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California, home to
the most gorgeous Emmy voters in the nation.
'Sup, y'all?
One month ago, the Golden State announced
that it was doing a good-enough job fighting the coronavirus
that restaurants, stores and other businesses
could welcome customers back in.
The bad news is
one of those customers was coronavirus.
California, the home state of nearly
one out of every eight Americans,
is making an abrupt U-turn
to try to roll back a surge in coronavirus infections.
California has recorded nearly 110,000 new cases
in the last 14 days,
including another 8,000 yesterday.
Covid-19 is not going away anytime soon.
REPORTER: Just over one month after reopening
several sectors of California's economy,
Governor Gavin Newsom is reversing course.
Yesterday he announced gyms, churches and hair salons
would be among those forced to close
in 29 California counties,
while bars, indoor restaurants and movie theaters
will close across the entire state.
REPORTER 2: And the state's two biggest school systems
said today they will only do distance learning in the fall.
That's right. It might have taken a while
for California to blow up again, probably because
corona was stuck in traffic on the 405,
but now they've become the biggest state
to roll back their reopening.
Because, you see, even though many of us
have become bored of the coronavirus,
the coronavirus is not bored of us.
Coronavirus doesn't care about the news cycle.
People are like, "Wow, did you hear about Will and Jada?"
And corona's like, "Uh, the only thing
I'm trying to get entangled with is your lungs."
What's happening in California is a preview
of what the next year is gonna look like for a lot of places.
Gradually reopening,
then shutting down when things get dangerous.
This whole thing-- without vaccine,
without tracing, without enough testing--
it's like... it's like trying to have sex in your parents' house.
You know? Things are ramping up,
then you hear something creak.
It's your dad getting a snack in the kitchen.
You got to shut everything down till it's safe again,
pull your pants back up.
And California's un-opening is also a good reminder
that coronavirus is playing the long game, people.
With numbers skyrocketing around the country,
some of those very cocky statements
that people were making just a few weeks ago
haven't aged so well.
Florida got it right, Texas got it right,
and guess what?
Now it's time for all the states to follow their lead.
Governor DeSantis now looks like a genius.
Ron DeSantis of Florida, the governor,
is doing a fantastic job in Florida.
Governor, those dire predictions have not come true.
They look to Florida and they look at Texas,
that have reopened,
and it hasn't led to a massive second wave.
In a very real sense, uh, uh, Florida's leading the way.
It's been two months, and Florida has figured out
how to manage this pretty effectively.
Governor DeSantis, who's doing a phenomenal job
in the state of Florida, which happens to be
my great home state.
I can't get to Florida or Texas fast enough, and I think
there's plenty of people thinking the exact same way.
How much longer are you gonna keep me out of your state?
I would like to go visit.
-When am I allowed back in? -For the record, Sean...
We glad you're opening up.
We're ready to have some sunshine
and get out of the house.
It's great to be in Florida,
and I'm gonna be back here in a week.
And I've always wanted to move to Texas, now I think I have to.
Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, he knows what he's doing.
He's a great governor.
Governor Greg Abbott, we can learn a lot from you
and a lot from Governor DeSantis,
but we can also learn a lot from Governor Cuomo
and Governor Murphy what not to do,
because they did the opposite of what you guys did.
Texas, Florida gave us clues.
Take the success clues.
The successes of Florida, Texas,
the failures of New York, New Jersey.
We got to get the whole country open,
like Tennessee and Texas and Florida.
He's got it in great shape, Texas.
Florida's doing very well.
How did you do it? Because we need to learn as we re-open.
-Great job down there. -Keep up the great work.
You did a great job. I... You saved a lot of lives,
and there's a lot to learn from your success.
Yeah. Maybe not a great idea to take a victory lap
in the middle of a pandemic.
And I know there's a lot of politics tied up with
for who's rooting for which states and policies to succeed,
but, people, we need to understand
coronavirus has no politics.
It doesn't give a shit what state you live in.
Coronavirus is the most bipartisan thing
to happen to America
since hating Jussie Smollett.
And celebrating too soon and letting its guard down
could basically guarantee that America
is not going to beat this virus.
Yeah, and if you want a visual representation
of what that means, here it is.
ANNOUNCER: ...this, folks.
ANNOUNCER 2: I mean, the guy had, what,
-a 200-foot head start? -ANNOUNCER: At least.
-Look at this guy go. -This guy is beautiful.
-That... Look at the-the guy... -ANNOUNCER 2: Oh, the guy...
Yeah, he thought... he thought he was gonna win.
-(laughs) -ANNOUNCER: Exactly!
Yes, you see, if you're not flattening the curve,
you're flattening your face.
That's our show for tonight, but before we go,
America is facing a nationwide poll worker shortage.
And because most poll workers are over 60,
and with COVID still in the air,
they're understandably not showing up.
But fewer poll workers means fewer polling stations open
and it means longer lines that not everyone
can afford to stay and wait in,
especially in communities of color.
But the good news is most poll working is paid.
And in some states you can be as young as 16 to do it.
So if you're interested and you have the time,
this is your chance to save granny,
protect democracy and get some of that money, too.
So sign up at the link below to learn more.
Until tomorrow, stay safe out there.
And everyone who's going on a Tuesday vacation,
have fun.
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California Rolls Back Reopening | The Daily Social Distancing Show

18 Folder Collection
cosmong published on July 18, 2020
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