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  • You're probably familiar with 7-Eleven in the States as a place where you're able to buy questionable hot dogs, massive Slurpees, and overpriced cigarettes.

  • But here in Taiwan, it's a completely different universe.

  • Let's go see what's in there.

  • 7-Eleven is the epicenter of everyday life in Taiwan.

  • You can buy wholesome meals, pay your college tuition, and even send and receive packages.

  • I can't believe you can get this here, this looks so good.

  • Like some of this stuff looks pretty extra.

  • Like what even is that, I don't know.

  • Oh my god, you can get like clam spaghetti here.

  • So apparently, there are more than 5,000 7-Elevens in all of Taiwan.

  • And it happens to be the largest convenience store chain here.

  • They have multiple coffee stands and even have nitro cold brew, which is pretty amazing.

  • Very conveniently they have all these microwaves behind us.

  • They can heat up any of the food that you buy here.

  • In the U.S. I think I might have seen a microwave at a 7-Eleven, but it was very questionable, extremely crusty.

  • Whereas here, you can see they're constantly being up keeped and cleaned.

  • Also I'm kind of curious what the hot dog quality is going to be like, you know.

  • Because I have had a 7-Eleven hot dog in the States before, and it was very sulfate-y.

  • This is not how you normally do it.

  • There's this cheese one.

  • I think I want this one 'cause I usually go for the darker vibes.

  • Alright, let's get bubble tea.

  • I'm really excited to try the boba.

  • I'm looking to see what that's like because I'm a huge boba fan and this is probably their version of Slurpee but probably 100 times better.

  • I would say the biggest difference between a 7-Eleven in the States and 7-Eleven here in Taiwan is probably gonna be the selection.

  • Like there's obviously alcohol, draft beer, which maybe we will get later.

  • Even food that's like a complete meal, whereas in the States, you're gonna be eating like very, very gnarly snack vibes.

  • Something you probably wouldn't really want to be doing all the time.

  • Whereas here I can imagine actually getting lunch here every single day.

  • I just found out that at 7-Elevens in Taiwan, you can do a lot more than just buy stuff.

  • You can also print things, you can get things faxed, you can pay tuition.

  • You can call a car if you're too drunk and you need someone to pick you up.

  • There's so many things you can do, and it's just through this machine right here.

  • So in front of me, I have 7-Eleven boba.

  • I have a hot dog.

  • I have cupcake-flavored Lays, 'cause you know, gotta have that.

  • I have a spicy garlic Doritos, which I'm very excited for.

  • We also have a crystallized meatball.

  • So we found out that you can buy gifts and have them sent to the store.

  • You can even get drunk at a 7-Eleven.

  • Talk about a spot to be.

  • Pretty similar.

  • This one's spicy kind of.

  • Yeah it's really good.

  • Oh it is kind of sweet.

  • Yeah it's not sweet like I thought it was going to be.

  • I thought it was gonna be like that Filipino sausage kind of.

  • It's different, it's like, hot and sweet.

You're probably familiar with 7-Eleven in the States as a place where you're able to buy questionable hot dogs, massive Slurpees, and overpriced cigarettes.

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Beer, Boba and Breakfast at Taiwan's 7-Eleven

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    Eunice Lin posted on 2020/10/02
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