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[Day in the life of a heart surgeon, Paul Massimiano, MD - cardiac surgeon]
Okay, 6:00 a.m., right on time.
It's the story of my professional life, getting to the hospital in the dark and going home in the dark.
We have surgery this morning.
We operate most mornings.
We're doing open heart surgery on a patient this morning, a minimally invasive mitral valve repair through a little incision in the side.
Ready to go.
Patients are nervous before open heart surgery.
It's pretty understandable.
But I always tell them the important thing is I'm not nervous.
Hey, good morning.
Good morning.
So you--you showed up, huh?
That's half the battle.
Just showing up is half the battle.
You all set for today?
So it's just like we talked about in the office.
We're going to work on fixing your mitral valve.
Going through the side?
We're going to do a little two inch incision in the side.
Yeah, everything is favorable for that, yeah.
So just like we talked about.
So anything go on last night I need to know about?
No major issues, no.
Yeah, okay.
Well let's go down to the ICU, and we can review the patients that are there.
Okay, good morning, everybody.
What's the plan?
The plan is if we can get the tubes out today and maybe keep the wires another day, and send him upstairs.
Can he go upstairs today?
Okay, very good.
Any issues we need to take care of before I go to the operating room?
No, sir.
All righty.
All right, have a good day.
And I'll catch up with you on the floor after surgery.
All right, thank you.
The operation is like a well choreographed ballet.
Everyone knows their role.
The technicians, and the scrub techs, and the perfusionists who run the heart lung machine, all these people are very sophisticated.
They all know exactly what to do.
So the environment is very controlled.
It's very pleasant.
We actually listen to music.
Now the kind of music that we listen to is always a question.
If it were up to me, I'd listen to classical music.
But I've got a lot of 20 somethings and 30 somethings in there that if they listen to classical music, they get bored.
So in order to keep them happy, I listen to rap or hip hop and a lot of pop music.
If you do something 1,000 times or 10,000 times, you get the sequence into your mind.
And then the only thing you have to do is be ready for unexpected circumstances, which in a case like this, would be very, very unusual.
Okay, so I've got these special magnifying lenses on called loops.
And it allows me to see inside a magnified 3.5 times, so everything looks very big and very close.
And it helps us to evaluate valves and coronary arteries.
Okay, well we're all finished.
Surgery's over, everything went fine.
We were able to fix the patient's valve through a little two inch incision.
He was stable through the whole time, and I'm completely satisfied.
So now let's go give the family the good news.
Okay, everything went great.
Yeah, we're all done.
The operation was nice and smooth.
Everything went fine, okay?
The nurses will give you a full briefing on what to expect once you see him in the ICU.
I appreciate that.
All righty.
Thank you so much, Doctor.
And we'll talk later.
All righty.
Okay, well the first case is over, and had a successful completion.
So I'm pretty satisfied.
One thing about cardiac surgery is that every day is a new day.
It's exciting.
I've never been bored a single day in my entire career.
So all in all, it's a pleasure and it's an honor to operate on patients and be entrusted with their care.
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Day in the Life: Heart Surgeon

1226 Folder Collection
Minjane published on July 21, 2020    Minjane translated    adam reviewed
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