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but some of us concentrating to echo of the past
heinle how much spot
finds someone anything you want me to the stand still until you wonder what
the flaky it's event christy and alonzo and that is sitting on the entry will be
participating in this review sax
at first sight
from idle people like it that parallel to all of the comments
uh... so many other such fuckin preps
here was what our program
corporate graphic now let me know if it's okay
papa doc one copy all uh... from the song
yes for me as i could retire muzak you cut pro rights
uh... it is setting early sixties japan now the country's getting ready for the
to kill olympics are still reeling from the uh... from the fact of the korean
war were to
and it's about a young girl who uh... her father's dead mother setting in
america she runs a boarding house that is owned by your grandmother and gets
involved with the fellow students who are trying to save their club house
of specifically
uh... aboard publishes the school's weekly newspaper
and uh... uh...
their their relationship it's complicated piccolo
it's extremely fit there love mom incident lotte especially that sort of
landscape shots and that was that
the skies in the end of the mountains and
poppy hills itself in love
their moments like when it where at the end of the shot
holds for a second and you think well that's it
that is a painting i would hang in my home and i think people would say
next paycheck with
but by the way did you get a lot about art for the
whatever you tell me about the certainly the the the
the high on his idea may guess it's it's passing on with the sun loves moods of
conveyance you know like air planes and boats and in this movie you have like
those cool for a three we all
motorcycle track things that i guess they have a japan in the area though is
people started finally coming ap bac track and i and the like is just
gorgeous limited range has it opens up uh... at the end of the as than other
resided owns it
be able to look at
uh... and unlike a lot of high on the is argues work it's not there's no sort of
magical element there's no
paid to fly planes are
houses or
uh... four how does the bluegrass spirits or any of that stuff so it's
it's very beautiful issues or perceived magic if you're an idiot like that
moments between people that
that we describe is magical but they are really matter dot or anger and they're
not magical services and that's very sweet and very intent on record past and
i was never move
and if the weirdness
i look at what's going on with his and i was actually moved when we when we find
out everything there is to find out at the end i was a little this was when the
yet these are the young and his services
it was his idea
it's like the last few weeks equal the very early which again i think he wrote
and for
put a lot of it together but didn't actually directed
and so you know that he's sort of facing into that idiot does is getting older i
don't know that it was directing work so i like this for
better adjusted i'd rather sis's a satisfying weight for me to see an
animated picture
that it's altered wrongly
it looks better
uh... the
i love that was sort of there's some serious things here done likening this
aligned at some point in the movie
where you talk about that
a soldier kill are repatriation ship
and the mother died in childbirth and the entire as to the family was killed
at night
initiative to lives of throwaway line
but like dot your like you forget like there's so much that got i'd felt like
this is japan
right before the nineteen sixty four tokyo a fixture of the excitement of
planning for the world is coming back to japan and say
you guys complain of like there were none of the world hertel part of the
world again after after world war two
but all this sort of this this history that they have that they have to live
without a lot dot
by that i thought like a a really large something in this movie about sort of
the what what it was like to be
that took the fallout from being the aggressors in world war two what that
was like a whole generation of japanese and i think that the female lead is very
much of a peace with the one from spirited away it's about you know what
they were walking through the ways of involves into which is that she
appreciates the value of hard work and she's very devoted to her family but you
know like
in she's a really rich character and not the sort of ditsy
you know young girls as you get a lot of music the g really focused in
and one that making a lot of amazing things happen
but we were saying before about having a family though i did
don't think that it is is because
plot element that kind of touches on the possibility of incest which i think
might be a good buchananism uncomfortable colonization society at a
meeting at the justice in this in camellia parented justice mister illegal
but it's going to require some purple
uh... attention pretty strong argument that what is making a film really
detailed anything is
gorgeous and many home made by distance which is cooking
in the kitchen is gorgeous
and his top if they don't have that sparked mean a lot and
means that the pills do you think that's different is not the lever back east and
like the witness the different hotmail
and a lot
it now non that's on a mac address today dominio kanya punya fishy in messy
case between is fun this is in the sort of all one level and it's something i
would not put this up there with spirited away on my neighbor to aurora
prince is one of the but i still think that
miyazaki in whatever brand you know well job he's taking is
probably the greatest living enemy right now right and so it means is that it is
not as i'll take a look at it in a sense probably head shoulders of of a lot of
people that are out there working sir especially traditional integration test
on one hand what i want yes
and one st
english version with american actors examined was the fact
i'd i wonder if i will be more moved by it and there is no japanese descent wind
is news releases films from being released by g_e_ kids uh...
are u
in l_a_ i hate you know you had everywhere you could see the movie both
ways so i would i the first of all watch other wanted dot disorder taken all the
visuals and then i would like to go see it again in japanese with the subsidy
like to get the result was is and i think it does make a difference
sometimes i feel good but i thought the voices here were they were but i thought
they were good because i don't think there's a good cast but but
disability-related moremy lower score than you but i i really like idea
compares favorably to his uh... to the to the best of his freshman
you give it a five point sixteen attachments
by the media again it is the seventh way because that i worry with any of your
criticisms i was like it was great
is back at the whole i happen to this book
and you get to the emotional moment that i was totally
emotionally committed and is that happen
yet so it's not only we could use some sort of uh... drone attacks
tobacco and firearms in the country
right with so were the date of seven point eight oh five point six oh seven
seven point one eighty per second
wasn't a t-shirt
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From Up On Poppy Hill - Movie Review

1239 Folder Collection
Sophie published on July 17, 2020
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