B2 High-Intermediate US 84 Folder Collection
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- Ew. (gags)
(upbeat music)
- [Voiceover] I (beep) love guava.
- What is that cubed white substance?
- Is that like frozen applesauce?
- Love queso fresco.
- I don't know what either one of these things are.
- It's like a thick fruit roll up.
- Both sides of my mouth got totally different things.
- Yeah, there's weird textures going on.
You have to move them together.
- It tastes like everything I want on a piece of bread
for breakfast. - Mhmm.
- Still, together, eh, no so much.
- It's so weird, but it's so good.
(upbeat music)
- These are three things that I find to be delicious,
so I'm excited.
- So, it is like a Tequila shot, but it's a shot of mango?
- For some reason mango tastes like poop to me.
- I don't like that one.
- Mmm. - I'm a fan of this one.
- Poop taste is gone.
- Citrus-y, sweet, and then a titch of saltiness.
- It's so, like, zesty.
Like I'm ready for the day now.
- If you get the right amount of salt,
this stuff is bomb.
- Kids, you want to feel something crazy?
Go get some mango with a little bit of salt
and some lime.
(upbeat music)
- I don't like mayo. - You don't like, what?
- I don't want to do it.
I know, I know what it tastes like.
- Oh, boy. - Oh, God.
You're really gonna eat that? - Yeah.
- Ooh, it's tangy.
- All day long!
- I don't know if I like it.
- Not my favorite, I'm not really a mayo girl.
- I think I'm a mayo girl.
- It just tastes like oil to me.
Like, there's no extra taste.
- I don't like it, I'm so sorry!
(upbeat music)
- This feels like country ass (beep).
- It smells like sangria.
- Is this like the Spanish version of jack and coke?
- Ching ching.
- I like it. - Yeah, it's like sangria.
- It's odd.
- It's like cherry Coke. - Cherry Coke.
- Coke overpowers the wine.
This makes me upset.
(both laughing)
- This makes me want to sit in a field in Spain and
just talk with people.
- [Both] Avocado cream?
- It smells like avocado.
- It smells like grass.
- I don't taste avocado at all, I'm so deceived.
- I'm so confused.
- I would eat this though.
- I would rather just have pudding.
- I think I can appreciate an avocado savory sauce.
- Did you not that it has exfoliating properties too?
- It's very interesting, I think every single one of them
surprised me.
- Avocado can be a sweet food, not just a savory food.
- Red wine and Coke, new drink of choice.
- At my wedding I'm gonna serve those little cheese
and fruit cubes.
- Everything was delightful.
Well done, all of you, well done.
- Mew.
(both laughing)
- It seemed appropriate. - That was good.
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Americans Try International Food Combinations

84 Folder Collection
Mahiro Kitauchi published on July 20, 2020
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