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Well, you know I'm a fan.
I love you.
And you were here last year.
And look at what's happened.
I mean, your life.
And you were so shy then.
I think you're still shy.
But you've probably grown a whole lot this year, right?
I would hope so.
I feel like I can talk to you more now.
Because you you-- even when I watch you interviewed--
because I watched all of the US Open.
I just love it.
And I watched that match when you beat Coco.
And it was really tough because people--
you know, she's brand new and she did so well at Wimbledon.
And everybody was like Coco, Coco.
And she plays you.
And it was just amazing how you handled that.
It was so beautiful.
And I texted right away.
And just--
Did you look at her understanding?
Is that why you did that?
What that would have felt like for you?
Yeah, I mean, for me, I think it was
a combination of everything.
And I know that a lot of people came
and watched that match for her.
And normally, people don't watch the press conferences after.
So I wanted her to get the chance to address everybody.
Yeah, that was really sweet of you.
I was watching when you--
who did you play after that?
Who beat you?
What was her name?
What was her name?
No, I'm just kidding.
Her name's Bencic.
That's right.
That's right.
OK, but when you were walking out
being interviewed, before you walked out, they said,
what are you going to do to change up your game?
And you said, I don't really think about that.
Actually, I'm lying.
Like, it was so funny because you just caught yourself.
And you're so honest the way you speak.
Is that something that you feel like you're
better at just kind of expressing
exactly how you feel instead of just kind of being quiet?
I mean, you just said I'm quiet, though.
No, I mean, I like just being straightforward and honest.
So, yeah, that usually gets me in a lot of trouble,
like with you, you know?
Why does that get you in trouble?
Because, you know, last time I was here,
you just did me dirty.
All I did was try to fulfill a fantasy of yours.
You said that Michael B. Jordan was your crush.
So I reached out to him, and then he texted.
And I think I put out there what he said.
And, I mean, he loves you.
And it was just unfortunate because he
didn't get back to me in time while you were still here.
But he really was a huge fan.
Why is that dirty?
Man, you say it so nicely.
I can't even say anything.
What would you say if I said he's here now?
You guys are getting excited for no reason.
First of all, OK, I would to be calm because I'm a calm person.
All right, she's right.
He's not here.
But Brad Pitt is.
Did you meet Brad?
Well, you should.
Well, I was hiding so that I didn't have to bump into him.
Oh, really?
Isn't he adorable, though?
Don't you want to meet him?
Do you want to meet Brad?
I have--
I've met Brad.
All right, we'll take a break.
And we'll see if you want to meet Brad or not.
We'll take a break.
I'm saying, I was asking if she gets nervous
before matches because that's a lot of people.
And I guess you get used to people watching you
all the time.
But that is a lot of pressure of people watching you play,
You really have come out of your shell.
It's great.
So Brad is back getting interviewed by Jaden.
So you'll meet Brad when you go back there because maybe he'll
take over as your crush, unless you are continuing.
Do you still have a crush on Michael B. Jordan?
I have a crush on you.
No, I was just kidding.
What do you mean you're just kidding?
So Michael B. Jordan on Twitter invited you to go
see "Creed 2."
And you didn't even respond to him.
And then you didn't show up.
How is that possible?
I try to hook things up.
I get it all set up for you, and then you don't even
respond or go to the premiere.
Why wouldn't you do that?
You're never going to get a man.
You gotta like-- When somebody puts it out
there for you, take it.
Is that how you do it?
Let me tell you how to get a man.
Let me be the one to teach you.
All right, so here's what we did.
I didn't want to embarrass you.
He's not here.
Thank you.
So what we did is--
this is outside.
This is on--Barham
All right, let's just take a look at the banner outside now.
You just really did that, huh?
Yup, I did that.
All right.
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Naomi Osaka Calls Out Ellen For Texting Her Celebrity Crush

204 Folder Collection
Yuka Ito published on July 17, 2020
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