actually of yin and yang energy.

  • So same goes for the knives.

  • So it's when these two energies, they rotate and they collide,

  • where our good energy would be transfused into our body,

  • and the negative energy would be released.

  • These are specially blessed knives.

  • We normally have to practice for at least one year

  • and have done about 300 to 500 individuals

  • in order to receive that certification.

  • I would try to understand what would be the main issue that

  • the person is having.

  • Next, we begin with a qiankun stick exercise,

  • warming up our body, getting our blood circulation to flow.

  • We first do the hands-on massage

  • and then we enter into the knife massage.

  • So it's actually slowly pacing the body into a more relaxing

  • and deeper mood.

  • I feel very relaxed.

  • But now, I feel my whole body, it's like,

  • in this comfortable numbness.

  • I wish when people would enter into receiving a knife massage,

  • they could also understand the background of it.

  • So they align to this form and energy

  • and they can really receive

  • what it means to have this energy flowing in them.

A lot of times we see knives we feel,

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We Got A Knife Massage In Taiwan

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    Eunice Lin posted on 2020/07/22
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